Dragon Husband 1474

Chapter 1474

Wenren Qingqing’s eyes lit up.

My sister is righteous!

Asked the question she was embarrassed to ask just now.

Wiliam’s talent, Wenren Qingqing now understands a little bit.

If he stayed below for thirty days and found nothing, he would believe it.

Only those fools of the sect would believe Wiliam’s words.

Wiliam was taken aback for a moment, showing a sincere smile, “Guess?”

Wenren Qingxin turned his eyes to the sky.

Guess your grandma’s legs!

“Do you directly say that you will die on the spot!” Wen Ren was angry.

Wiliam shook his head and said, “It’s hard to tell.”

“What’s hard to say?” Wen Renqing asked again.

“You know, my true strength does not match my realm. Even if you know my realm, how much do you know about my strength?” Wiliam gave an objective statement.

Wenren scolded this old fritters secretly, he would play Tai Chi.

A word seemed to say everything, but after careful consideration, nothing was said.

And she can’t scold it either.

Because Wiliam was telling the truth.

A consummate warrior slinged an ancient beast in the innate secret realm in the buried ground.

Who is going to make sense with this!

The two of them looked at Wiliam with complicated eyes, and felt that they should stop tossing with him.

After asking the bottom line like this, the last injured will always be the fairy.

Wen Renqing gave Wiliam a look, and said, “Today you have a good rest. Tomorrow I will help you to open your veins.”

Wiliam was taken aback for a moment, “What vein vein?”

Wen Renqing explained: “I should have opened it for you a while ago. Who made you stay here for 30 days?”

She is still thinking about these thirty days.

“Opening the veins is a characteristic tradition of our fragrant flowers and blood. It is to inject a drop of our fragrant flowers and blood ancestors’ blood into your body. With this trace of blood guidance, you can ask the right and wrong of the fragrant flowers in the future.” Wenren Qingqing Said again.

Fragrant flowers and blood of the grandmother.

Wiliam trembled when he heard this name suddenly.

When I was on the seventh floor before, I also read it in the book.

Wiliam couldn’t help asking more, “How much do you know about your grandmother? And how did her blood come from?”

Wen Renqing shook his head in confusion, and said, “I don’t know much about our grandmother. When we mention her in genealogies or other books, it’s only a stroke. My grandmother is just a name for me, and it’s superfluous. There is no impression of her. As for how you said her blood came from, it was in the forbidden area.”

“Forbidden land?” Wiliam raised his eyebrows.

Wen Renqingqing knew what Wiliam was going to do right away. Her face was like ice, “You don’t want to hit our forbidden land. I tell you, although the grandmother’s blood is in the forbidden land, it is only on the periphery of the forbidden land. Peach blossom roots. Every March 3rd, the peach blossom roots will ooze some milky white liquid. The elders in the family say that it is the blood of the grandmother.”

“The blood of the grandmother is very peculiar. If there is no injection of the blood of the grandmother, you will not learn to ask right and wrong. But as long as it is injected, a mysterious power will be born to help you divination. You unexpectedly chose martial arts and divination before. Fellow Taoist practitioners, I’m going to help you shed blood to open the veins. I told my father and he agreed

After all, divination in Xianghuali blood is a major feature, but there are not many people who have this kind of aptitude or want to learn divination.

Because it’s too difficult.

Now there is a Wiliam who wants to initiate, and he is eager to hear about it.

“But I’m so tired, can I take a few more days to rest?” Wiliam said abruptly.

He was directly exposed to strong complaints from Wen Renqing, “Will you come less, okay? Everyone is watching you live and live. Besides, it’s just an injection, and it’s not asking you to catch the dragon. Will it tire you?”

“Okay.” Wiliam was helpless.

You are big, you are reasonable.

After the two went out, Wiliam re-examined his body in the room alone.

After a while, he stretched out with satisfaction, took a shower, and then slept peacefully.

Early the next morning, Wiliam woke up and opened the door.

“Fuck!” Wiliam jumped up directly.

There was a person standing at the door, and Wiliam almost ran into it without paying attention.

Taking a closer look, it was Li Nianyi who stood at the door.

Li Nianyi has a basin of water in his left hand, a plate of food in his right hand, and a white towel on his shoulders.

When Li Nian saw Wiliam come out, his face was flattering, “Master, you wake up, I have prepared everything for you to wash, and I have prepared meals for you. I don’t know if you like rice porridge or soy milk, I I’ve prepared some for you. If you don’t like it, you tell me to buy it right away.”

Wiliam looked at Li Nianyi strangely.

What a sincere face.

It’s enough to bend and stretch.

This subordinate is a complete mess.

Wiliam nodded, and pulled the towel off Li Nianyi’s shoulder, and said, “Put it in first.”

Li Nianyi nodded quickly, “Okay!”

As he said, he put everything on Wiliam’s table, and then stood respectfully next to Wiliam, “Master, do you have anything to order?”

Wiliam shook his head, “It’s temporarily unavailable, I’ll call you again if necessary.”

This guy has found his position well.

Born to be a minion, what kind of martial arts and immortality?

As soon as Li Nian didn’t have a chance to leave, he looked at Wiliam’s room seriously, with a hundred small abacus in his mind.

Bang bang bang.

The master’s room is too simple, so he should be given more necessities.

The cabinet is too old and too small, so change the master to a larger one.

I don’t know if the master likes some calligraphy and painting embellishment, no matter what, I will buy him some, in case I like it.

The happiness of the master is the greatest blessing of the servant.

Li Nianyi completely took over the role of his own slave, and the role change was quite natural.

After Wiliam finished his meal, Li Nianyi said flatteringly outside: “Master, the princess sent you to the martial arts stage just now. I was afraid that it might affect your meal, so I sent it away. Do you want to rest? Then go there?”

Wiliam was sweating coldly.

This kid is very sweet.

“Go ahead first,” Wiliam said.

“Okay.” After Li Nianyi finished speaking, he took out a stack of materials from his arms and handed them to Wiliam. “Master, I know that you are going to open the veins today. I have found some information about the veins, including The possible side effects, etc., are all written here, you can walk and watch them, and you have a good idea.”

Wiliam couldn’t help it anymore, and patted Li Nianyi on the shoulder with satisfaction, “Yes, you are doing very well.”

“Thank you for the compliment! I will continue to work hard!” Li Nianyi was flattered and said quickly.

His current mind is quite simple. Since he was beaten as a servant in public, the other way is nowhere to go. He has to serve Wiliam well, and maybe he can terminate the master-servant contract in advance.

And seeing that Wiliam was so rich, maybe he would reward himself with a little bit of a little bit if he was happy.

Even Li Nianyi thought, this is the master who can defeat him inexplicably and has been on the seventh floor of Luo Tian Mikong for 30 days, what if the master develops?

Isn’t there an ancient saying that is great.

One person can do it, and the dog and the chicken ascend to heaven!


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