Dragon Husband 1525

Chapter 1525 Purple Frost

Song Hanyu looked at the magic soldier Wiliam handed over, and she was completely stunned!

Although her realm has fallen, her experience is still there.

She could see at a glance that this magic soldier was the most majestic!

Under the sunlight, the magic weapon glowed with purple lights. If you look carefully, you will find that these purple lights are like clouds of smoke, constantly lingering around the sword body.

And if you stare straight at it, it’s like being in a piece of purple ice, making you tremble!

What a magic weapon this is!

You know, weapons of this level of Shenbing are extremely rare among the nine sects.

Xianghualixue has only three magic weapons.

And Jinyu volleyed, there were only two.

A handful of magic soldiers before her has been shattered.

Now that Wiliam brought this one, its aura alone was able to suppress the two magical soldiers in Jin Yu Volley!

The treasures of the Zhenzong used to make the golden jade volley are more than enough!

Just give it to yourself?

Too casual, too exaggerated, right?

Song Hanyu looked at Wiliam in a daze. For a while, she didn’t know what to say?

Wiliam didn’t care. He saw Song Hanyu had taken the sword, and his eyes fell on the sword.

“Oh, the name of this sword matches your Aunt Song’s name. Maybe it’s your fate.” Wiliam said with a smile suddenly.

Song Han Yushun Wiliam looked at the sword.

Two small characters are engraved on the body of the sword with ancient seals.

“Purple Cream”!

One rain and one frost really match.

“Wiliam, this is too expensive, I can’t bear it.” Song Hanyu swallowed, and finally said.

She knew the value of this magic weapon.

If this magic weapon is sold out, it will definitely be robbed by the Nine Sects and even the Six Laws.

It can definitely bring countless opportunities to Wiliam.

After all, Wiliam was born with a waste of blood. If he had this magical soldier blessing, he might have a better life in the future.

Wiliam seemed to know Song Hanyu’s thoughts in his heart, smiled slightly, and said, “You can take it. I will also ask Aunt Song to take care of it in the future.”

With that said, he stuffed the sword to Song Hanyu.

Others watched this scene, and the light of jealousy in their eyes burst out.


Such a magic weapon actually let him get it!

However, other people dared not worry about the things he gave to Song Hanyu.

They looked at the other treasures in front of Wiliam.

There are two magic weapons inside!

If these two magic weapons…

But in the next second, their hopes were shattered.

Wiliam said casually: “As for the rest, I will give Chairman Liu the care and let him take care of it.”

As soon as this was said, the expressions of the people at the scene changed drastically!

What the hell!

Wiliam brought out a dozen treasures by himself, but he himself didn’t even keep any of them!

Just send out that purple cream!

Now I don’t want the rest, I have to hand it over to Liu Yuntian!

Those people present are as uncomfortable as eating shit!

Song Hanyu didn’t dare to offend them, and even Liu Yuntian didn’t dare to offend them!

This kid, doing bad things absolutely broke their back!

“Wiliam! You don’t think about it anymore? With so many magical soldiers, you can keep some…” Chen Zhongyan finally couldn’t help it, and said to Wiliam.

This is the first time he has spoken to Wiliam in a kind and polite tone since he contacted Wiliam.

If Wiliam keeps a few pieces, he can at least fight for it.

If they were all sent out, they would really accompany the prince to study this time!

“Yeah, Wiliam, you have to think about it for yourself? And you see, when we came down this time, all of us were injured, and it was quite painful, you see…” Someone immediately agreed.

It’s just that the intention is straightforward.

Song Hanyu sneered, “Hoho, interesting. Wiliam saved you just now, but you were not grateful at all. On the contrary, you wished him to die below, making him despised into the dust.”

“What about now? One by one can’t wait to be incarnate and lick the dog, and lick Wiliam comfortably! Your cheeks are really interesting.”

“Since Wiliam said he wanted to give all these things to Liu Yuntian, then I want to see, who would dare to say anything?”

Song Hanyu’s words made the people present angry!

This stinky lady is too much!

Just get a peerless magic weapon!

Don’t let other people drink soup now!

However, a few people have strange feelings in their hearts.

Song Hanyu just said a few good things to Wiliam.

There is no substantial help from beginning to end.

If you just get the magic weapon in this way, then they can too!

As long as you be polite to this kid at the beginning, you might get the benefit!


That regret in a few people’s hearts!

How could I be blind in the first place!

Why do you look down on this kid!

If at first, hey…

All tears!

They looked at Wiliam with mixed feelings in their hearts!

Regret shouldn’t have been.

A group of people came over happily, only to go back dingy.

As soon as he reached the gate of Jinyu volley, Wiliam saw Liu Yuntian standing at the gate, as if waiting for them.

And Liu Yuntian also saw Wiliam, and he immediately greeted him with a lovely smile, “Wiliam, you are back, right?”

Wiliam smiled, “There’s nothing wrong, Aunt Song took care of her properly and she didn’t suffer any injuries.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Liu Yuntian felt a little relieved and looked at Chen Zhongyan along the way.

“Deputy Sect Master Chen, welcome to the triumph. I must have a good harvest this time. Congratulations first.”

Chen Zhongyan’s faces turned green in an instant.

After finally adjusting his mentality, Liu Yuntian collapsed again with a single sentence!

“Huh!” Chen Zhongyan gave Liu Yuntian angrily and said, “President Liu is so capable! I remember it.”

He kept this account on Liu Yuntian.

This guy, no one is past, and he sent a person who was born with a waste of blood, and he made a lot of money!

Sure enough, it is a businessman, so good at calculating!

In Liu Yuntian’s eyes, the other party was a bit yin and yang strange.

He didn’t expect Wiliam to get anything from below, he only hoped that Wiliam could bring back what he saw truthfully.

That’s it.

Liu Yuntian didn’t expect Wiliam to get it among Chen Zhongyan’s group of people.

Now, who would Chen Zhongyan show his hatred of the country and the family, as if he had suffered endless grievances.

After Chen Zhongyan said those words, he led people along, leaving behind Liu Yuntian in a daze.

After they left, Liu Yuntian asked Song Hanyu suspiciously, “What’s the matter with them? It’s the same as having dynamite? No, they will get good things if they go down, and even if they can’t get them, they will be disturbed. Shit stick, don’t let you guys even think about getting it. Who will show him this way now?”

When Song Hanyu saw Liu Yuntian, his vigilance all the way was instantly relieved.

She chuckled and looked at Wiliam who was silent on the side, and said to Liu Yuntian, “Of course it’s for you! President Liu, what a good thing! I completely convinced you!”


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