Dragon Husband 1634 part 1

Chapter 1634 Heaven and Earth Dragon Scales

There is nothing wrong.

Standing on the stage, the person whose temperament has completely changed at this moment is full of energy, it is Wiliam’s eldest brother Liu Lang!

Liu Lang has never seen Wiliam again since joining Cloud Piercing Jinglong.

This is the first time they met since the last time they parted.

There were a few chances that Liu Lang wanted to meet Wiliam in private.

But he received Wiliam’s eyes, and the tacit understanding between them made Liu Lang quickly understand the look.

Wiliam was telling him not to see each other temporarily.

Although he didn’t know what tricks Wiliam was playing.

But Liu Lang is still very confident and interested in Wiliam’s plans.

He wanted to know what exactly Wiliam would do.

As for Wiliam’s passing through the five stages and cutting six generals until the finals, and letting the lonely lion appear to kneel down, Liu Lang was still very calm in his heart.

He knew that Wiliam could do this.

Until the end of this, the people who hated Beihe martial arts were involved, and looking at Wiliam’s expression, Liu Lang knew that Wiliam’s strategy was over.

Wiliam counted him, and now it was his turn to appear on the stage.

So Liu Lang chose to come forward without hesitation.

The people at the scene looked at Liu Lang again, all of them exaggerated, and they didn’t know what to say.

This vicissitudes of life seemed to be a different person in an instant.

He was a cynical prodigal before, but now he is a ruthless devil!

In this way, he is like a person with the Six Laws!

And everyone was even more surprised by a title in Liu Lang’s mouth.

Little brother!

Wiliam, is Liu Lang’s younger brother?

What a special thing!

Unexpectedly, there is still such a relationship between the two!

No one knew it before!

If it’s a younger brother, isn’t the relationship even closer than the relationship between Nie Shuangxing and Hu Yixiao’s uncle and nephew?

Another guy who can hide!

With that said, everyone began to admire Wiliam and Liu Lang inexplicably.

Since the two people have this kind of relationship, why bother with Wiliam’s journey along the way!

Can you mix in the top three easily?

But Wiliamzhen exposed this relationship, but walked over step by step.

He also used his own strength and his fairness and justice to once again conquer the audience.

Had it not been for Hu Yixiao to reveal the relationship between Nie Shuangxing at the last moment, presumably the two brothers would not announce their relationship!

Thinking about it this way, and comparing it with Hu Yixiao and Nie Shuangxing’s arrogant affiliation, Wiliam and Liu Lang’s affiliation obviously became fair and just right away.

What are those two dog things!

And some other people on the scene suddenly patted their heads at this time, and they suddenly realized.

“I remember! I remember! I finally know what the referee’s background is!”

“When we were welcoming Naxian before, it was him. Wiliam had another young man, and the three of them attracted the sorrowful beasts to congratulate him! I will never forget this wonderful scene in my life!”

“Yes, yes! That’s him! Wiliam has joined Xianghua Lixue, a man named Lin Jiang has joined Yushizhiren, and this judge is the piercing dragon who has joined the Six Methods! He is the only one present in the room. People who joined the Six Methods, why did I forget all of a sudden!”


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