Dragon Husband 1635 part 2

Amidst the applause, several families were happy and some were sad.

From the beginning of Hu Yixiao, all the people with strange swords covering the sky were bleak and bleak.

After working hard for a long time, he even showed his two hole cards.

In the end, there was nothing to say, and the reputation of his sect was completely stigmatized.

Let’s not talk about the other eight sects now, even those small sects, it is estimated that they are all scornful of Qijian Zhuangtian.

It’s over, what can I do next?

Many people with a strange sword covering the sky have already begun to quit their sect in their hearts at this time.

After all, some people on Hu Yixiao are Hu Yixiao’s business, and it is estimated that the others will be unable to move an inch between the nine sects in the future.

At the same time, there are people who have this idea.

Xianghua Lixue was the first sect to be kicked out of the nine sects this time, and all of them were miserable.

Wenren Tiange had no blood on his face at the moment, staring blankly at a person at the scene.


He admitted that he had miscalculated.

And he has been underestimating Wiliam.

Wiliam’s strength was already amazing enough.

He didn’t think of his brother, whose status was so high.

If you had a good relationship with Wiliam before, not only would you have the head of the nine sects at your fingertips, you could even use Wiliam to climb up the relationship of the six methods.

From then on, the fragrant flowers and blood went straight up, glorifying forever!

However, everything is too late.

From the time he looked down on Wiliam, Xianghua’s blood was destined to be a failure.

In fact, there is still a chance for Fragrant Blossoms to drain blood.

Because the final ruling power has been handed over to Liu Lang.

As long as Wiliamken opens this mouth…

He couldn’t help looking at his two daughters.

However, Wen Renqing said in a cold voice for the first time: “Father, you can accept this reality. This is the retribution of our fragrant flowers. We will not speak to Wiliam.”

Wen Renqingqing also nodded and said, “Moreover, Wiliam’s eldest brother just came forward because of unfairness and unfairness. Now you want us to embarrass Wiliam and make his eldest brother unfair and unfair? Are you trying to make them brothers? The two have become a joke?”

“What the jokes mean for a while, our scented glory is more important…” Someone couldn’t help but say from the side.

But what was exchanged was a sneer from the sisters.

There is no cure for the fragrant flowers to drain the blood, and all sins are deserved.

Wen Renqing had this premonition when Wiliam left Xianghua to drain his blood.

The fragrant and bloody dusk and doomsday are here.

It just doesn’t attract everyone’s attention.

Now the facts once again verify that her hunch is correct.

Fragrant flowers and blood are not only dusk and doom, but even eternal night and abyss.

I got up again, I don’t know which year and era it was.

Bai Jianxing was also sad.

Because of his cowardice and the difference in thoughts, he caused the loss of the head of the nine sects, not to mention, now he fell directly out of the sects.

He was at a loss.

There is even an urge to apologize on the spot.

He is sorry to the sect, sorry to the ancestors!

The happiest person at the scene was the one in the sky.

They are about to enter the nine sects with unprecedented glory, and may even be the first of the nine sects.

The old sect master seems to be rejuvenated, with red eyes looking forward to it, and waiting for the final answer to be announced, he can return to his hometown to comfort his ancestors!

At this time, Liu Lang coughed on stage.

The people at the scene suddenly became quiet.

They knew that nine final verdicts were coming.

Even the sorting of nine cases is coming together!

Whoever is in the upper nine cases and who is in the next nine cases determines the development of the next twenty years.

Liu Lang directly ignored Nie Shuangxing and said: “Now, on behalf of the referee team, I will judge the sect that won the nine positions in the nine qualifying matches.”


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