Dragon Husband 1638 part 1

Wiliam finally asked Qin Shengzhong.

Qin Shengzhong’s face froze, and for a moment he didn’t know how to answer Wiliam.

The people at the scene also fell into silence.

Wiliam said that it was Lanshan Zhige and Qin Shengzhong.

The sect of Lanshan Zhige is a sect in everyone’s mind.

No one asked them to guard the wild and ancient realm, but they stupidly stood there for several generations.

There are even fewer people asking them to pay the price of blood and tears and work hard.

But everyone inside was just like Qin Shengzhong, stupid.

Usually in everyone’s mouth, Lanshan Zhige is just a sect that makes people laugh.

But Wiliam’s words evoked the deepest admiration in their hearts.

Usually jokes go to jokes.

This sect is still worthy of admiration.

Without them, the ancient beasts of the savage ancient realm can enter and leave at will, and no one can live in the surrounding area for at least five hundred miles.

The men in it are all clambering men.

Especially the jade face Shura Qin has a heavy voice.

It is even more straightforward.

“Qin Shengzhong, don’t get me wrong, I say this, not to take care of you specially. I just personally appreciate your selfless dedication sect.”

“I heard that your sect has reached the age of declining people, so consider it yourself. I will give you a chance to enter the Nine Sects. For the rest, you can figure out your own solution.” Wiliam said to Qin Sheng again. .

Qin Sheng looked at Wiliam’s eyes again, which was extremely complicated.

He understood what Wiliam meant.

Wiliam gave them a chance to step into the Nine Sects.

And as soon as he entered the Nine Sects, Lanshan Zhige’s status rose by a big step.

At that time, no matter what the purpose is, there will definitely be many people joining Lanshan Zhige.

It can also alleviate the embarrassing situation of the withering of Zongmen to a certain extent.

As for how the personnel control, that is not what Wiliam wants to manage.

Qin Sheng fell into deep thought.

He knew that no matter what Wiliam said, he was taking care of Lanshan Zhige.

But he couldn’t refuse this favor.

“Such a sect with awe-inspiring and selfless dedication, I think, is qualified to enter the Nine Sects, what do you think?” Wiliam asked everyone before Qin Sheng replied.

The people at the scene nodded almost without hesitation this time, and responded with warm applause.

Wiliam, this kid, really can.

From this perspective, Lanshan Zhige is indeed more worthy of respect than a sect with the same points.

There is also no problem with Lanshan Zhige joining the nine cases.

At this point, two fresh blood, Jinyu Lingkong and Lanshan Zhige, have joined the nine cases, which almost never appeared in the previous nine cases.


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