Dragon Husband 1528

Chapter 1528

“Xu Tongyin?” Wiliam was taken aback when he heard the name.

Wouldn’t it be so coincidental?

Is it a genius to rescue a person at will?

But Liu Yuntian didn’t know why Wiliam’s expression was, he only thought that Wiliam didn’t know this person.

He explained in detail: “Xu Tongyin was placed two years ago, no, ten years ago, they are all famous celebrities with nine famous names.”

“Ten years ago, when he was in his thirties, he was already able to forge weapons of the magic weapon level alone. In the past ten years, all the magic weapons he has forged are famous! It’s a pity that he is a broken sword. The secret method of Nine Schools of forging magical weapons, each forging a magical weapon requires a great deal of effort, so he usually only forges a magical weapon once in two years or so. But this is already very remarkable.”

“In the past few years, there have been rumors of double arrogance in the nine schools. One of them is Song Hanyu, and the other is Xu Tongyin. It is a pity that God has no eyes. In the past few years, Han Yu has been seriously injured and hard to heal. It has been falling, and Xu Tongyin has fallen more than a year ago.”

“Among the nine sects, no one can independently forge divine weapons, so the only way to obtain divine weapons is to explore the secrets of ancient places, or to seek the gifts of six methods and three heavens. Now you should understand that these treasures you brought back How jealous it is.”

As Liu Yuntian was talking, the topic got crooked and returned to Wiliam.

Wiliam frowned and said nothing.

Liu Yuntian knew he was crooked, and quickly said: “But don’t worry, there are still many strange people and strangers in this common people’s territory. I have some time…Or, it just happens that the person above me owes you a favor, do you want to…”

“No need.” Wiliam interrupted Liu Yuntian.

Since it is such a coincidence, it is much easier to handle.

Wiliam had hidden a trick before, and after saving Xu Tongyin, he said that he had the opportunity to visit him.

Isn’t it time now?

Isn’t it fragrant if the hot genius comes out of the pot?

The favor of a seven-star ferryman can’t be wasted like this.

But Liu Yuntian thought that Wiliam was discouraged and wanted to comfort him, but he didn’t know how to speak.

“You tell me about the Nine Sects of Remnant Sword, right?” Wiliam asked suddenly.

“Do you want to try your luck at Jiuzong of Canjian? Would you like me to recommend you?” Liu Yuntian immediately reacted.

“No need. Just tell me about the Nine Remnants of the Sword.” Wiliam refused directly.

“Okay. The Nine Remnant Sword Sect is one of the old nine sects. Among the nine sects, there are two swords, one is the strange sword to cover the sky, and the other is the remnant sword. , And practice martial arts. And Jiuzong of Remnant Sword cultivates both kendo and craftsmanship, that is, the art of forging sword. Their sword forging technique is very wonderful, and it should be inspired by the blood of the person who forges the sword, but Xuanmiao Xuanmiao is only known to the direct line of their sect.”

“The Nine Remnant Sword Sect’s rankings have been in the middle for these years, and Xu Tongyin, a genius, originally wanted to hit the top three this time, but now it is estimated that it is impossible.”

“Their suzerain is called Xu Benliu, and his strength is also very strong.”
Liu Yuntian talked a lot and told Wiliam what he knew.

Wiliam nodded, and had a preliminary understanding of the Nine Remnant Sword Sect in his heart.

According to Liu Yuntian, the people of the Nine Sects of Remnant Swords still have a sense of justice.

Is a trustworthy sect.

“I’m going out these few days, you don’t need to send someone to pay attention to me.” Wiliam said lightly.

He knew that Liu Yuntian had this kind of dark child all over the nine sects.

“Okay, I understand, I just want to find the report above.” Liu Yuntian nodded.

He vaguely knew that Wiliam was going to the Jiuzong of Canjian to try his luck, but he had no hope at all.

Since the loss of Xu Tongyin in the Nine Remnant Sword Sect, the suzerain has been filled with frustration from top to bottom.

Don’t accept the request to help people forge the sword, let alone re-forging the magic weapon, which is more difficult than forging the magic weapon.

Wiliam refused to accept the recommendation, and went to Jiu Zong of Can Sword under the name of a natural waste of blood.

It’s just that he didn’t dare to tell Wiliam, after all, Liu Yuntian knew that Wiliam was arrogant.

After Wiliam returned to his room, he adjusted his breath and took a rest, studying the “Medical Classics of Impermanence” by the way.

According to his realm, he can now study mockery.

The realm of ridicule wind can count the future for a short time, which is a bit like the divination of fragrant flowers and blood.

It’s just that Xianghua can only ask right and wrong, but Wiliam can see cause and effect.

If in battle, it is a great advantage to be able to spy on the enemy’s first opportunity.

But Wiliam also knew that this could only be used as an auxiliary and could not pin all hopes on it.

Strengthening one’s own strength is the most important thing.

Early the next morning, Wiliam bid farewell to Liu Yuntian, and went to Jiuzong of Canjian Sect alone.

The sect of the Nine Remnant Sword Sect is between a half-mountain, and the entire half-mountain is their territory.

At the gate of the Zongmen, someone stopped Wiliam.

“Hello, who do you look for?” The disciple at the door said politely.

Just looking at this disciple’s tone, Wiliam felt a little more fond of Can Jian Jiutian.

Unlike some sects, the gatekeepers are as arrogant as anything.

“Xu Tongyin.” Wiliam also said politely.

As soon as these three words came out, the disciple guarding the door showed a very strange expression in his eyes.

Everyone knows that Xu Tongyin has fallen.

However, Xu Tongyin came back quietly yesterday, shocking the entire nine days of Can Jian!

This matter was only known to the people of Can Jian Jiu Tian, ​​and outsiders didn’t even know about it.

The young boy in front of me knew that Xu Tongyin was back?


However, he thought of a possibility.

Over the years, people have always come to Xu Tongyin, not believing that Xu Tongyin has fallen, and want to try his luck.

Is this the same for this young man?

This disciple is also very smart, still politely tentatively said: “I’m sorry, you may not know that our Young Master has fallen a year ago…”

Wiliam naturally saw the temptation in this disciple’s words, he didn’t get angry, just smiled and said, “Did he still come back yesterday?”

At this moment, the disciple’s eyes shrank suddenly!

The young man in front of him is definitely not here to try his luck!

Rather, he really knows that Young Sect Master died and returned to the sect!

This is incredible!

Could it be that someone in the sect had leaked the affairs of the Young Sect Master?

This is a big deal!

Wiliam was not embarrassed by this disciple who seemed to be fairly friendly.

He put his hand in his pocket, took out a sign and handed it to the disciple, and said, “Help me go and talk to Xu Tongyin, just say that the old man is here.”


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