Dragon Husband 1527

Chapter 1527


Liu Yuntian’s head seemed to be completely exploded, his whole body sluggish.

He heard Song Hanyu’s words, but it didn’t seem to be so true.

The content of the words is really incredible!

“Yuntian, are you okay?” Song Hanyu gently pushed Liu Yuntian.

Liu Yuntian came back to his senses and looked at these precious treasures innocently.

“Wiliam, what you said is true?” Liu Yuntian couldn’t help asking Wiliam again.

No one can easily believe the pie in the sky.

Wiliam nodded while drinking tea, “Well, give it to you. I don’t need these things at the moment. Instead, you can give you the best advantage.”

This is what Wiliam calls making friends.

“This gift is too big, I can’t stand it, you should put it away quickly.” Liu Yuntian knew what it meant, and didn’t dare to accept it easily.

“Let’s take it, you see I’m alone now, holding it will only cause people to worry about it. You can take care of me in the future. By the way, there is also Ling Ruyi. She is now a widow and lone girl. You should take care of her. Focus on it.” Wiliam said casually.

Seeing Wiliam’s persistence, Liu Yuntian took a deep breath and bowed slightly to Wiliam, “Wiliam, I also remember your great favor! From now on, if you have any instructions, if I can do it, it will be a big deal. , I don’t even frown.”

“Look, I said you thank you early. Okay, you and Wiliam probably have something to say, so I’ll go back and rest first.” Song Hanyu grabbed the Zishuang as if he was holding a baby. went out.

Liu Yuntian trembling hands, collected the remaining treasure before facing Wiliam again.

The two were drinking tea in silence. Finally, Liu Yuntian couldn’t help but ask: “Wiliam, now you can tell me about your experience below?”

“Aunt Song said about it in general just now.” Wiliam said.

“Whether you stayed alone in the same period of time?” Liu Yuntian grasped the key precisely.

“I knew you would ask this. You guessed it wrong. I didn’t stay where I was, but just wandered around. And something that I didn’t expect had happened.” Wiliam smiled.

He knew that Liu Yuntian could not be fooled.

But I can’t be ashamed of the favor of the seven-star ferryman behind Liu Yuntian.

So Wiliam planned to tell the truth, but he wouldn’t say everything.

After all, Wiliam wouldn’t let people know this thing casually involving the Ice Jade of Relieving Tears from the old celestial unicorn.

“I wandered to a very magical place. The coldness of that place can be said to be the worst place in the battlefield of blood and tears. I guess that place is the core of the battlefield of blood and tears.” Wiliam said.

Liu Yuntian’s eyes flashed, “You continue.”

He knows that this is probably what the big guys want to know.

Wiliam was really magical, and he could find the core place casually.

“There, I found a very big iceberg. This iceberg is completely different from other icebergs. The toughness is extremely terrifying. Even me, there is no way to destroy it.” Wiliam said again.

Liu Yuntian’s mouth was open, and he knew Wiliam’s strength.
Even Wiliam can’t destroy it, indicating that the place where the boss is concerned is here!

“My hands almost broke on the iceberg. Then there was really no way to do it. I turned around the iceberg, and I found a person on the edge of the iceberg.” Wiliam said.

“What! There are still people in that environment? Are they dead?” Liu Yuntian felt strange as he listened.

“That’s not true. After I rescued the person, the person left. Then I heard Aunt Song and the others screaming, so I went to look at them. You know what happened afterwards.” Wiliam said simply.

“Oh oh oh, then can you help me draw a schematic diagram of the battlefield of bleeding and tears, especially the core place you have been to?” Liu Yuntian did everything without leaking.

But Wiliam showed embarrassment and replied in three simple words, “The house collapsed.”

“Huh?” Liu Yuntian was dumbfounded.

“Didn’t Aunt Song also said that the battlefield of blood and tears collapsed. But if you want a sketch, I can draw it. As for whether I can find that place again, I’ll know too.” Wiliam said a little embarrassed.

Who made himself part of the demolition brigade? Where would I go?

“Well, thank you for your hard work.” Liu Yuntian didn’t know what to say for a while.

Collapsed, collapsed…

The battlefield of blood and tears of the big brother’s heart has collapsed.

Wiliam smiled, took a piece of paper, drew a simple sketch and gave it to Liu Yuntian.

“By the way, I would ask you to help me with one thing. You have a lot of contacts here, maybe it’s clear.” Wiliam said.

“Say it quickly! I will try my best!” Liu Yuntian was excited when he heard it.

It’s great to think that you can pay back some kindness right away.

“When I faced the mysterious iceberg in the core place, my own magic weapon broke apart.” Wiliam first casually threw out a sentence.

Liu Yuntian was stupid.

“The magical soldier is broken? That iceberg is so powerful!” Liu Yuntian has a wide network, knowing that Wiliam has a set of mysterious silver needles, which is the magical soldier.

“Well, my set of silver needles accompanied me when I grew up, and it was left to me by my elders in the family. It is of great significance to me. The thing I want to ask you for is that there are no forgers with better skills in this common people’s realm. Help me re-forge the silver needle.” Wiliam said with a sad expression in his eyes.

Although there is a chance to re-forge the Long Live Demon Lotus, before he can successfully recover, the Long Live Demon Lotus is broken and Wiliam’s mood is ultimately not good.

“Oh, do you have the materials for reforging? You know that the heavenly materials and the treasures used by the gods are very difficult to find. Do you need my help to find them?” Liu Yuntian asked a question with concern first.

“I don’t need this anymore, I still have some stock.” Wiliam replied simply.

“Yes, if you send out so many treasures casually, there must be stocks left on them. I arrogantly overstepped them.” Liu Yuntian said with a smile.

But he immediately became distressed again, “If you really asked the right person about this matter two years ago, but now, if it is limited to nine cases, it is really too difficult.”

“How do you say? Isn’t there a forger in the nine sects who can re-forge the magic weapon?” Wiliam’s heart trembled. This is definitely not good news for him.

Liu Yuntian said bitterly: “If you put it two years ago, there is a man, a wizard of Tianzong, who has double cultivation of craftsmanship and kendo, and has reached a very terrifying state. It is a pity that he died more than a year ago. In the sect, no one surpasses that age, especially in the art of craftsmanship. His fall is an indelible disaster and loss for the entire nine sects.”

“You probably don’t know this person. He is the Young Sect Master of the Nine Sects of Remnant Sword Nine Heavens, and his name is Xu Tongyin.”


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