Dragon Husband 1532 part 2

” Wiliam, just watch it from the sidelines. If you re-forge the magic weapon, you have to go through three steps: melting, quenching, and awakening.” Xu Tongyin said to Wiliam.

“Among them, the first process is melting. I will use this magma fire to cooperate with our Nine-Day Remnant Sword secret technique to re-melt and purify the Long Live Demon Lotus.”

“If the second process is quenched, you will need your cooperation to quench the fragment in your hand into the fused Long Live Demon Lotus.”

“These two processes will last about two days. On the third day, it will be the last process and the most important process. Wake up!”

“If you awaken the magic soldier, you will come and we will assist you.”

“What I want to say next, you must keep in mind, otherwise we all have the worry of death!”

Xu Tongyin’s face suddenly became serious.

“Whether it is forging the magic weapon or reforging the magic weapon, it will pose a very terrifying threat to the forger, called the weapon robbery! I usually forge the sword, so it is also called the sword robbery.”

“The magic weapons or the materials for forging them are extraordinary things. All magic weapons are awkward. Especially heavy forging will arouse the counterattack of the magic weapons. We call it the weapon robbery.”

“The robbery usually appears in the last process, but there is no absoluteness.”

“The more powerful the magic weapon, the more weapon tribulations will appear. According to the records of the nine days of our Remnant Sword, the most one weapon tribulation has occurred, which is the treasure of our town. The ancestors are all killed.”

“You long live demon lotus is not a common product at first glance, so I estimate that there will be four or five artifacts, especially during the final process of awakening, you have a high probability of facing these artifacts, if you have no extraordinary ability or A strong will makes it easy to die.”

“You have to be psychologically prepared.” Xu Tongyin said solemnly.

Wiliam’s eyes dazzled. It was the first time he heard about the weapon robbery.

Before he promoted the Long Live Demon Lotus time and time again, from safflower to red lotus to demon lotus, there was no so-called weapon robbery.

However, Wiliam was immediately relieved that Long Live Honghua had been connected to his bloodline from a very early time, and only raised it in a softer way, so it is normal that there is no organ damage.

But this time it was different. It was re-forged in a brutal way, and arousing resistance was also expected.

It’s just that, Long live Demon Lotus, you have to live up to it.

We are both prosperous, and we are all lost, and we live and die together!

Wiliam showed a decisive look in his eyes, “Follow my obsession, don’t ask about life or death!”

“Hahaha! Just do what I want, don’t ask about life or death! This is what I think! If this re-forging is successful, let’s drink a pot!” Xu Tongyin laughed and patted Wiliam on the shoulder.

The more he looked at Wiliam, the more comfortable he became!

Next, Xu Tongyin briefly discussed some countermeasures against the weapon robbery with Old Master Sanqing, and then stood by the sword furnace.

Sanqing Jianlao is in a triangular position, standing in three positions of the sword furnace to guard him.

“Open!” Xu Tongyin slapped the lid of the sword furnace. The sword furnace that had not been opened for the past two years suddenly bursts of suffocating flames!

The sword furnace itself is also a magic weapon, and it is a magic weapon who recognizes the master Xu Tongyin!

It hasn’t been seen for more than a year, the sword furnace is humming, and seems to be welcoming the master’s return!

“Brother! I’m here! Help me!” Xu Tongyin seemed to be speaking to Jian Lu.

With one hand, he threw Wiliam’s broken Long Live Demon Lotus into the sword furnace.

Never thought about it!

With this shot in, a towering breath suddenly surged out, rushing directly to Xu Tongyin!

Sanqingjian’s eyes shrank suddenly, and he has lived for nearly a hundred years!

It is also the first time to see such a wonder!

They actually yelled out together!

“The robbery!”

The robbery usually occurs in the third process.

Even if it is extremely rare in the first process, it is generally in the final stage of melting.

But now before their eyes!

The broken long live demon lotus just entered the sword furnace!

Just give birth to the robbery!

Long live the demon lotus!

How rampant it is!


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