Dragon Husband 1477

Chapter 1477

As soon as this was said, the atmosphere on the scene stagnated.

But then there was a burst of roar of laughter.

They looked at Wen Ren Qingxin with open eyes and smiles, and many people secretly shook their heads.

This second princess, it seems like a ghost, fell into the gentle country of this little white face.

Look at what it is like now, in order to protect this kid, in order to keep him staying, even dare to lie in front of everyone.

It’s too reserved for my daughter’s family.

But this is also limited by everyone’s vision.

After all, there are two choices for a person in front of everyone, one is to be extremely lawless, and the other is to get in the dust from the humble.

Which one would a normal person choose?

It must be that this person is humbled into the dust.

This is determined by the evil of human nature.

Moreover, Wiliam’s natural wasted blood was supported by various signs before.

It’s not unbelievable.

Wenren’s face flushed when everyone laughed even more.

These damn people!

“Wiliam! You are talking!” Wen Renqing couldn’t help but pinch Wiliam’s shoulder.

Wiliam shook his head and shrugged, “They don’t believe me, I can do anything.”

He still had a word in his heart that he didn’t say, I’m not a monkey juggler, I want to prove it to them?

Too lazy.

But Wen Renqing treated him as a monkey juggler, and whispered: “Behave! Show it! That big dog, I’m pooh, big unicorn, hula la la, blinding the sky, majestic and arrogant. Come and everyone will believe it!”

Wiliam has a black line.

What is a big dog? What is a mighty and mighty one.

Really treat me like a monkey?

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it or you don’t believe it,” Wiliam said lazily.

Anyway, he didn’t want to expose too many secrets for the time being.

Wen Ren admired Wiliam’s slack look, and he stopped getting angry.

What should I do if I really want to hit him?

Can’t beat it, so angry.

But she also knew that Wiliam’s character was like this, smelly and hard.

Forget it, let the dog go.

At this time, Wenren Tiange was standing up to speak.

In the mind of owing his second daughter, he thought for a while, and said, “After all, Wiliam was paid on the spot when we were welcoming the immigration and recruiting talents. Now that we are driving people away, wouldn’t it be another joke? Waste blood, this is also an indisputable fact. I think so, Wiliam will still stay with us. But not a disciple, half a slave and half a slave.”

Half-witted and half-slave, as soon as these words came out, the heart of Wenren’s heart was dripping blood.

Young Master Wiliam Tianzong Wizard, how can you allow you to be so presumptuous!

Wen Renqingqing hurriedly held down the sister who was about to run away, but the overall situation was the most important thing.

In the current round, Wiliam didn’t work hard, no one could do anything about it.

You can only rely on himself.

In the presence, most people agreed with the proposal of the suzerain.

Including the two elders.

Because both of them knew that it would be inappropriate to expel Wiliam directly.

Just now Wenren Tianqing was just asking for money to pay back.

Now the Sovereign finally compromised, giving in one step, it was enough.

As long as this kid is born with a waste of blood, he won’t pose a threat to them anyway, and he won’t be as annoying as before.

But there was only one person who had mixed feelings about Wiliam’s current experience, and he was in a complicated mood to death.

Li Nian is together.

When Li Nian heard that Wiliam was born with a waste of blood, he was already in a bad condition.

He actually lost to a man who was born with a waste of blood, and he was reduced to a ten-year slave of this man.

This gloomy feeling is still over, and the second section hits.

Wiliam was directly relegated to half-wit and half-slave.

Wouldn’t I be a slave to my slave?

Beep a dog!

Li Nianyi almost collapsed on the spot.

He managed to straighten his posture, ready to lick Wiliam.

As a result, I haven’t licked it for a day.


To be a slave, don’t you have to lower your status to the next level, becoming the humblest and most humble person in the history of Xianghua’s blood?

Can you bear this tone?

It’s better to have dignity by expelling me directly from Xianghua and blood!

Bah baah baah!

Just think about this kind of thing, otherwise it’s easy to get started.

I should think so, what kind of posture will I use to lick Wiliam in the future?

Is it not humble or overbearing, or is it positive, or the same as before, considerate?

Li Nian’s head was completely empty one by one!

As for the people on the court, the problem is now.

Half a slave and half a slave can also be regarded as a slave.

Who are you slaves to?

Wenren Tianqing and Wenren Tianyi looked at each other, and Wenren Tianqing said: “I just lost a servant recently. Why don’t you just use him as an order for me.”

Wen Renqin’s face became stiff, “I think it’s better to give it to me.”

She couldn’t bear to let Wiliam be arrested by Wenren Tianqing.

The old man is so bad!

It’s better to stay by your side. Although his reputation is not good, he can preserve Wiliam’s dignity anyway.

“You are a big girl with a yellow flower, what’s the matter with a man by your side? It’s not proper!” Wen Ren Tianqing said directly.

Wen Renqing is about to explode.

But when Wenren Tianqing was triumphant, an old and muddy voice rang, “Give it to me, it’s not bad to be a company with my bad old man.”

Everyone followed the reputation, and it was Wen Ren Wuming who had been silently eating steamed buns with boiling water.

Wen Ren Wuming slowly stood up, patted the crumbs of steamed bread on his body, and walked over.

Wenren Tianqing was dumbfounded.

In the presence, Wen Ren Wuming’s seniority is the highest.

And it is also the most undesirable.

Don’t even talk about accepting disciples over the years, he didn’t even have one under his command.

Everything is done by yourself.

But this does not mean that Wenren Wuming does not have the right to subordinate people.

On the contrary, the three Wenren brothers, as younger generations, have extremely respect for Wenren, and have tried countless times to make the old man live better.

It happened to be rejected by Wenren Wuming.

Wen Ren Wuming didn’t even want to be an elder, so he became a gatekeeper in the back mountain.

Now, for the first time in so many years, he has asked for a servant.

Who dare not follow?

Even Wenren Tianqing dare not say anything.

He just glared at Wiliam fiercely, as if to say, luckily for you kid, you were actually taken by this old man!

Wenren Tiange’s eyes lit up, “It’s so good! Uncle Wuming, you are lonely with so many people, and it’s great to have someone to accompany you.”

It’s just that these words fall in the ears of an old driver like Wen Renqin, and it’s a bit changed.

But she also just thought about it in a random way, thinking about it more deeply, this might not be a good thing for Wiliam.

Wen Ren Wuming looked very sloppy, but he was highly respected and gentle, and he definitely wouldn’t do anything to Wiliam.

This matter can be considered as an explanation.

“Then it’s settled, Wiliam, you will pack your things tonight and go to Houshan to accompany Uncle Wuming tomorrow. Remember, it is your blessing to be able to learn from Uncle Wuming. You must take good care of your father. , You know?” Wenren Tiange said.

Wiliam nodded, agreeing.

He always felt that Wenren Wuming was very mysterious, and it was a good opportunity to find out the details of this person.

This messy rally came to an end, and everyone left one after another.

When Wiliam was about to leave, he suddenly saw Wen Ren Wuming beckoning at him.

When Wiliam walked over, he smelled a medicinal scent on Wenren Wuming’s body.

Wiliam didn’t care, and asked, “Master, do you have any explanation?”

Wen Ren Wuming shook his head, leaned close to Wiliam’s ear, and asked in a low voice: “Let me ask you little baby, what is your relationship with Lu Lingfeng?”


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