Dragon Husband 1529

Chapter 1529: Is Lu Old Familiar?

The disciple’s hands sank, his eyes swept toward his hands, and his whole body was suddenly shaken!

It is the token of the disciple of the Young Sovereign!

Can Jian Jiutian’s disciple token naturally has their unique mark, and outsiders can’t fake it at all.

This young man is holding a real token!

He knows Young Master!

However, what does he mean by saying that the old man is here?

The guard disciple looked at Wiliam strangely, and from left to right, this young man didn’t look like an old man.

However, since Wiliam took out the token, this disciple didn’t dare to hold it up, and immediately gave Wiliam a hand and respectfully said: “I will inform you right away. You can wait a moment, come, and show him a seat. .”

A woman dressed as a maid walked out of the door and brought a chair with a cup of tea in her hand.

Wiliam looked at this sect with amusement.

To be polite is to be polite.

But it’s weirdly polite.

To entertain guests, just pick up a chair and let the guests sit at the gate and wait?

But Wiliam was content.

It’s such a big sect, and there are more people who come to ask for help, and it can be regarded as a demeanor to entertain people who usually come to ask for help in this way.

Wiliam hadn’t finished drinking a cup of tea, and saw a gust of wind blowing in the sect!

A fierce figure rushed out directly from the door.

I didn’t arrive yet, and the voice came over first, “Is it the old man here! You can shame me! It’s unreasonable, how can I let the old man sit at the door.”

The person here was Xu Tongyin with an excited expression.

Since Xu Tongyin’s return to the sect yesterday, it has caused great turbulence up and down the sect.

Since the Zongmen lost Xu Tongyin, there has always been a sense of frustration.

But with Xu Tongyin’s return, Zongmen felt a sense of happiness returning from hell to heaven.

In particular, Xu Benliu was incoherent with excitement. After repeated confirmations several times, he was convinced that the person in front of him was his son, the only remaining Tianjiao among the nine sects!

Tianjiao is back!

During this day and night, Xu Tongyin was questioned many times by the elders before confessing that a mysterious elder rescued him from the iceberg.

Then he preached the supernatural powers of the old elders, and he heard the elders of Can Jian Jiu Tian stunned.

Of course, Xu Tongyin also talked about his injuries, and said that his injuries could not be cured by seniors.

The people of Canjian Jiutian don’t believe in evil anymore. Although they are not good at medical skills, they can still detect a very mysterious and terrifying aura remaining in Xu Tongyin’s body.

A stubborn senior wanted to forcefully remove this breath, but in the end, his hands were almost frozen to pieces by this breath.

Only then did they believe that unless the person seeking immortality had such great ability, even one of the nine sects of the old medical family like Yi Nian Immortal Prison would not be able to get rid of this breath.

And this breath made them very depressed, like Xu Tongyin buried a thunder that could explode at any time.

Xu Tongyin finally came back from the dead, and if he loses him again, Zongmen’s mentality is estimated to collapse.

This is also the reason why Xu Benliu blocked the message directly.

Before Xu Tongyin’s injury is clear, outsiders cannot be told that he is back.
oo many people are jealous of geniuses.

And Xu Tongyin was eagerly thinking about when the powerful old man will come…

Unexpectedly, it was only a day, and it was early in the morning, that the old man had arrived.

How can you let the older generation wait at the door!

So he rushed out in a hurry.

Seeing Wiliam, Xu Tongyin had the urge to kneel down on the spot.

After all, there are outsiders in front of him, and he hasn’t lost his integrity.

“Hurry up inside! Hurry up!” Xu Tongyin said with a bow.

The janitor disciple and the maid who were watching were stunned.

The Young Sect Master has always been arrogant, when has he been so humble?

Wiliam smiled and said, “Let’s go in together.”

When he arrived at the inner hall, Wiliam was surrounded by a group of people.

They looked at Wiliam like a monster, but did not dare to speak.

Because they knew from Xu Tongyin’s words that this person in front of them was an old predecessor who could see through the sky.

He is also the only powerful person who can save Xu Tongyin.

No, it was the great benefactor who saved Xu Tongyin’s two lives.

There was a trace of embarrassment on Xu Tongyin’s face.

It’s not good if you irritate the old man.

He quickly introduced: “Old man, this is my father, Xu Benliu, the master of the sect.”

Xu Benliu is in his sixties this year, but he is still full of black hair and full of energy. He can’t tell his age at all.

He glanced at Wiliam violently, but didn’t dare to look directly, which made people feel very funny.

Xu Tongyin introduced other elders again.

In short, those who can appear on the scene are all the great figures of Can Jian Jiu Tian.

They looked at it, and suddenly some people’s eyes showed a trace of doubt.

Wiliam looked so young that he didn’t look like the old predecessor at all, that’s fine.

But how come the more you look at it, the more familiar it becomes?

Where do I always feel like I have seen it before?

But these elders dare not speak in person.

For fear of offending the old predecessors.

Wiliam nodded at them, with a gentle look, which made people feel that the old man was so amiable.

“Come here this time, on the one hand, I promised you to help you continue to heal your injuries, and on the other hand, I also want to ask you.” Wiliam was not polite, and went straight to the point.

“Senior, what are you talking about! What are you asking for? Your order is a great honor for us in the nine days of the sword! You saved my son’s two lives, and we don’t know how to repay your kindness! Please tell us, our sect will be in the water and fire, and we will die!” Xu Benliu, who is also a lover of personality, said immediately.

His voice was very loud, and he felt full of breath when he heard it.

“Then I will thank you first. By the way, my surname is Lu.” Wiliam first said his surname.

“Hello, Mr. Lu!” A group of elders bowed to Wiliam together.

There was a neat sound of Lao Lu, but Wiliam was stunned.

This group is so irritating.

“Let me heal Tongyin’s injury first and prepare a room for me,” Wiliam said.

Xu Benliu was naturally moved.

What is the old man!

This is!

What is Gao Fengliang Festival!

This is!

What is anxious justice!

This is it!

Yesterday, I just saved Zongmen’s hope for the future, and today he rushed over without stopping.

For a moment, Lu Lao’s figure was unusually tall among them.

All the beautiful adjectives in the world are not enough to describe Lu Lao’s noble sentiment.

And Wiliam followed Xu Tongyin to a room in the inner hall.

A group of elders were left behind and still sighed for the demeanor of Lu Lao.

After sighing for several minutes, someone suddenly said weakly: “Don’t you think Mr. Lu is very familiar?”

“Does it look like the one who appeared on Yingdu Recruitment and was collected by the fragrant flower, and then the Wiliam who was born with waste and blood came out a few days ago?”

“Huh? My surname is Lu, am I thinking too much?”


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