Dragon Husband 1540

Chapter 1540

Wiliam originally wanted to return Xiao Wangqing to Miss Su.

But Miss Su didn’t have Wiliam’s intentions.

Instead, he said something inexplicably.

That sentence probably meant that Xiao Wangqing didn’t worry about going back and staying with Wiliam was an opportunity that would benefit Wiliam a lot.

At the beginning, Wiliam only thought this sentence was a prevarication, and said casually.

But think about it now, but think carefully!

Is it possible that even if Miss Su had been certain that she would come to the common people’s territory, she would also look for a high-level rootless spirit person to serve as a tool for Long live Demon Lotus.

So she left Xiao Wangqing.

Even Wiliam thought a little bit too much. When he first met Xiao Wangqing, would it be Miss Su’s trick.

Thinking of this, Wiliam had an urge to see Miss Su.

He wants to ask clearly what is the mystery here?

However, it is clearly not the most suitable time right now.

“Wiliam, what are you thinking about?” Xu Tongyin couldn’t help asking as Wiliam’s expression kept changing.

“Brother Tongyin, I ask you, if the highest-level rootless spirit man becomes a tool spirit, will it affect the spirit man himself? Will it perish?” Wiliam asked.

Xu Tongyin’s eyes were slightly confused, and said: “After a rootless spirit person becomes a tool spirit, he should still store his original appearance and temperament, but he will live and die together with the gods. The impact will definitely have an impact. As for the extent of the impact, I’m not very clear either. People of the imperial family should know better.”

Wiliam nodded, already making a decision in his heart.

In his heart, Xiao Wangqing is a living person.

A snack food will ask if anything is delicious.

I’m very clingy to my cheap dad.

A small beanie who is full of joy, anger, sorrow, and sleep.

Wiliam couldn’t treat her as a puppet, a spiritual person.

Of course, he wouldn’t ask Xiao Wangqing to become his own weapon in order to promote Long Live Demon Lotus.

The matter ends here.

“By the way, Wiliam, my father wants to see you.” Xu Tongyin asked for Wiliam’s opinion.

Wiliam nodded naturally and agreed.

He has seen the style of Can Jian Jiutian in the past few days, and he also agrees with this sect from his heart.

Soon, Wiliam saw Xu Benliu and others.

Xu Benliu and the others were shocked to see Wiliam’s body recovering so quickly.

In particular, a person respected as Old Xu seems to be a healer.

He touched Wiliam left and right, with an unbelievable look.

“Wiliam, what kind of enchanting are you! With such a serious injury, after lying down and resting for two days, the internal injury is so good?” Old Xu said with emotion.

“Ho ho, maybe my luck is better.” Wiliam smiled casually.

Naturally, the secrets of metaplasia and the body of a unicorn will not be exposed.

“By the way, Wiliam, we are looking for you to discuss business matters.” Xu Benliu entered the subject.

Wiliam motioned him to continue talking.

“Wiliam, I owe you two lives for My Sword Jiutian. Tongyin feels that this time he re-forged the magic weapon. Breaking through the realm is just around the corner. This is also the opportunity you gave, so you are the great benefactor of our Sword Jiutian.” Xu Benliu Gratefully said, “As far as I know, you seem to have been driven out by the fragrance of flowers, right?”

Wiliam didn’t shy away from this topic, and said, “Well, it’s wrong.”

“Ho ho, what about those guys who have eyes and no bead, are born with waste blood? We can all see your abilities. You should have no place to go now? Why join us in Can Sword Nine Heavens, we are your strongest Backing up, I see who among the nine sects dares to bully you, who dares to underestimate you.” Xu Benliu has always been a man of temperament, and he also admires Wiliam very much.

Wiliam naturally knew that Can Jian Jiutian did this to repay his favor.

But he thought for a while, shook his head, and smiled: “Sect Master’s good intentions, Wiliamxin leads. But I don’t practice swords, and I don’t exercise weapons. It’s just a waste of time to join the sect. I have other plans.”

Hearing Wiliam’s refusal, Xu Benliu was a pity, “Wiliam, don’t you think about it anymore?”

Seeing his persistence, Wiliam said, “Sect Master, if you want to help me, please trouble me if I encounter any danger or slander in the future. I am already grateful that the Sect Master can help me. I am not myself. I am very content that someone with a high regard can be protected by the remnant sword for nine days.”

When Xu Benliu heard it, he secretly sighed that this kid was extremely delicate.

As the sect master, he personally invited a person with waste of blood to join the sect, but he was turned down. It hurts face to spread it out.

So Wiliam gave a step.

No one joined Can Jian Jiutian, but he asked Can Jian Jiutian to take shelter in the future.

In this way, it not only preserved Can Jian Jiutian’s face, but also gave the opponent a chance to pay back the favor.

Kill two birds with one stone.

Xu Benliu laughed immediately, “Well, Wiliam, you are definitely not in the pool. My sect will definitely support all your choices. I believe that in the near future, our sect will still be protected by you.”

“The lord was joking. Now that this has happened, I will help Brother Tongyin to completely remove the root of the disease in a while, and it will relieve everyone’s heart.” Wiliam said.

During the few days of re-forging the magic weapon, Wiliam and Xu Tongyin both found time for treatment.

So now that the root of the disease is completely removed, it will no longer affect Xu Tongyin.

“Also, I heard that Big Brother Tongyin took the sharp blood forge, and it lost his 20-year life…” Wiliam said a little embarrassedly.

Xu Tongyin immediately laughed, “Wiliam, you don’t have to worry about this at all. Although my life is lost, my realm will be loosened, and I will reach a higher realm. I believe it will benefit my martial arts realm a lot. I am. If the martial arts realm improves, living a few more years is not a problem at all. So the lost lifespan can be made up completely.”

When Wiliam heard this, the guilt in his heart was weakened.

“It’s just a pity. Tongyin can’t recover for a while. He might not be able to participate in the Zongmen qualifying this time.” An elder said regretfully.

But just to mention casually.

Then everyone dispersed, Wiliam helped Xu Tongyin get rid of the root of the disease, and Xu Benliu handed Wiliam a delicate sign.

“This is the Keqing token of our sect. Holding this sign is the most noble guest of our sect. It will be easier to do things between the nine sects, so don’t shirk it.” Xu Benliu said directly.

Wiliam was not polite, accepting the Keqing token, and then bid farewell to Can Jian Jiutian and set off on the road to Yuntian Auction House.

As soon as he entered the Yuntian auction house, Liu Yuntian received the message and rushed over.

Before he could be polite, Liu Yuntian widened his eyes and asked Wiliam mysteriously: “Wiliam, have you gone to Canjian for nine days! Is Xu Tongyin still alive? Also, he appeared two days ago. Li Mang, the magical soldier, has nothing to do with you! And how did you know Xu Tongyin?”


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