Dragon Husband 1521

Chapter 1521: Old Senior?

Xu Tongyin’s eyes were blank for a while, as if he was reminiscing about the past.

He regarded Wiliam as an old senior, so naturally he did not dare to conceal the slightest.

He said: “I don’t know how long I have been frozen here. I remember that our people from Jiu Zong of Remnant Sword discovered this place before, and then I led a team to explore the secrets here.”

“It turned out that this place is very weird, the more you go inside, the colder it gets.”

“In the end, we encountered a batch of ancient beasts at the innate realm level, maybe 20 or 30, which is not something we can resist.”

“In that tragic battle, the more than 20 people we came down directly suffered more than half of the casualties in front of me, with only a few people left.”

“Finally, I used a magic weapon of our sect to perform mystery, and I barely resisted the ancient beast’s offensive, and gave those people a chance to escape, but I was also beaten back by the forbidden technique, and my body collapsed and flew.”

“When I woke up, I saw you, senior.”

After Xu Tongyin finished speaking, he looked at Wiliam with gratitude in his eyes.

After hearing these words, Wiliam gradually had a clear line in his heart.

Xu Tongyin led the team down to explore the secrets, but encountered the ancient beast tide. Ling Ruyi’s father died on the battlefield. Xu Tongyin bought time for everyone, and he was unconscious by Bengfei.

Unexpectedly, it happened to be flying to the edge of the Xilei ice jade fragment, and it was frozen together.

However, Wiliam also grasped some things from Xu Tongyin’s words.

Xu Tongyin’s ability to lead the team down shows that his status in the Zongmen is not low.

He can use the secret technique to block so many ancient beasts in the innate secret realm, which shows that his strength is definitely not low.

Hey, it feels sour and sour when a powerful and powerful guy calls himself an old senior.

“What’s your status in Canjian Nine Heavens?” Wiliam asked casually.

“Back to the old predecessors, I am the Young Sect Master of the Nine Heavens of Remnant Sword, the pinnacle warrior of the Innate Secret Realm.” Xu Tongyin said respectfully.

In Xu Tongyin’s eyes, Wiliam is definitely not an ordinary person.

Can ordinary people break into here alone?

Ordinary people have this weird green and blue aura, so that the two of them can recover quickly?

Can ordinary people be so indifferent?

People in Xu Tongyin’s realm are relatively high-level.

He knows that some seniors have a thorough cultivation base and can always maintain their undefeated appearance.

So don’t look at Wiliam’s young growth, he is probably an old monster level.

Moreover, the words Xu Tongyin introduced just now were very low-key.

Wiliam had just arrived in the common people’s territory and didn’t know Xu Tongyin’s name.

Xu Tongyin is famous among the nine sects!

He became famous for his genius many years ago.

At that time, Jiuzong was rumored to be two Tianjiao.

One is Song Hanyu and the other is Xu Tongyin.

Both of them are the pinnacle warriors of the congenital secret realm, half step into the Seven Realms of Qiuxian.

Among them, Song Hanyu became Jinyu Volley’s suzerain at a young age, and he had hoped to bring Jinyu Volley into the ranks of the nine sects.

It’s a pity that she was injured.

From then on, among the nine sects, only Xu Tongyin could be called a heavenly prodigy.

He thrived for three years.

As a result, when I explored the battlefield of blood and tears last year, I never returned.

Everyone thought Xu Tongyin was dead.

I believe that Xu Tongyin’s return to the common people’s territory this time will surely set off another wave.

“Young Sect Master, not bad.” Wiliam said lightly, but the waves in his heart were raging.

I didn’t think about it, I didn’t think about it, it was the Young Sect Master of Nine Sects who saved anyone casually.

It seems that Xu Tongyin’s status is equivalent to Wenren’s love.

No, it’s much more reliable than hearing that people love it.

Wiliam looked at Xu Tongyin, although his face was respectful, but his face was calm, and he had obviously withstood a lot of wind and waves. He was a man who was able to do great things.

Xu Tongyin looked at Wiliam’s face indifferently, and felt clear.

Although he is the Young Master of the Nine Sects, he is also well-known outside.

But in the eyes of the older generations, it’s nothing.

“Senior, how long have I been frozen here?” Xu Tongyin asked the doubt in his heart.

“It’s been a year and a half,” Wiliam said casually.

Xu Tongyin’s face froze, showing a wry smile.

Unexpectedly, it was frozen for a year and a half.

It’s been too long.

“By the way, there is nothing serious about your body for the time being, but after being frozen for so long, the internal organs are still severely damaged. I think no one other than me can cure your special injury.” Wiliam again Said casually.

Xu Tongyin frowned slightly.

have a look!

What is the old man!

Only he can cure it, and it’s such an arrogant thing to say it.

But in the eyes of the older generations, it seems to be insignificant at all.

This is called spirit, this is called vision.

If it’s an ordinary person, and his injuries are not cured by him, then he can’t wait for the price?

And one more important thing.

I have been frozen for a year and a half without dying, if ordinary people would be wondering if there is any precious protection on my body.

As a result, the seniors were not asking at all, they must be disdainful!

How can this little thing of oneself be in the eyes of the older generation?

“Senior, please!” Xu Tongyin’s voice became more respectful.

“You go out first. I will only find you after I go out. You can sacrifice your life for the sect disciples. It shows that you are of good character and worthy of my action.” Wiliam said.

When he checked Xu Tongyin just now, he found that there was a strong aura in Xu Tongyin’s body that was difficult to remove with internal force.

Tianqing Qilin explained that because Xu Tongyin was frozen by the fragments of Xilai Bingyu, some of the breath of Xilai Bingyu had been invaded in his body.

These breaths cannot be removed at all according to the current abilities of the nine sects.

Only Wiliam can slowly get rid of the breath of the azure unicorn.

But it also takes a while, if it is forced out, it will cause huge trauma to Xu Tongyin’s body.

“Then thank you senior! This is my disciple token. Although the old senior can completely ignore these, with this token, walking among the nine sects can still avoid some unnecessary troubles.” Xu Tongyin respectfully handed the disciple token on his body.

Wiliam smiled slightly, and put it away.

After all, going out to remove the icy jade breath for him, it is inevitable to come into contact with the people of the Nine Remnant Sword Sect.

Having this token is really convenient.

Xu Tongyin looks very careful.

And Xu Tongyin was faintly excited when he saw Wiliam received the token.

I thought that the seniors would disdain, but I thought I would accept it!

Fortunately, the predecessors treated me so kindly!

“Okay! Then I will leave this place according to senior’s instructions, and don’t disturb you.” Xu Tongyin faintly knew that seniors could not appear here out of thin air.

There must be something to ask for.

So he avoided it consciously and didn’t want to upset the seniors.

Wiliam nodded in satisfaction, “Well, let’s go.”

Xu Tongyin bowed a few times and walked forward.

But after a while, he turned around again and asked: “I wonder if the younger generation is honored to learn the name of the older generation?”

Wiliam smiled, with an unpredictable look.

“My name is taboo, you will be shocked after hearing it, but I still don’t know how to do it now.”


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