Dragon Husband 1631 part 1

Chapter 1631

Recognize your ancestors!

The sonorous and powerful words scared everyone present!

Not only the spectators onlookers, but even the lonely lion people were dumbfounded.

Bye bye!

Now I have to recognize my ancestors!

Recognize this hairy boy as the ancestor!

Besides, the ancestor of the Dugu Hongshi, wasn’t he in front of them, did he show his spirit just now!

Why did the ancestor suddenly become Wiliam again?

Everyone was taken aback by this scene!

However, the overlord elder had a firm face, full of excitement.

Perhaps many people who belong to the lonely lion no longer know the origin of their own veins.

Only know that Dugu Hongshi is their ancestor.

However, in the secret history of the sect, it is clearly recorded that the Dugu Hongshi is the descendant of the four great beasts of ancient times, the sky green unicorn.

As for the description of the azure unicorn, the secret history is also drawn with vivid pictures.

It was not the mysterious totem tattoo on Wiliam’s forehead that he saw just now.

Can make the Dugu Hongshi statue wake up, and bow down!

Even if Wiliam is not the reincarnation of the Azure Kylin, he is also the inheritor of the Azure Kylin!

Isn’t this the true ancestor of Dugu Hongshi!

Worshiping Wiliam as the ancestor is justified!

Bai Jianxing was about to ask the Supreme Elder what was going on, but he was immediately stared back.

“If you have something, go back and talk about it.” The Supreme Elder whispered.

Bai Jianxing had no choice but to give up.

The elder Taishang looked at Wiliam again, with a serious expression: “Lu Zu, please allow us to recognize the ancestor and return to the clan!”

Wiliam said lightly: “Get up all, you don’t need to recognize your ancestors and return to your ancestry. As long as you do more good deeds in the future, I will naturally take care of you a lot.”

After Wiliam finished speaking, he glanced at Bai Jianxing.

At this glance, the Supreme Elder suddenly understood what was going on.

This is saying that Bai Jianxing is not doing good deeds!

“Bai Jianxing, what the hell is going on? Have you done anything against the laws of heaven! Otherwise, why is Lu Zu so angry!” The Supreme Elder asked Bai Jianxing for the first time.

Bai Jianxing shrank and his face suddenly became ugly.

By now, he had no confidence.

The elders all stood on Wiliam’s side.

Oh no, they all worship Wiliam as their ancestors.

So what can he say as a suzerain?

“Wait a moment, I’m going to ask you Dugu Hongshi, Wiliam just bet with you, who wins and who loses?” Song Hanyu stood up and said bluntly.

She was afraid that Dugu Hongshi’s people would be ridiculing, so she could easily expose the victory or defeat.

With this breath, she was still stuck in her heart.

Shameless Dugu Hongshi actually dispatched a case to deal with the scarred Wiliam.

Had it not been for a series of mysteries and miracles, Wiliam would have died under their despicableness.

Even now, the whole family of the Dugu Hongshi, up to the Hongshi statue and the Supreme Elder, and down to every disciple, all kneel in front of Wiliam, but the accumulating breath is not so easy to subside.

The elder Taishang immediately approached Bai Jianxing to ask about the situation.

When I heard Bai Jianxing said that he first dispatched the five elders to deal with Wiliam, and after not dealing with Cheng, he dispatched the forces of the whole family to encircle and kill Wiliam.


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