Dragon Husband 1526

Chapter 1526

Liu Yuntian was even more at a loss.

I just came to pick up Song Hanyu and Wiliam.

Just make sure that something happened to them.

What’s going on with the weird yin and yang now?

Did they take the wrong medicine or did I take the wrong medicine myself?

“What the hell? What am I good at? You speak more clearly? I don’t understand.” Liu Yuntian asked Song Hanyu while taking Wiliam and the others to the Yuntian Auction House.

But Song Hanyu smiled strangely: “Go back and talk about it first, just to give you some time to make you mentally prepared, Wiliam and I will also take a rest, too tired.”

With that said, Liu Yuntian felt as if he had lived in millions of insects, itchy.

But seeing Wiliam and Song Hanyu closing their eyes slightly in the car, they were too embarrassed to ask.

After finally getting to the auction house, Liu Yuntian led Wiliam and Song Hanyu into a small living room. The monkey anxiously asked, “Say it! I’m mentally prepared now!”

At first glance, this anxious look means he is not mentally prepared.

Song Hanyu didn’t sell it anymore, and said with a smile: “Chen Zhongyan said that you are good at it. Naturally, it doesn’t mean that you are good at yourself, but that you let Wiliam follow. This is a real wave of heavenly beauty.”

Liu Yuntian was taken aback and looked at Wiliam who was drinking tea on the side, “I let Wiliam go down purely to inquire about the information. He has all kinds of mysterious opportunities. Maybe he will see a situation below you that you can’t see. Change it. In other words, he just went to watch, what’s so good about this?”

“And each of them is too weird. It seems that they have suffered great grievances below. I think they are all injured one by one. So are you. What happened below?”

Song Hanyu smiled and said, “Yeah, they are so wronged. I guess they will not be so wronged in this life. But it’s not because of the injury.”

“What’s wrong?” Liu Yuntian felt curiosity gushing out.

“Watch it for yourself.” Song Hanyu walked to the chair and threw the lump of things he had been carrying on his back to Liu Yuntian.

Liu Yuntian had also noticed this package before, but he didn’t take it seriously.

With this opening, his whole person was shocked, and he was directly sluggish.

“This! This! This!” He kept repeating this word on his lips, completely unaware of what to say.

In front of him, there are more than a dozen treasures, three of which are amazing!

He picked up a cup of tea and poured it into his mouth fiercely, but his tongue was so hot that he hadn’t been so embarrassed for more than a decade.

“Han Yu! How did you get so many treasures! You are too amazing! If you were a few years ago, I would not be so surprised! But now you get so many under the nose of a group of them , Is it possible that Chen Zhongyan they get more?” Liu Yuntian’s face flushed, obviously very excited.

Song Hanyu shook his head, “You are wrong. First, Chen Zhongyan is almost out of their lives, but none of the treasures have been obtained. Do you think they are wronged?”

Liu Yuntian was still in a daze, and Song Hanyu said again: “Second, I didn’t get these treasures, but Wiliam got them. So, do you think you are good at it, let Wiliam go down together.
The two messages bombed Liu Yuntian for a long time, but he couldn’t return to his senses.


Wiliam actually got it!

It’s no wonder that Chen Zhongyan is like eating s**t one by one.

Except for Liu Yuntian, everyone thought that Wiliam was born with a waste of blood!

Nowadays, people who are born with waste of blood step on their heads to get these things, can they not feel wronged?

“Quickly tell me what is going on! I feel like I am dreaming now!” Liu Yuntian pinched himself severely.

Song Hanyu nodded, and was mocked since they saw Chen Zhongyan.

It was over until Wiliam rushed out of the collapsed battlefield of blood and tears.

Liu Yuntian took another sip of tea, his head still dizzy.

However, he glanced at Wiliam deeply.

Song Hanyu said that during Wiliam’s battlefield of blood and tears, because he couldn’t stand the ice and cold, he stayed alone.

In the eyes of others, this behavior is normal.

But Liu Yuntian knew Wiliam’s strength.

That’s a ruthless person that even the elders can get rid of!

Because there is a story inside.

However, Liu Yuntian asked Wiliam immediately, but followed Song Hanyu’s words and said, “It’s no wonder! But it deserves it! Those people are so deceiving, they deserve to be repaid like this! Wiliam got so many treasures at once. You have to keep a low profile for a while, otherwise it will attract a lot of hatred.”

When Song Hanyu heard this, he chuckles again, “No, no, no, you have to keep a low profile for a while, otherwise you will attract hatred.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Liu Yuntian was at a loss again.

Song Hanyu picked up the Zishuang and waved it lightly, and said, “Wiliam gave me this one. I can’t repay this adult favor for the time being, so I put it on your head.”

“What! Give it to you!” Liu Yuntian’s fat round face trembled, and he was too excited!

He looked at Wiliam, his eyes filled with deep gratitude!

He knew what a magic weapon meant to Song Hanyu!

“Wiliam! This kindness! I remember it! I will repay you well!” Liu Yuntian arched his hand to Wiliam excitedly.

Wiliam smiled slightly, “You’re welcome, Aunt Song takes care of me very much. You should, don’t take it to heart.”

That’s what Wiliam said, but Liu Yuntian took this great kindness in his heart.

“I said, it’s too early for you to thank you?” Song Hanyu said with a smile on the side.

“It’s not early! It’s not early!” Liu Yuntian suddenly couldn’t hear the meaning of Song Hanyu’s words.

Song Hanyu looked at Wiliam, her eyes flashed suddenly.

She had always thought that Wiliam’s saying that he would give the remaining treasures to Liu Yuntian was nothing more than the situation.

After all, at that time Chen Zhongyan was thinking about those treasures, and it was most appropriate for Wiliam to move out of Liu Yuntian’s name at that time.

When they came back, these things naturally returned to Wiliam’s hands.

But when she was on the road, she secretly asked Wiliam, and the answer she got was that Wiliam really wanted to give these things to Liu Yuntian.

This shocked Song Hanyu all the way.

This kid is not sloppy.

When asked why, Wiliam simply said that it was because Liu Yuntian was a nice person and made a friend.

Gee tee, use these things that can make the people of the nine sects crazy, just to make a friend.

How big is Wiliam’s structure?

I’m afraid that he is the master of a sect, and he can’t do such a big deal!

Song Hanyu completely convinced Wiliam.

Song Hanyu pointed to the other treasures on the table and said to Liu Yuntian, “Wiliam gave you all these things.”

“You said you thanked it early?”


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