Dragon Husband 1478

Chapter 1478

Wiliam’s eyes were sharp for an instant, staring at Wenren Wuming without speaking.

When Wen Ren Wuming saw Wiliam’s vigilant look, he suddenly laughed, “Hahaha, let me just say, you must be related, but there is nothing wrong, it seems that you still don’t believe me, come to me tomorrow , We can sit down and have a good chat.”

With that said, Wen Ren Wuming stuffed Wiliam with a leftover steamed bun and half a bottle of boiled water before he left.

Wiliam was left alone, thoughtful.

Wiliam returned to his room and found that both Wenren sisters were there.

Do these two sisters regard themselves as a secret base?

Wiliam walked in silently.

Wen Ren admired Wiliam’s return, and immediately grabbed Wiliam’s clothes, and said angrily: “Why didn’t you justify yourself just now?”

“Who believes it after defending?” Wiliam said lazily.

“So, your kid really has an incomparable bloodline? Tell me, what is your bloodline?” Wenrenqinqing’s eyes lit up, as if a shocking secret is right in front of her eyes.

“Nonsense! If there is something on Wiliam, can I be his subordinate in the mundane world? But he is…” Wen Ren looked at Wiliam proudly, and said casually.

But when it came to the key point, she suddenly stopped.

After all, this was Wiliam’s big secret, and she didn’t dare to talk nonsense if Wiliam didn’t allow it.

And Wiliam nodded indifferently, indicating that Wen Ren was enamored to speak.

After this period of contact, Wiliam identified Wenren Qingqing this person.

Although this Yu Jie looked cold and arrogant on the outside, she was still very kind in her heart.

He has been defending Wiliam for a while.

Wiliam couldn’t ignore this.

Since you choose to believe her, it’s okay to tell her some secrets.

Wen Ren said in love immediately: “The blood of Wiliam is the blood of a unicorn.”

“What! Qilin bloodline! You mean, the unicorn of the four ancient virtues!” Wenren’s eyeballs instantly rounded, and he looked at Wiliam in disbelief.

You know, there are many ancient beast bloodlines in this world.

But there are not many truly rare and noble bloodlines.

The four great virtues: Golden Dragon, Qilin, Suzaku, and Xuanwu!

This is a rare bloodline recognized by the world!

Didn’t think that Wiliam had the blood of a unicorn!

This is very rare!

It’s no wonder that this kid is so arrogant, he was so arrogant and arrogant!

However, Wen Renqin chuckled out with a chuckle, “Sister, how old are you? Let me tell you, there is actually nothing in the blood of unicorns. I have seen many of them. Wiliam was where he was before. That aristocratic family is all unicorn blood.”

“What! There is such a family! How powerful it should be!” Wen Renqing received another ten thousand critical strikes.

But Wen Renqin shook his head and said, “You are wrong about this. If that family is placed in our world, it may be very powerful. But that family exists in the Canglan Continent where we have been before, and it is already there. Fell.”

“That’s really a shame.” Wen Renqingqing took a sigh of relief.

However, the real crit came soon after.

Wenren looked at her elder sister slyly and said, “But Wiliam is different. The blood of the unicorn is very rare and rare, and the blood of Wiliam is unique among the unicorn blood! The blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn! “

“Papa!” The cup in Wenrenqing’s hand fell to the ground in an instant.

She looked at Wiliam stupidly, and only the words were left in her mouth, “The blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn!”

“Yes, the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn! The most noble existence in the blood of the unicorn in the legend! It can be regarded as the top of the blood in our world! So, do you still think that Wiliam is an ordinary person?” Wen Ren Said proudly.

She kept this secret for Wiliam for too long.

Every time someone looked down on Wiliam, Wen Renqin wanted to say that.

But there has been no chance.

Today I finally have this opportunity.

Although the object is only his sister.

But seeing her sister’s face so scared and speechless, Wen Renqin couldn’t mention how cool it was.

After a few minutes, Wenrenqingqing came back to his senses and sat down slowly with the help of the table.

“No wonder! No wonder sister you defend him so much. No wonder this kid’s realm and strength can’t be equal at all. It turns out that he is a great sage!” Wen Renqing said in horror.

However, she immediately thought of one thing and said loudly: “Could it be that when we were welcoming people to recruit, let the beasts come to congratulate, let the python scream, and it was you who made the ancient tombstone of the realm soar to the sky! It was the great sage who was hidden at that time!”

Wen Renqingqing was frightened by this thought in his heart.

However, the more I think about it, the more I think it is possible!

If this is the case, Wiliam is a person who can cause a looting of the entire common people’s territory!

But now, he has reached the fragrant flower and drains his blood.

This is the most amazing blessing in the history of Xianghuali blood and it is justified!

Wen Renqing patted her sister on the shoulder, and said, “You are actually right to say that. But there is something wrong.”

“What’s wrong?” Wenren Qingqing’s IQ was back online, and he groaned and said, “Yes, when the ancient tombstones of the realm skyrocketed, we went back to see, but there was only the person named Liu Lang, not Wiliam…”

Wen Ren said with a smile: “Yes, because in this world, there is not only Wiliam on the top of the bloodline, there are three people.”

“Three people?” Wenren pondered this number with emotion, and suddenly Dou Da’s cold sweat broke out!

“You, don’t you mean to say that Wiliam is one, then Liu Lang is one, and the last one is the imperial Lin Jiang!” Wen Ren asked in astonishment.

“Wrong, Wiliam is the blood of the ancestor of the eternal unicorn, Liu Lang is the blood of the supreme golden dragon, and the king of the golden dragon. Lin Jiang is the blood of the ancient Suzaku, the most noble among the blood of the phoenix. These three people are all of them. The pinnacle of blood. That’s why when we greeted the crossing, so many terrifying visions would be triggered. It’s just that Wiliam and Lin Jiang were relatively low-key, and finally pushed their eldest brother out of Thunder.” Wen Ren said with a smile.

Now, Wenrenqingqing couldn’t calm down so much.

In history, there has always been only the pinnacle of the bloodline recorded in legends. If it does not appear, it will be three people when it appears!

Except for the descendants of the negative book Xuanwu, the blood inheritance of the other three virtues has appeared!

If this is said, I am afraid that it will cause a sensation in the entire common people’s territory!

She just wanted to know what little secrets Wiliam had.

Unexpectedly, now that I know it, this secret is so big that it makes her cold!

too frightening.

The bloodline of Sanda Demon appears!

And, let’s worship the handle brother!

These three!

Where is the newcomer visiting!

It is simply a conquest of common people’s territory!

The common people’s territory will tremble with the appearance of these three brothers!

What makes her even more difficult to breathe now is that one of the three brothers has come to Xianghua to drain blood!

Came in front of them!

Just sit in front of her and eat buns!


Chewing on steamed buns?


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