Dragon Husband 1479

Chapter 1479

Wen Renqing glanced at Wiliam unintentionally, and the whole person collapsed on the spot!

She almost burst into tears.

Great sage!

You are the pinnacle of blood!

You are the existence that can shake the entire common people’s realm!

You should be eating a flat peach fairy banquet, and you should be drinking jelly jade dew!

How can you eat steamed buns!

It’s so delicious!

Put it down for me!

Wen Ren Qingqing grabbed the bun from Wiliam’s hand and stared at him sadly.

“What’s the matter?” Wiliam asked blankly.

What’s wrong?

Wen Renqing wanted to curse, but thinking about what a noble man sitting now, the swear words that came to the mouth were suffocated again.

“Are you hungry? I’ll cook for you?” Wenren Qingqing could only hold out this sentence in the end.

Wen Renqing smiled and his stomach hurts.

My sister really collapsed today.

The image is completely destroyed.

It looks good.

Wiliam looked at Wenren Qingqing with a black line, and said, “Aren’t you?”

“It’s you! You don’t have a basic understanding of yourself! We should hold you in the palm of your hand! The more I think about those people who treated you so much before, the more angry I will be! My sister hadn’t told me earlier, otherwise I just exploded and showed them!” Wen Renqing stared at Wiliam with wide eyes.

Wiliam shrugged.

Well, this Gao Lengyu sister still has a mentally disabled attribute in her bones.

“Don’t talk about this, I don’t think there is anything. By the way, I will tell you something serious.” Wiliam suddenly became serious.

“What’s the business?” Wen Ren Qingqing had no air at the moment.

“I am going to find a time to go to Taohua Wanzhangyuan.” Wiliam said.

“Peach Blossom Yuanzhangyuan? Our forbidden area? I understand! No wonder you will agree to be the servant of the old man Wuming. It turns out that you are calculating here.” Wen Ren slapped his forehead and said in surprise.

“What does this have to do with Wenren Wuming?” Wiliam asked rhetorically with a blank expression.

“Of course it does matter, don’t you know that Mr. Wuming is the only guardian of Taohua Wanzhangyuan?” Wen Ren said emotionally.

Now, it was Wiliam’s turn to stare wide-eyed, “What a coincidence? I don’t know.”

No one just told me!

Before, I only vaguely knew that Wen Ren Wuming lived in Houshan and was a janitor.

Unexpectedly, Wen Ren Wuming was guarding Taohua Wanzhangyuan.

In this way, everything is God’s will.

Wiliam looked surprised, not as if he was false, and Wenren Qingqing said, “But you don’t think that everything is a matter of course. Mr. Wuming looks very kind, but he is very stubborn in his bones. He guards the Taohua Wanzhangyuan. Over the years, there has never been an error, oh no, the only error that has occurred is that of your grandfather. But that is an exception.”

“Why is it an exception?” Wiliam asked.

“Then I don’t know. My dad was not held accountable anyway. He just said that he was driving your grandfather out of an accident. But you believe me, Mr. Wuming is definitely a very principled person, unless you sneak in. Don’t be discovered, otherwise you won’t be able to get in at all.” Wen Ren said vowedly. 

“Oh, it’s very principled, that’s difficult, I will think of a way.” Wiliam said, lost in thought.

Wenrenqingqing’s brain residue fan attribute is online again, “Then are you hungry now?”

Wenren Qingxin saw it almost teary.

Sister, you wake up soon!

You are the eldest princess, and your status is quite precious!

People who don’t know think you are half-witted and half-slave.

Wen Renqing felt a little regretful that Wiliam’s true identity should not have been revealed.

It’s right to think about it. Wen Ren is enamoured that he has been by Wiliam’s side all the time, and he is no stranger to Wiliam’s identity.

But Wenrenqingqing suddenly received this message, which is tantamount to screaming and stunned, and this situation is normal now.

It will be fine after a while.

“Sister, let’s go first.” Wen Renqing couldn’t help but said, pulling Wen Renqing away.

But when I walked to the door, I suddenly saw another person.

Li Nianyi.

“What are you doing here?” Wen Renqing frowned and asked.

Li Nian was taken aback and answered honestly: “I am not Wiliam’s servant right now, so I naturally have to serve Wiliam here. See if he has any needs?”

Hearing this, an inexplicable jealousy appeared in his heart?

This kid is really lucky.

He was able to talk to Wiliam in a magnificent sounding…

I am envious, I really want to stay…

As soon as this thought occurred, Wen Ren Qingqing shook his head and drove the thought out.

No, no, it can’t go on like this.

Can not be reduced.

Am I born to be a jitter? Like being driven by Wiliam?

It’s not scientific.

Wen Renqing sighed, and said to Li Nianyi in a serious manner for the first time: “You and Wiliam are really blessed to work hard, and the future is limitless.”

After speaking, she left.

Li Nianyi was left messy in the wind.

The princess is taking the wrong medicine?

Why does this sound like hurting me?

But her expression is so serious, she seems to really envy me to Wiliam’s present person?

What the hell?

Are everyone crazy today?

Early the next morning, Wiliam packed up and simply saluted and went out.

When I met Li Nianyi, Li Nianyi wanted to go with Wiliam, but Wiliam refused.

“You stay here, I will tell you if you need it.” Wiliam didn’t want Li Nian to follow, after all, this time the past was to do big things, and the more people, the worse.

Li Nianyi nodded quickly and sent Wiliam away.

In fact, he wanted Wiliam to leave alone, so that he could stay here without supervision.

When Wenrenqingqing and Wenrenqingxin rushed over, Wiliam had already gone for a long time.

They looked at Wiliam’s clean room, lost in a daze.

This little dog doesn’t say a word when he left?

“Sister, do you think Wiliam can really go to Taohua Wanzhangyuan?” Wen Ren asked in a low voice.

Wen Renqingqing laughed directly, with a confident expression, “What do you think? Do you think Mr. Wuming is so easy to talk? In recent years, even some elders who want to go in have been driven out by the old man with a stick. Who will he look at? The expression on his face? It’s impossible. If Wiliam dared to sneak in, it would be a death to come out. I believe Wiliam will consider the gains and losses in this situation.”

“Master Wuming is really so principled?” Wen Ren smacked his tongue in love.

“Nonsense, the old man’s principles are as stable as Mount Tai! Do you think I’ve been at home for so many years? I’m pretty accurate!” Wen Ren said arrogantly.

At this time, there was a sound of footsteps, and the two raised their heads, oh, it turned out that Wiliam went and returned.

Wiliam walked in and saw the two sisters there.

He raised his hand and greeted, “You are here, just going to find you. Pack up things, we will go to Taohua Wanzhangyuan together later, I’ll talk to Master Wuming.”


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