Dragon Husband 1523

Chapter 1523 blood and tears collapse

As he spoke, Wiliam’s body had already flew out and joined the ancient beast’s battlefield.

“You! You! You want to piss me off!” Song Hanyu shouted sternly from behind, wishing to rush over and beat him violently.

Don’t talk about the seven ancient beasts.

One is enough to kill this kid!

Thinking of this, Song Hanyu was anxious!

After Wiliam rushed out, he grabbed a few pieces of ice on the ground with one hand, and hit the ice directly with the other!

The ice falls extremely accurately!

It hit the ancient beast’s eyes directly!

For a time, two or three ancient beasts were attacked at the same time, one after another gave up the people in front of them, turned to look at Wiliam, and let out a sky-shaking roar!

Wiliam didn’t even care about the ancient beasts he was irritating behind him, but moved even further, and grabbed the two ancient beasts!

All of a sudden, the five ancient beasts rushed towards Wiliam!

Wiliam continued to move forward and stopped directly in front of Chen Zhongyan, pushing his hands out again, and the three pieces of ice hit the eyes of the three ancient beasts that Chen Zhongyan was holding back.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

The ancient beast roared, as if to aggravate the collapse of this world.

Wiliam ran toward the depths, and the eight ancient beasts behind him seemed to be crazy, chasing Wiliam!

Chen Zhongyan’s pressure disappeared instantly, and a cold light flashed in the depths of his eyes.

“Retreat!” He almost hesitated, and shouted at the few people who were still sluggish.

To pull hatred with one’s own strength and buy time for others to escape is not something Chen Zhongyan has ever thought of.

Just want to return to thinking, who wants to do this?

This is a mortal way.

Therefore, Chen Zhongyan just barely dragged the three ancient beasts, but he was unwilling to use his body as bait.

Unexpectedly, there is a fool who is willing to give his life to pull hatred.

Ho ho, it’s kind of useful.

He is a little self-aware.

A person who is born with a waste of blood should always play a role and make a contribution to the team.

The people behind Chen Zhongyan woke up one after another, and immediately retreated.

Only Song Hanyu looked at Chen Zhongyan angrily, and screamed: “Chen Zhongyan! Is your conscience eaten by a dog! Wiliam tried to buy us time to commit a risk, and you completely ignored him and ran away!” “

Chen Zhongyan sneered and said: “It is because he bought us time that we have to run even more, otherwise he will die in vain? Don’t worry, after going out, I will give him a stick of incense. A dignified deputy master gave him Shangxiang, he should be able to look down under Jiuquan.”

Song Hanyu was about to continue cursing, but listened to Chen Zhongyan’s tone of voice, “Come here, take her out together. Song Hanyu, I warn you, we are a team. If you are still wasting time here and causing more casualties, I will be the first Don’t forgive you!”

With that said, he made people hold Song Hanyu forcibly, and a group of people rushed outside.

The world is shaking, and everyone can feel that this world is about to collapse.

It’s just that they don’t understand at all. They were fine just now. Could it be that the battlefield of blood and tears collapsed because they acted rashly a few magic weapons?

Thinking of the magical soldiers, their hearts are unwilling in every way, and they are also unwilling to move!

He was close in front of him, he was about to get his hand, but was stopped by the ancient beast.

This time, I didn’t get anything and didn’t say anything, and all of them were seriously injured. It was not worth it.

As for Wiliam’s life, except for Song Hanyu, everyone present didn’t care at all.

Embracing this unwillingness, they quickly retreated and ran in the direction of the exit.

Song Hanyu looked sad, turned around and looked at Wiliam.

But the sky was full of snow, and there was nowhere else to see Wiliam’s figure.

What kept coming was the constant roar of the ancient beast.

Wiliam, sorry…

On the other side, Wiliam suddenly gathered eight ancient beasts in the innate secret realm, so naturally he had no intention of acting blindly.

He deliberately led the ancient beast deeper, and then stopped until he felt that the distance was enough.

This distance, I believe Chen Zhongyan and a group of people would not be aware of it.

After Wiliam stopped, the ancient beasts rushed towards Wiliam to bite them.

At this time, the majestic unicorn coercion on Wiliam’s body rushed towards the eight ancient beasts in front of him!

The unicorn is the king of all beasts. Under the coercion of the unicorn, which ancient beast can not surrender?

What’s more, Wiliam’s current real strength is similar to these ancient beasts in the Innate Secret Realm.

Kirin coercion is the best weapon to let them succumb without a fight.

Sure enough, with the appearance of Wiliam Qilin’s pressure, the footsteps of these ancient beasts came to a sudden stop.

Their monstrous killing intent just now disappeared completely in an instant.

They looked at the landing leaf with fear.

Wiliam also understood in his heart that the coercion of the unicorn had only a suppressive effect on them, but it was not completely suppressed so that they could not resist.

If you want to kill them, it will probably cause strong resistance.

Therefore, Wiliam just kept giving birth to the coercion of the unicorn, letting the other party retreat in the face of difficulties.

After a while, the confronting ancient beasts glanced at each other and snarled low towards the sky.

The turbulence of heaven and earth continues.

Gu Beast seemed to feel the threat, and immediately gave up Wiliam, and left one after another.

Wiliam let out a sigh of relief when they watched them disperse.

When he was about to leave immediately, he suddenly stagnated.

Amidst the white snow ahead, there is a flash of light dotted with?

Is it an illusion?

Wiliam immediately walked forward and hit the snow in front of him with a palm.

With this boom, Wiliam smiled at the corner of his mouth.

It turns out that this group of people provokes the ancient beast to encircle and suppress it.

In front of Wiliam’s eyes, there was an ice cave similar to a small cave.

Wiliam blasted Bai Xue from the ice cave, revealing a few things.

There are a few weapons and armors that look quite primitive.

It seems that what they said before was wrong, there is indeed a baby here.

And there are quite a few.

These things in front of you are definitely just a drop in the bucket.

After all, this was once the place where the old ancestors of the Azure Qilin fought against the human race.

Even the baby of the old predecessor was broken into pieces here, let alone other things.

Wiliam was not polite, and took a dozen things from the ice cave into his arms before he flew towards the entrance.

As he ran and watched, Wiliam found that among the dozen things in his arms, at least three of them exuded strange auras, at least they were weapons of the magic weapon level.

Especially a sword that seems to be exuding purple light, there is a sense of oppression that makes people unable to look directly at it.

Yes, I didn’t expect that there would be unexpected gains in the end, and I just attracted the ancient beast without any effort.

I just don’t know what the group of people would think when they saw them go out with so many babies?

After all, Chen Zhongyan has said it many times before. Whoever gets the baby here will be his own?

Ashamed, I took so much at once.

Wiliam ran wildly for ten minutes and had already arrived at the entrance.

He sprang up, and the scenery in front of him went from white to pitch black.

At the same time, the battlefield of blood and tears under him finally couldn’t be sustained, and the sky shattered, completely annihilated!


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