Dragon Husband 1481

Chapter 1481

Wiliam and Wenren looked at Wenrenqing in surprise.

Isn’t this stupid?

Is this guy sober?

“Why? Sister, this is a rare opportunity.” After all, Wen Renqing had left Xianghua for so many years, and he didn’t have so much sense of rules in his heart.

Wenren looked at Wiliam with complicated eyes.

It is one thing to be beaten in the face by this puppy.

But more importantly, Taohua Wanzhangyuan is a forbidden place for the fragrance of flowers.

“I’ll tell you the truth, that place is our absolute forbidden place. Even with the acquiescence of Mr. Wenrenwuming, we still sneak in. If you are found out, you will definitely be punished. Sister, you can Think about it. If you are discovered, you may not be able to come back in your life. After all, trespassing in the forbidden area is a big crime. You have been expelled once before.” Wen Ren Qingqing took a deep breath and said slowly.

As the eldest princess, she couldn’t make others follow the rules, but she must set an example in her own words.

Otherwise, others will lose their tongue.

“I think you are embarrassed. I vowed to say that the old man’s integrity is as stable as the mountain. I didn’t think that it was only two hours before he was conquered by Wiliam. You can’t get off the stage, so the Tsundere attribute has come up.” Wen Ren was enamoured. Chi Guoguo exposed her sister’s lie.

Wen Renqinqing’s face blushed, and his sister was cut a thousand times in his heart.

Don’t tell me if you see it through!

“Okay, I respect your opinions. Love, how about you?” Wiliam nodded and said.

Wen Renqing almost didn’t hesitate, “I’ll go!”

Wen Renqing looked at her sister strangely.

There is a weird feeling in my heart.

Before, I had always been showing the attributes of a stubborn fan.

But at the critical moment, he flinched.

My sister is quite normal, but at the critical moment, she faced difficulties and chose to stand with Wiliam.

Is she really fearless?

Or does it mean that the attributes of her stubborn fans in her bones are more profound than her own?

Sister, you are exposed!

“Sister, if you don’t go, don’t tell the family.” Wen Ren said to her sister carefully.

When Wen Renqin’s face turned black, he almost slapped it.

“Am I that kind of person? I haven’t been here in the morning, and I don’t know anything. Oh, yes, my sister has gone out for a mountain and water play these days. I don’t know when I will come back.” Wen Ren Qingqing threw down this sentence. Then he turned and left.

Wenren poured out his lilac tongue, knowing that her sister was making excuses for her.

“Wiliam, let’s set off now?” Wen Renqing was about to move.

“Prepare it a little bit. Bring more clothes, medicines, and daily necessities,” Wiliam said.

“Okay, I’m going to prepare.” Wen Renqing agreed immediately.

An hour later, the two set foot on the road to the back mountain.

When I reached the small house, there was a thunderous snoring sound.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Master, this is making way for us.”

Wen Ren nodded intently, “Then let’s hurry up.”

The two soon came to a quaint gate behind the small house.

This door is the only way to the Taohuayuan.

Standing at the door, I smelled a refreshing fragrance of flowers.

The ethereal peach blossom scent alone makes people feel ecstatic.

“It is said that it is full of peach blossoms, and because of the terrain and climate, it is a world of its own. The peach blossoms are undefeated all year round, and the fragrance is very good.” Wen Ren said with a look of longing heart.

Wiliam was sweating, “What you should care about is the dangers inside, not the beautiful blooming of peach blossoms.”

Woman, your name is unclear.

“Everyone doesn’t know the danger, and there is no way to know it.” Wen Ren poured his lips together and glared at Wiliam.

Man, your name is Uninteresting.

Wiliam stepped forward and pushed hard, and the door slowly cracked open.

The two of them stepped in, and the door slowly closed again.

But in the small house, the snoring sound of thunder was heard, and his eyes suddenly opened, shining brightly.

As soon as I entered the Taohua Wanzhangyuan, this ethereal peach blossom scent became more intense.

Inhaled into the nose, it makes people feel that the pores are opened, and it is very comfortable.

Wiliam scurried around, and jumped to the top of the tree with the help of a few towering trees at the entrance.

Looking over the whole area, Wiliam felt even more shocked.

There are lush vegetation in the peach blossoms, forming an ecosystem of its own.

Moreover, the clouds are full of mist and the humidity is heavy.

Even more amazing is that the clouds here are pink.

The peach blossoms in full bloom against Man Yuan.

Wiliam’s entrance is similar to a small hill.

There is a faint path leading to the bottom of the abyss.

However, due to Wiliam’s eyesight, he could only see a star and a half, and couldn’t see the bottom of the abyss at all.

The peach blossoms are endless.

Just by hearing the name, all the secrets here are under the abyss.

It is extremely deep, which also shows that this place is very deep and unfathomable.

Wiliam stood on the top of the tree, frowning in thought.

Only some insects and birds were heard here, but no beasts roared.

In other words, there is no threat of ancient beasts in it.

At least on the surface.

Then why is this a forbidden place?

Where does the so-called danger come from?

“Wiliam, what are you doing? Come down?” Wen Ren yelled from the bottom.

Wiliam sprang up and fell to Wen Renqing’s side.

“I looked at the terrain, and there is a road that leads directly below. There are really peach blossoms here,” Wiliam said casually.

“Isn’t it pretty? This is simply a fairyland on earth.” Wen Ren Qingxin seemed to be in a good mood.

“Remember, in the forbidden mountain guarding area, the place where you were was also full of peach blossoms, and it was not as beautiful as the world.” Wiliam said while walking with Wenren’s heart.

Wenren was taken aback for a moment and smiled: “Yes, I have liked peach blossoms since I was a child. Although the peach blossoms in the forbidden area are beautiful, but after all, they are illusions. They are all fake, but they are all real here. It smells good and comfortable. “

As she said, she took a sip of the fragrance of peach blossoms, and she looked intoxicated.

“Go down first, pay attention to safety on the road,” Wiliam said.

After only two steps, Wiliam found a very weird tree on their left.

It is better to say that it is a tree than a tree root.

It seems to be rooted for thousands of feet, but it extends from bottom to top.

It was only in front of them that a one-meter-high root tip appeared.

At the root of the tree, a milky white liquid condensed.

Below the end of the roots, there is an exquisite porcelain bowl.

It seems to be used to catch the milky white liquid dripping down.

Wenren’s eyes lit up and said, “I know, I don’t want to be here. Seeing the milky white liquid, this is what you’ve seen before, grandmother’s blood.”


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