Dragon Husband 1522

Chapter 1522

Xu Tongyin was shocked when he heard it.

I will be shocked!

Then I think the old man is the master of Megatron!

It would be very rude to inquire about his name rashly by himself!

“Sorry senior, I offended!” Xu Tongyin bowed respectfully again before leaving quickly.

In fact, Xu Tongyin thinks too much about everything.

Wiliam said that he was shocked, but because the name of his natural waste of blood had spread among common people’s realms.

Wouldn’t he be shocked if Xu Tongyin heard that a person with a waste of blood had rescued him?

After Xu Tongyin left for only a few minutes, Wiliam suddenly felt a shock on the soles of his feet!

Then the land began to tremble slightly as if it had gone through a catastrophe.

Wiliam frowned and asked in his heart: “Old man, what’s the situation?”

The majestic and vicissitudes of Azure Qilin’s voice appeared in his mind, “This bloody and tears battlefield itself was born because of my tear-relief ice jade fragments. Now that the tear-relief ice jade fragments are in your hands, there is nothing in this battlefield. If it is supported, it will naturally collapse.”

As soon as he heard this, Wiliam’s heart was mixed, and he just wanted to scold his mother.

He began to deeply suspect that he belonged to the demolition brigade.

Where did you go to collapse the house.

Go to the incense lantern village, the incense lantern village is ruined.

To guard the mountain forbidden land, the ninth floor of the mountain forbidden land collapsed.

Go to the buried place, the buried place collapsed.

When I arrived at the Xianghualixue Chamber, the Chamber collapsed.

Now come down to the battlefield of blood and tears, and the battlefield of blood and tears has also collapsed.

What evil did Lao Tzu do?

Wiliam wanted to return, and quickly shut his mouth and opened his legs.

Such shocks will inevitably spread to the battlefield of blood and tears.

The group of Jin Yu Lingkong will also come out soon.

Wiliam originally said that he was waiting in the same place.

Thinking of this, Wiliam galloped and returned to the original place.

But waiting in the same place, but can’t wait for their return.

Wiliam felt a faintly uneasy feeling in his heart.

Could it be that something happened to them inside?

The others were okay, Wiliam didn’t care about their life or death.

But Song Hanyu was really good to Wiliam along the way, and Wiliam didn’t want her to die here because of herself.

As Wiliam thought, his body moved in the direction they had moved forward.

As Wiliam progressed along the way, his anxiety became worse.

He encountered several waves of ancient beasts.

These ancient beasts seem to be crazy, sprinting wildly outside.

Even when he met Wiliam, there was no way to deal with Wiliam.

And these ancient beasts that rushed out were mixed with a lot of ancient beasts from innate secret realms.

Because of the ground shaking and the impact of ancient beasts, the sky and the earth were flying snow and the field of vision became very poor.

Isn’t something really going on?

Wiliam moved forward again, and suddenly heard roars.

Inside, there was the roar of ancient beasts, as well as the sound of personnel shouting.

It’s the man who is in the sky!

Wiliam hurried forward, still thinking of the shouts of “Run! Run!” in his ear.

It should be in danger.

After a while, Wiliam saw the group of people.

Their current situation is really miserable.

Before that, they laughed and laughed at Yan Yan all kinds of disdain for all kinds of arrogance.
Now, their bodies are covered with scars.

In particular, several deputy hall masters kept bleeding from their bodies, and each had several shocking wounds.

In front of them, there were seven or eight menacing ancient beasts in the Congenital Secret Realm.

And Song Hanyu, whom Wiliam cared about, was lying half-lying against an ice tree.

There was also a deep wound on her waist and abdomen, and it was obvious that she had lost the ability to fight.

Seeing Song Hanyu’s injury, Wiliam’s heart tightened and he couldn’t care about anything. He rushed over, “Aunt Song, are you okay?”

Suddenly, Song Hanyu saw Wiliam, his expression changed drastically, and he forced himself to stand up, but was held down by Wiliam, “Don’t move!”

With that said, he hit Song Hanyu’s body repeatedly to stop her from bleeding.

“Why are you back! Go! Go! Don’t you see this dangerous here!” Song Hanyu’s face was full of worry.

Wiliam said casually: “I think this place is going to be destroyed soon, but you still haven’t come out, so come and have a look. What have you encountered?”

Song Hanyu spoke very fast. She said: “Just now we went deep inside and found several magical soldiers appearing together. But I didn’t think that there were many ancient beasts of the innate secret realm hovering around the magical soldiers. We were caught when we were not paying attention. It’s the ancient beast’s rampage attack.”

“Originally, we could still resist, but after a while, the earthquake started here, and the ancient beast went crazy and entangled us desperately. We injured several people at once, and now we can barely resist!”

When Wiliam heard this, he looked forward.

Only Chen Zhongyan was in the forefront, stopping two or three ancient beasts.

But it can also be seen that he is gradually losing his strength, and his speed and strength are constantly declining.

As for the others, they can only survive the encirclement and suppression of the ancient beasts, not to mention any counterattack.

If this continues, the group will be destroyed sooner or later.

“Wiliam! Go! We have seriously underestimated the danger of the ancient beasts here. Now everyone is in desperate situation. You can go quickly while there is still a bit of space! Yuntian asked me to protect you. Now I have the ability to fight. I can place my hopes on yourself!” Song Hanyu’s speech is getting faster and faster, because the current situation is getting more and more unfavorable to them.

Wiliam sighed.

This Aunt Song is too kind, right?

All still caring about him at this time.

But the more this happened, the more Wiliam couldn’t bear it.

Is it an ancient beast of the Innate Secret Realm level?

Wiliam hadn’t dealt with it before.

While burying his bones to fight for fame, Wiliam killed several such ancient beasts in the barren valley of the cemetery.

But at that time, Wiliam’s realm was only complete with energization, and could only rely on the bloodline advantage to suppress the ancient beasts in the innate secret realm and forcibly kill them.

He himself has also been severely traumatized.

It’s different now.

Wiliam’s realm was higher than before, and he was protected by a unicorn.

Even if the ancient beast can’t be killed for a while, it’s still enough to drag it for a while.

Thinking of this, Wiliam showed a trace of determination in his eyes.

He looked in front of him and strode forward.

“Wiliam! What are you doing! Are you crazy! Don’t hurry up! If you go forward, you will be targeted by the ancient beast!” Song Hanyu saw that Wiliam did not retreat but moved forward, anxious, and wanted to stand up. But a mouthful of blood came out!

This kid is really desperate!

You know that those people ridiculed him in every way before, why did he go there!

Moreover, just because he was a person who was born with a waste of blood, he used to be a sheep into the mouth of a tiger.

Wiliam turned around, smiled at Song Hanyu, and said, “Aunt Song, you and them can withdraw with peace of mind.”

After he finished speaking, his body smashed like lightning!

“These ancient beasts, leave it to me alone.”


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