Dragon Husband 1636 part 1

Chapter 1636 Re-elected

The scene suddenly became quiet.

Many people are looking forward to it and want to know what this final ranking is.

However, Liu Lang lost the chain at this time.

He scratched his head, a little embarrassed, and his expression became a little awkward.

Song Hanyu’s heart raised her throat and immediately asked Wiliam in a low voice, “What’s wrong with your elder brother?”

With a black thread, Wiliam said, “I guess he has forgotten which sects…”

Song Hanyu nearly turned his eyes out.

Nine qualifying matches. Nine qualifying matches.

His eldest brother doesn’t even recognize which sects are, don’t remember…

This is the referee of the ball…

How big is the nerve?

But Song Hanyu changed his mind and found it reasonable.

It is normal for Jiu Zong to consider what Liu Lang’s eyes are.

“It’s over, I have to take over the game again.” Wiliam said suddenly depressed.

Song Hanyu was taken aback, just about to ask what the hell, but suddenly heard Liu Lang on the stage say in a casual tone: “My brother Wiliam will announce the results of the Nine Sects and the ranking of the Nine Sects.”

This time Song Hanyu rolled his eyes straight out.

This horse is so neat!

How do you look down on the nine cases and let Wiliam directly decide?

Is it appropriate for Wiliam to be an athlete and a referee?

The people at the scene also looked at each other, wondering what the hell the two brothers are doing?

What they thought was, would it be unfair if Wiliamlai made a ruling?

But after thinking about it, I don’t think so, because Wiliam walked down the ground with his feet on the ground, and there was no interest in it.

Let’s see……

At this time, Wiliam bit his head and walked up, shoulder to shoulder with Liu Lang.

He pondered for a moment, and said: “According to the points of this competition and the overall performance contributions of the sects in the past, as well as the overall consideration of the areas where each sect is good at. World-made people.”

Wiliam first announced the two veteran sects.

Han Xing Wangqing’s suzerain stood up and nodded slightly to express his gratitude to Wiliam.

Han Xing Wangqing, as the second in the millennium of Nine Sects, played steadily in this competition. There were not as many moths as the Dugu Hongshi, so he was able to re-elect, and he deserved it.

The same is true for Yushizhi. Huqing Su Emei, as the only woman in the audience to let Wiliam suffer a defeat, blushed at this moment.

Why do you think that Wiliamhui is so good? Now think about how much favor Wiliam gave to the imperial family…

And thinking about letting a fierce like Wiliam defeat him, Su Emei was so embarrassed that he wanted to get into the hole.

This head is under too much pressure!

After going out, people call me the only woman who defeated Wiliam, what should I do?

The two sects announced were quite satisfactory and well-founded. Everyone was satisfied, and the scene immediately responded with warm applause.

Wiliam said again, “Remnant Sword Nine Heavens and the red and thin tall buildings have remained in continuation.”

There was applause again on the scene.

Xu Tongyin of Can Sword Nine Heavens was extremely powerful in this Nine Sect Qualifying Tournament.


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