Dragon Husband 1633 part 2

Someone takes over the game?

Why are you playing a relay race!

Song Hanyu was even more confused by what Wiliam said.

Moreover, who will take over the game and be able to compete with Nie Shuangxing?

Someone came to kill this dog Wiliam, to see what kind of shit he had in his head?

Song Hanyu had a thousand complaints in his heart.

At this time, Nie Shuangxing glanced at the audience and said lightly: “This is the matter. We will make a ruling and order the Dugu Hongshi to withdraw from the nine sects, and make Qijian Zhetian the top of the nine sects. As for the rest. There are eight cases, the upper nine cases, the lower nine cases, you can arrange it by yourself, we are not interested. We still have important things to do, so we will leave.”

With that said, Nie Shuangxing was about to leave.

But at this time a somewhat silly voice suddenly rang, “Oh, you go, I’m not in a hurry, I won’t go.”

This tone sounds particularly rascal.

Everyone followed the prestige, and it was one of the three referees.

The referee leaned diagonally on a table and lifted his hood.

But the first thing is to reach out in his pocket and take out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

He took out a cigarette and was about to light it.

It was a bit unnatural for a while to find that everyone in the audience was watching him.

He handed the cigarette to the front, and said embarrassedly: “Or, do you guys have one too? It’s been too long and I’m addicted.”

The people at the scene looked at each other.

Where does the referee come from?

If you don’t know the identity of this person, just this virtue, how can you be like a big boss from the Six Dharma?

Looking at this person again, there was a little scum on his resolute face, and he felt a sense of waste and vicissitudes of looking back at the prodigal son.

He is a man with experience.

Going out can also hook up some casual girls.

He looks pretty handsome, and it’s a bit unacceptable that he looks like a fool.

And some people were at a loss in their minds.

I always feel like I have seen this vicissitudes of life, but I can’t remember it for a while.

Nie Shuangxing was interrupted by him, and his face became a little ugly.

He couldn’t help saying, “Brother Liu, what are you doing?”

This old brother Liu didn’t answer Nie Shuangxing’s words, but lit a cigarette, took a deep breath and exhaled it.

He appeared to be overly comfortable, and then said slowly: “Your ruling is unfair, I naturally want to stay and re-rule and clean up your mess.”

Nie Shuangxing didn’t think that this kid would embarrass him in public, his face suddenly became cold, “You try it again!”

“Do you have long ears? Your ruling is unfair, I naturally want to stay and re-rule and clean up your mess. How many times do you want me to say it? I just said it.” Brother Liu said with a smile.

Nie Shuangxing’s eyes flickered, “You are going to be my enemy! You can think about it! Your sect has always had a good relationship with us, you can think about your remarks, and you will give it to you, or even give it to you. What a disaster the sect has brought!”

Brother Liu smoked slowly, and even played a trick of smoking hoops.

He was very satisfied with the smoke ring he vomited, and then said, “What are you? Is it worth my sect’s eyes?”

Nie Shuangxing had said this to Jiu Zong present before.

Now Brother Liu returned it intact.

The people at the scene suddenly burst into applause!

There is justice in the world!

Although this man of vicissitudes does not look good.

But there is a lot of righteousness in my heart!

Stiff enough!

Just now, everyone was bullied by Nie Shuangxing and was full of anger but did not dare to explode.

Now someone appeared to DISS Nie Shuangxing on the spot, and severely relieved their anger!

Nie Shuangxing resisted his anger and said coldly: “I think you are a junior and don’t want to care about you! I’ll ask you again, you really want to be an enemy of Wiliam for the rubbish at the scene!”

Brother Liu laughed loudly, his expression suddenly changed from a hippie smile to a cruel face!

One of his cigarettes bounced lightly towards the sky, like a signal flare marking the start of war!

His voice is also as cold as frost.

“My brother, Liu Lang, can you bully as a dog?”


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