Dragon Husband 1531

Chapter 1531

“Re-forging the magic weapon?” Everyone present was stunned.

Originally, Wiliam just said that his own magical soldiers broke into pieces on the battlefield of blood and tears in order to break the iceberg. This words moved everyone present.

It turned out that the Shenbing broke down to save Xu Tongyin, and the sect owed Wiliam a big favor.

It’s just that the re-forging of the magic weapon was beyond everyone’s expectation.

There is no doubt that Xu Tongyin is the strongest forger among the nine sects in a century.

But he has never tried to re-forge the magic weapon.

Xu Tongyin was still not talking, and an elder said hesitantly: ” Wiliam, you need to know the difference between re-forging a magic weapon and forging a magic weapon. Forging a magic weapon, as long as there are natural materials and treasures, plus my sect’s secret method, it is usually It can be forged successfully. But the difficulty of re-forging the magic weapon is directly increased several times.”

“Yes, if you re-forge the magic weapon, you have to find suitable materials based on the original characteristics of the magic weapon. This alone is very difficult. And I don’t know the forging technology and material ratio of the magic weapon before, often after re-forging. , It’s completely different from the previous ones.”

Xu Benliu said directly: ” Wiliam, don’t blame me for speaking straight! The failure rate of re-forging the magic weapon is too high. If you don’t mind, the existing magic weapon in my sect is for you to choose. If you look good, just take it away. Or if you have any requirements, we will forge a new magic weapon according to your requirements. What do you think?”

Xu Benliu’s words made Wiliam look sideways.

This suzerain is really straightforward.

You know, the magical soldiers of their elders, but they have followed their masters for many years, and they have formed a tacit understanding with each other. If they lose suddenly, their strength will inevitably drop.

Now Xu Benliu can cut love directly with a word.

It shows that Xu Benliu is really grateful to Wiliam and wants to repay his favor.

It also shows that the risk of re-forging the magic weapon is too great.

Wiliam shook his head and said with a wry smile: “I thank all the elders for their love first. I take your kindness. I also said just now that this magical soldier is of great significance to me. Don’t hide it from you, this magical soldier. My grandfather left it to me, and stayed with me for a long time, I can’t lose it.”

The people at the scene were suddenly silent.

Everyone is a warm person and knows the sorrow and sorrow in this statement.

“Moreover, I have found the material for the magic weapon. If the re-forging is successful, it should make my magic weapon even better.” Wiliam didn’t want to embarrass everyone, and added another sentence.

“Can I see your magic weapon?” Xu Tongyin said suddenly.

Wiliam nodded and glanced at the people at the scene.

“Do we need to avoid it?” Xu Benliu asked directly.

Some people’s magic weapons are secrets, and it’s normal not to be known.

Wiliam shook his head, “No need, I can trust every elder.”

He urged the energy in his body, and the broken Long Live Demon Lotus slowly emerged out of Wiliam’s body.

After a while, all the broken Long Live Demon Lotus gathered in Wiliam’s hands, emitting a faint light, obviously weak to the extreme.

It’s not unusual for everyone to be there.

What they are curious about is that Wiliam’s magic weapon is actually a silver needle.

Being able to use silver needles as a magic weapon, it seems that Wiliam’s identity as a healer is undoubtedly confirmed.

Wiliam carefully handed these Fragments of Long Live Demon Lotus to Xu Tongyin, and at the same time introduced: “My divine soldier is called Long Live Demon Lotus. It has a hundred silver needles, and it is completely broken now.”

One hundred…

The blue veins on the foreheads of the people at the scene throbbed again.

The silver needle of the Shenbing level is very difficult to forge, because the craftsmanship is more delicate.

There are now a hundred, still forging.

This difficulty breaks through the sky.

Wiliam slowly took out the shard of the tear-relieving ice jade again.

Of course, when he took it out, he directly isolated the breath of Xileai Bingyu, so as not to shock the people present too much.

“This is the material for reforging. But only I can get this material, you can’t touch it.” Wiliam explained.

The people present nodded.

Everyone is an old world, knowing that there are some natural treasures who will choose their masters.

Since Wiliam said that, it meant that this fragment in his hand was extremely rare.

Looking at Wiliam, Xu Tongyin suddenly took a deep breath and said, “Father, I decided to give it a try. This is also a challenge for me. After so many years, my sword forging has never been able to make progress. Maybe it is Wiliam this time. Bring me a chance.”

Xu Benliu looked at Xu Tongyin with burning eyes, “Are you sure?”

“I have decided, not to mention that Wiliam is my great benefactor, or even this rare opportunity I will try. I decided to use the most taboo secret method.”

“What!” Xu Benliu’s face changed drastically, “You are crazy! You might…”

“Dad, don’t worry! Since I live again, I will only cherish my life even more. Regardless of success or failure, at most I will only waste my efforts, and my strength will drop in a short period of time, which is nothing. And I decided, please Sanqing Jianlao came out of the mountain to help me!” Xu Tongyin’s eyes were determined.

Sanqingjian is always the three hidden elders of the Nine Heavens of Remnant Sword, and the art of forging swords is also at its peak.

Xu Tongyin was able to tell them to ask them to help, indicating that his sword forging technique is still better than that of the Sanqing Swordsman.

“In a short period of time, the strength has plummeted, will that affect the ranking of the nine cases in a month…” someone suddenly whispered.

But Xu Benliu patted Xu Tongyin’s shoulder heavily, “Do it according to your heart! You never let me down when you were alive, nor did you die! Compared with the benefactor’s instructions, nine qualifying matches What’s the matter again.”

At best, it just stays in the middle or falls to the bottom.

“Is the Jiu Zong qualifying one month later?” Wiliam asked suddenly.

“Well, the message shouldn’t come out yet. I don’t know why the qualifying time is so rushed this time. A friend of mine only found out within three days.” Xu Benliu said, “Nothing, we have always been There is no way that Tongyin was included in the quota for the competition. Now this is only expected, you don’t have to put any pressure on it. Moreover, it was chosen by Tongyin himself, maybe he breaks through the sword forging technique again because of this. I want to thank you.”

“I understand.” Wiliamzhen retorted, no one knew that he was thinking about something else.

“Brother Tongyin, I thank you first, you do your best, I will accept whether you succeed or not,” Wiliam said.

“Okay, it shouldn’t be too late! Wiliam, we will go to the back mountain to forge Jianfeng, Dad, you can help to invite Sanqing Jianlao. I haven’t had a forged sword for a long time, and I’m a bit excited.” Xu Tongyin’s eyes flashed sharply. .

But Wiliam suddenly thought of something and hurriedly asked: “By the way, I need to hold this material. In other words, I will be with you at the forging site. But I heard that your forging technique is the secret of the sect. , If I was there, wouldn’t I have seen all of them…”


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