Dragon Husband 1539

Chapter 1539

Wiliam reluctantly stood up, looked at the wine beside him, and smiled.


“Hahahaha! Brother Wiliamxian is really good-natured! Come!” Xu Tongyin didn’t care about Wiliam’s injuries at all.

But it gave people the feeling that he didn’t care, but he had 100% confidence in Wiliam.

The two quickly drank a jar of wine.

During the period Xu Tongyin said that his forging technique was about to break through to a higher level, which naturally made Wiliam very happy.

“By the way, can you show me your Long Live Demon Lotus? I haven’t seen it yet.” Xu Tongyin said curiously.

Wiliam nodded, and said, “Wait a minute, I’ll check it out first.”

Wiliam immediately settled, looking for the Long Live Demon Lotus in his body.

Long live Demon Lotus felt Wiliam’s consciousness, and sent a burst of emotion similar to happiness.

With a thought in his heart, Long Live Demon Lotus sprang from the center of his eyebrows and appeared in front of him.

A red lotus the size of a fist, flashing red light all over, occasionally flashes of ice blue light.

A hundred long live demon lotus, there is only one flower left?

Wiliam couldn’t help thinking about this question again.

But as he thought about it, the Long Live Demon Lotus in front of him seemed to collapse, turning into small silver needles.

One hundred, just right.

Each silver needle is like a petal that is extremely thin and extremely thin.

The familiar feeling is back.

Wiliam smiled, only changing his form.

When needed, they are still a hundred silver needles.

Usually, it exists in the form of a red lotus.

Moreover, Wiliam always felt that the form of this red lotus had many mysterious functions that had not been discovered by himself.

But now is not the time.

Wiliam still wanted to verify one thing in his heart.

His mind was in contact with the long live demon lotus that had regained its red lotus form.

This contact only felt the soul rippling slightly.

Wiliam’s eyes were blurred, and immediately became clear.

In front of him, there is a small world.

Although this Fang Xiaotiandi was only as big as a small room, it was enough to excite Wiliam!

Senior Azure Kirin didn’t make a mistake!

After the re-forging, Long Live Demon Lotus brought some special effects of Breathing Tears Ice Jade.

There has been a small world.

And this small world is the embryonic form of the power of space.

This feature is simply not too practical for Wiliam!

There are more and more things on his body, so he can’t keep it in his pocket all the time, right?

It’s perfect now.

Wiliam still remembered that the elder Qilin had said that the long live demon lotus after fusion would have two effects.

One is the power of space, and the other is the power of frost.

This kind of frost force is invincible and frosts everything.

But Wiliam couldn’t show this ability right away.

After roughly detecting it, he handed the Long Live Demon Lotus to Xu Tongyin.

Xu Tongyin had just watched in amazement as Long Live Demon Lotus changed her needle and recovered, and her curiosity had been completely lifted.

He also wanted to know what function he had participated in forging the magic weapon.

However, after a brief probe, he sighed.

After all, he is not the owner of Long Live Demon Lotus, there is no way to know many things.

But one result is certain, this Long Live Demon Lotus is already an extraordinary soldier.

Undoubtedly the strongest magic weapon among the nine sects!

There is another reason for his sigh.

“Wiliam, I really want to congratulate you. Your Long Live Demon Lotus is already an extraordinary soldier. It’s a pity that my ability is limited. But there is one thing you can pay more attention to in the future.” Xu Tongyin said slowly.

“What’s the matter?” Wiliam asked curiously.

“This supernatural weapon is powerful, but it stops at supernatural after all. Because the supernatural weapon has not yet given birth to a real weapon spirit.” Xu Tongyin said.

“Apparatus spirit?” Wiliam had an insight.

“Well, although I have never been in contact with Qi Ling, it is recorded in ancient books. The treasure of the god soldier level is just a kind of blessing to the soul with the master, not the Qi Ling.”

“If a magic weapon has a weapon spirit, it can impact the extraordinary and become a fairy. I think the quality of your long live demon lotus is far superior to the extraordinary weapon, you have no weapon spirit. This is what I feel most pity. “Xu Tongyin said.

“How was the device spirit born?” Wiliam asked quickly.

“There are two methods, one is that it is born naturally in the ages of the past. The other is to actively seek for the spirit of the instrument and earn it into the Long Live Demon Lotus as the spirit of the instrument.” Xu Tongyin said.

“I can tell you a secret thing. If you have a chance in the future, you can go to Yushizhiren for a walk.”

“Imperial control of people?” Wiliam couldn’t help repeating it again. Isn’t the second place where Lin Jiang is?

And it’s the sect where Miss Su is.

“Well, the imperial family controls the people. This sect has two major characteristics, one is the imperial state, that is, the imperial beast. The second is to control people. Do you know what it means to control people?” Xu Tongyin gave a weird smile.

“Make people? Can they create people? Isn’t that impossible?” Wiliam frowned.

He suddenly thought of something!

About his cheap daughter Xiao Wangqing!

When Wiliam asked Miss Su, he thought Xiao Wangqing was Miss Su’s granddaughter.

But the answer I got was—”Strictly speaking, Xiao Wangqing is not my granddaughter, and she is just an experiment made by me.”

In other words, Xiao Wangqing was created by Miss Su, not a person!

This is definitely in touch with what Xu Tongyin said just now!

“Of course they can’t create humans, but they can create a lot of weird things according to the sect secret technique. Including rootless spiritual beings. But it takes very powerful people to create rootless spiritual beings. This kind of rootless spiritual beings, On the surface it looks very obvious, like a puppet. But the most powerful rootless spirits look like humans, and the joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys of some people are very magical. This kind of spirit can be transformed into an instrumental existence. It’s a pity. , For so many years, I have never heard of an expert in the imperial world who can create such a high-level rootless spiritual man.” Xu Tongyin said lightly.

Wiliam’s heart beat fiercely!

Xu Tongyin’s words revealed too much information!

First of all, will the rootless spirit figures made by the imperial family be like puppets marching like Grandma Lingyun’s dead back then?

But it will be more mysterious.

The second and most important thing is that he said that he had never heard of an expert who created the highest level of rootless spiritual beings.

But Wiliam has really seen it!

Wiliam can now be sure that Xiao Wangqing is the highest-level rootless spirit man!

She is no different from normal people, even more agile than ordinary children!

Miss Su has been hiding herself!

She didn’t have the ability to let people know in the common people’s territory, but in the place where Wiliam was, she casually created a most advanced rootless spirit man!

How sacred is she!

And at this time Wiliam suddenly thought of a terrible thing!

Goose bumps all over my body instantly rise!


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