Dragon Husband 1476

Chapter 1476

Not knowing if it was an illusion, Wiliam always felt that the people around him were looking at him with weird eyes.

Wen Ren Tianyi pondered for a moment, and said, “There are two possibilities.”

Why has it become two kinds again?

Wen Ren Tianyi went on to say: “The first situation is that this person is already carrying the blood of ancient times, and the blood is very rare and noble.”

Wiliam’s brow furrowed slightly when he said this.

Was it guessed?

This is the most reasonable guess.

Because only the extraordinary blood can not allow the injection of other blood.

But Wiliam immediately felt relieved again.

Because there was a little laughter from all around.

“Just him? Worth it too?”

“If he had ancient blood, he would have soared into the sky a long time ago, and he wouldn’t be unsuccessful in forging his bones, let alone staying in Luo Tian’s Secret Sky for 30 days without being advanced.”

“Furthermore, according to his stinky temper, this kind of golden blood has long been revealed.”

Wen Ren Tianyi and other elders obviously also hold this kind of thinking.

Because the ancient transcendent blood is too rare.

It is rare in common people’s territory.

Not to mention Wiliam who came out of Canglan Continent.

Wenren Tiange looked a little embarrassed, and quickly wanted to expose it to not embarrass Wiliam, “Then there is only the second possibility left.”

“Naturally waste blood.” When Wen Ren Tianyi said this, his eyes gradually became disdainful.

As soon as these words came out, the audience also whispered in exclamation.

Many people present know what is born with waste blood.

However, it is not enough to say that Wiliam was born with a waste of blood, right?

Wiliam couldn’t help but whispered to Wen Renxin what was born with waste blood.

“Born to waste blood, which means that this person’s blood is very mottled and chaotic. Although this waste of blood is not harmful to ordinary people. But for people who practice martial arts, it is a fatal bottleneck!” Wen Ren was enamoured. Say.

“What’s the bottleneck?” Wiliam asked.

“A person who is born with a waste of blood, even if he spends his whole life, can’t break through the kinetic energy and reach the half-step innate.” Wen Ren said in a low voice.

But she immediately gave Wiliam a blank look, “Are you going to ask me blindly? The people present don’t know, but the elder sister still doesn’t know you? My dear young master Qilin.”

Wiliam shrugged his shoulders, with nothing to say.

It is true that only Wen Renxin knows his true bloodline.

Even to hear people’s affection is only a little understanding.

After all, at the time in the Burial Land, Wiliam’s display of his bloodline was also very limited.

However, relying on the cleverness of Wenren’s affection, he should be able to vaguely guess that he was in blood from the inner strength and profound energy he showed when he was masked at the time, as well as the events of finally entering the green barrier.

Sure enough, Wen Ren Qingqing looked at Wiliam with a grimace.

She almost beeped a little Teddy in her heart!

What do you say early!

The old lady won’t waste these few caress of grandmother’s blood.

This kid said he was born with a waste of blood, who would believe it?

Which person with waste of blood can sling the ancient beast in the innate secret realm?

It seems that this kid really has blood, and is some kind of amazing blood.

No wonder he just said that I shouldn’t be too optimistic.

It turns out that I knew it a long time ago.

This puppy has a darker conscience!

The old lady is coming!

However, everyone did not think like Wenren Qingqing.

Wenren Tianyi’s words seemed to make everyone suddenly start, and everyone showed expressions that I had guessed a long time ago!

“I’ll just say it, it turns out that it is!”

“Before I was very surprised. This kid was not able to forge his bones. He didn’t get advanced after 30 days. He thought he was a wicked one, but I didn’t think that he was born with a waste of blood!”

“It’s easy to explain that he was born with a waste of blood. His upper limit is the current state of Huajin Consummation, so let him work hard, or even let him be talented, as long as there is this upper limit, he will always have to stop. before.”

Everyone was whispering, and immediately everyone spread.

Wiliam’s all sorts of weirdness had also been explained satisfactorily.

This explanation makes everyone very satisfied.

After all, this kid was too enviable and hated before.

Now that the reason is known, everyone feels relieved to sympathize with him.

Wen Ren looked at everyone’s arrogant expressions in an instant, and was furious.

A bunch of dog stuff!

You guessed it was in the gutter!

You really don’t know how good this kid is!

Okay, let your dogs look down on people!

When there is a chance, Wiliam will show off his unparalleled blood, let you all fall through your eyes, and feel ashamed of today’s ridicule and ignorance!

Especially those elders, after hearing that Wiliam was a waste of blood, their eyes dimmed.

I rushed to accept him as a disciple before.

Fortunately, this kid is arrogant.

Only Wenren Wuming’s eyes remained flat.

Although he is also a pity.

If you waste blood, martial arts won’t work.

But Bu Dao is even more impassable, even the threshold cannot be reached.

However, this kid’s divination is a bit interesting, a bit like that person.

Well, I want to learn from each other, what should I do?

Wen Ren Tiange also looked at Wiliam embarrassedly, knowing that he must be uncomfortable now.

It will also become a target of public criticism.

Sure enough, Wen Ren Tianqing sneered directly, “It turns out that it was born with a waste of blood, so let’s talk about it.”

“Say what?” Wen Renqing frowned.

“We have always been rigorous in harvesting disciples, and now we have actually accepted a person who was born with waste blood. This is probably not a paper wrapper. It is said that we are going to be a laughing stock again.” Wenren Tianqing at this moment. How comfortable in my heart.

This guy, who has always looked an eye-catching, is actually born with a waste of blood.

This is much easier.

Before seeing this kid’s various weird operations and the protection of the Sect Master, Wenren Tianqing didn’t dare to make things difficult for Wiliam too much.

Sect Master now dare to brazenly guard him?

“Then what are you going to do?” Wen Renqinqing’s violent temper also came up.

Wenren Tianqing seemed to have thought about it a long time ago.

He sneered: “Since he is born with a waste of blood, it means that he has come to an end. We can’t train it at all and there is no need to train it. So I suggest to deprive this kid of all resources directly. If possible, expel him. So that I don’t want to be a laughingstock.”

As soon as these words came out, the faces of both Wenren sisters turned black.

This small-minded guy!

Actually say that Wiliam!

Wiliam was the two of them who decided to bring in together and kicked out Wiliam. Wasn’t it slapping their sisters in the face?

Wenren’s emotions are even more exciting!

She is the only person present who knows the inside story, and also understands everyone’s hostility towards Wiliam.

She was the most angry and stood up directly, pointing to Wiliam and said: “Why do you say that he is born with waste blood! I tell you, he is not born with waste blood at all! His situation is in line with the first guess!”

“He has Wushuang blood!”


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