Dragon Husband 1635 part 1

Chapter 1635 Immortal Combination

A vigorous coercion slowly permeated from the sky.

The people present only felt their hearts burst open!

What kind of strength is this!

Between raising hands and feet, the sky turns into dragon scales!

Everyone looked at Liu Lang in amazement, only feeling incredible.

This is not the level they can reach at all!

Even when Wiliam saw this scene, he felt as if his whole body had been ignited, and he felt uncomfortably impatient.

When Liu Lang was in the Anaconda Continent, he had been suppressing his realm all the time.

So Wiliam didn’t know exactly how strong his eldest brother had reached.

Now in the common people’s territory, Liu Lang no longer needs to suppress his strength.

With this gentle move, the situation changed.

Wiliam weighed in his heart, if he had full firepower, how long would he be able to fight his eldest brother before he could lose?

It deserves to be the eldest brother who has lived for several years!

The heaven and the earth give birth to gold, so that everyone present has a layer of golden light on their faces.

The golden light also obscured the complex look in everyone’s eyes, making it difficult to distinguish emotions.

In the golden light, Nie Shuangxingdou’s cold sweat broke out.


What the hell is this!

Looking at the golden light of the dragon scales in the sky, Nie Shuangxing felt cold from the bottom of his heart.

He seemed to be in a prehistoric battlefield, and in front of him was the endless five-clawed golden dragon, and he was a tiny ant like dust.

Under such a strong psychological suggestion, Nie Shuangxing didn’t have any resistance to it at all.

It will die…

The chill in his heart made him a little afraid to look directly at Liu Lang.

This kid, where is the monster that popped up again!

A Wiliam is scary enough!

Add Liu Lang!

What kind of fairy combination!

“Huh? No move?” Liu Lang stared at the sweaty Nie Shuangxing and asked faintly.

“This, this…” Nie Shuangxing touched the sweat on his forehead, and said quickly, “Liu Lang, if you have something to say, we are all people with identities, so why bother to shoot in front of them? “

“Oh? You mean…” Liu Lang asked pretendingly in doubt.

Nie Shuangxing bit his lip and said decisively: “I thought about my ruling just now and it was really biased, otherwise you can give me an opinion? We take it for granted!”

An arc was drawn at the corner of Liu Lang’s mouth, and his breath relaxed.

The golden light in the sky gradually dissipated.

The sky returned to its previous appearance in a short while, and it was gray.

It seems that the dragon scales of heaven and earth just now were just a dream.

“So you can speak human words.” Liu Lang resumed his previous hippie smile.

It makes people feel that the prestigious person just now seems to be just an illusion.

Faced with Liu Lang’s ridicule, how dare Nie Shuangxing refute.

He just sneered and said, “I’m joking and joking.”

Liu Lang ignored him, looked at everyone on the scene, and said loudly: “The ruling just now is invalid. We will make a new ruling.”

After a brief silence, thunderous applause erupted from the scene.

Applause dedicated to this vicissitudes of man.

Because of his existence, the nine qualifying matches for this place have saved the dignity and continued their lives.


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