Dragon Husband 1475

Chapter 1475 Ancestor’s Blood

Holding this tiny ninety nine, Li Nianyi felt that his future was quite good.

So he followed Wiliam happily, thinking about what he could do for his master.

It should be the master’s need and didn’t think of it, so I thought about it for him.

I’m such a clever ghost.

On the road, Wiliam flipped through the pile of materials given by Li Nianyi.

Basically, there is nothing substantial.

Just follow the vaccination in the hospital, and they will give you a red sheet, which says that you may have dizziness and tinnitus and other uncomfortable symptoms. You can leave after half an hour of observation.

But Wiliam was too embarrassed to brush Li Nianyi’s kindness.

After all, this guy has a sincere look on his face.

When they arrived at the Yanwu Platform, the lord and several elders were still there.

Even people like Wenren Wuming who are incompetent with the world lie in the corner with boiling water to eat steamed buns.

“Wiliam, you are here, everything is ready for you.” Wen Renqing stepped forward and said to Wiliam.

Wiliam nodded, “Well, then don’t waste time, let’s start.”

Everyone has a black line.

What the hell.

We all manage things every day, because you were here for 30 days before, and we drank wine for 15 days.

We all said it was taking our time.

You are apologetic.

As soon as I came, I was very busy, and I would show it to someone as if I shot it and changed the place.

But you can be regarded as having experienced Wiliam’s stinky temper, and you are eager to end it soon.

Wenren Qingqing took a tube of needle, and there was half a tube of milky white liquid in the syringe.

“It doesn’t hurt.” Wen Renqing said casually like a child comforting her.

Wiliam’s face was dark. Is this embarrassing him in public?

Wen Renqing familiarly injected Wiliam with the fluid, and then said confidently: “After a while, the blood of your grandmother will completely dissolve in your body’s blood, and then your body will emit a mist. The white light, even if the pulse is successfully opened. Well, about ten minutes.”

Wiliam looked at Wen Ren Qingqing’s old-fashioned and solemn look, and couldn’t help but smile: “Then you should not be too optimistic.”


Wenren was stunned, “What do you mean?”

Wiliam shook his head, “Nothing, come on.”

Add a ghost!

What’s the fuel for this?

Something wrong?

Wenren Qingqing thought that Wiliam was simply a beating, so he ignored him.


Ten minutes passed.

Wenrenqingqing was stunned.

“Did I not pay attention just now, is there a white light on Wiliam?” Wen Renqing couldn’t help asking her sister next to her.

Wen Renqing shook his head, “I don’t see it.”

The people at the scene were also gradually lost.

Although this is a sure thing, why does it become so weird in this kid?

After planting the blood of the grandmother, this kid has no veins?

Is the time not long enough, or you are not normal enough?

“Let’s wait and see, this kid has never been normal, very long-lasting.” Wen Ren said helplessly.

Ten minutes passed.

The people at the scene were petrified.

Wiliam has a firm hold on his body.

What the hell white light does not exist at all. 

No matter how long it lasts, it can’t be so long!

Wen Renqinqing’s eyes were bigger than copper bells, and his head buzzed.

It’s all what Wiliam said just now-“Don’t be too optimistic.”

It’s too early to be optimistic!

“What the hell is going on with you!” Wen Renqing looked at Wiliam with a look of love.

Wiliam shrugged, “I don’t know either.”

However, Wiliam’s answer in his heart was, I know.

Wiliam felt something was wrong when he heard people say that he planted the blood of his grandmother and opened his veins yesterday.

This kind of grandmother’s blood is another way to open blood.

He is the bloodline of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn, and he is the pinnacle of the bloodline itself.

And now the ancestor’s consciousness is still in his body.

The other bloodlines were scum in front of Wiliam.

The blood of the grandmother sounded tall, but in Wiliam’s eyes, it was completely incomparable with the bloodline of his own body.

So after the grandmother’s blood is planted into the body, what effect can it play?

I’m afraid that Wiliam’s own blood will be swallowed up as soon as it is planted.

One body can’t tolerate two blood.

But Wiliam didn’t dare to be too sure of his guess.

So just now he reminded Wenrenqingqing not to be too optimistic.

Now it seems that it is so.

The blood of the ancestor’s mother opens the veins, which is absolutely useless for Wiliam.

But Wiliam didn’t feel a pity either.

His “Impermanent Medical Classics” uses the five elements of heaven and earth to calculate. Compared with the fragrant flower questioning right and wrong, it is much worse than the fragrant flower.

Although the two methods are very mysterious, they take different paths.

There is no comparability, and there is no need to force it.

It’s a pity that Wiliam couldn’t tell the truth about his bloodline casually.

Can only prevaricate the princess.

The princess feels so eager to beat this kid.

He even slapped himself in the face, it was too human.

She felt uneasy, and said: “It is estimated that the blood of the grandmother is not enough, this kid is too tossing, I will come to him again.”

After she finished speaking, she resisted all opinions and drew another tube of her grandmother’s blood, and shot Wiliam in without saying a word.

Wiliam has a black line, thinking that you are the most tossing, right?

Don’t get the pulse burst in a while, I was stabbed to death by your little needle!

Twenty minutes passed, Wiliam was steady.

Everyone’s eyes are falling off!

You know, opening the pulse channel is not like using the earth bone blood crystal to forge the bone before, there is any problem with the success rate.

The threshold for opening the veins is so low that it can’t be lower.

As the elders joked before, even if a pig is brought over and given a shot, the pig can count it.

Now, what happened to Wiliam?

Not as good as a pig?

Wenrenqingqing is about to collapse.

Spreading this puppies by myself, it has been bloody mildew for eight lifetimes!

Today I really lose my face.

She became angry, “I don’t believe in this evil!”

She gave Wiliam three more stitches.

Directly drained the grandmother’s blood from the fragrant flower draining blood.

Wenren Tiange feels distressed, “Don’t spoil it, save some for the people behind!”

“There is a ghost in the back! Who wants to practice Buddhism?” Wenren Qingqing no matter what status or status, he directly complained.

Everyone looked at each other.

Li’er is such a reason, but you can’t say it directly.

Fragrant flowers still have a face.

These three needles still seem to sink into the sea, and they can’t splash a little Mercury on Wiliam.

Wiliam also breathed a sigh of relief, there was no ancestor’s blood.

Otherwise, I’m really smashed to death today to find someone to reason.

When Li Nian saw that Wiliam was as steady as an old dog, his eyes were filled with inexplicable worship.

The master is awesome!

Normal people can plant the blood of a successful grandfather, and it is not useful to Wiliam.

Doesn’t this mean that the master is maverick?

Mighty and domineering!

Li Nianyi was totally unconscious, and now even if Wiliam collapsed, it was a sacred signal to Li Nianyi.

At this time, Wenren Tiange frowned and suddenly asked: “Everyone, I seem to remember that there is a situation where the blood of grandmother cannot take effect, do you remember?”

Wiliam’s heart shuddered!


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