Dragon Husband 1639 part 2

After all, Dugu Hongshi was regarded as the sect brought back by Wiliam this time, and it was normal that they would no longer be the head of the nine sects.

Only now this ruling is completely unexpected to everyone!

Even the people in Jinyu Volley were dumbfounded.

They are actually thinking in their hearts that they have to go three times!

So their mentality was very relaxed, and they didn’t even expect to hear the name Jin Yu Lingkong so early.

Now this announcement makes them feel like a bolt from the blue.

The old Sect Master was even more dumbfounded.

He was trembling all over, and his first thought was to appeal the unfair ruling.

But in the next second he suddenly thought that the person who made the ruling was the great hero of the Jin Yu volley this time!

Excluding Wiliam’s performance in this competition, Jin Yu’s performance in the volley was mediocre.

After all, Song Hanyu had given way twice in a row, and his strength hadn’t really been revealed.

But why does Wiliam want to do this!

The old sect master held this breath in his heart and couldn’t relieve himself, and the whole person was going to be depressed.

Wiliam looked at Jin Yu Volley at this time, his expression calm.

He said faintly: “Jin Yu Volley’s performance this time was excellent because of me and Aunt Song. But I joined Jin Yu Volley purely to help Big Brother Yuntian and Aunt Song a favor. After this ruling, I will withdraw from Jin Yu Volley. “

“Considering Jin Yu Lingkong’s strength, because Aunt Song is in charge, she is at the bottom of the three sects. Do you have any opinions?”

What Wiliam said was another bolt from the blue!

He wants to withdraw from Jinyu Volley!

Everyone looked at Wiliam like a fool.

Dare to love that he is here to play this time!

There is no way that Jiu Zong is in his eyes!

The people in the Jinyu volley were trembling all over.

What does it mean to wait until you lose it to know that you regret it!

This is it!

I didn’t know how to cherish Wiliam before, I only knew how to question him and mock him!

But Wiliam severely slapped each of them with strength!

Just when they suddenly realized that they wanted to climb Wiliam Gaozhi, Wiliam turned and left cruelly, couldn’t tell after breaking up?

This kind of heartache lingers in the heart of every sect child.

But other people have different feelings in their hearts.

This kid is selfless!

After helping, turn around and leave, without nostalgia!

And his ruling was based on Song Hanyu’s strength.

In this case, everyone basically has nothing to say.

Applause gradually broke out at the scene.

Give it all to Wiliam.

Everyone applauded this ruling.

Song Hanyu looked at Wiliam on the stage, feeling sentimental and felt that Wiliam was more worthy of respect.

Wiliam did this with good intentions, but how many people can understand his heart?

If Jin Yu volleyed to the position of the upper three cases, although everyone has no opinions.

But sooner or later Wiliam was leaving Jinyu Volley.

What will happen to Jinyu volley in the future?

What does it mean to climb higher and fall worse?

Now Wiliam carried Song Hanyu out, saying that it was because Song Hanyu was in control that Jin Yu Lingkong was among the three.

Wiliam not only put aside his own credit, but officially pushed Song Hanyu to the top of Jin Yu’s volley.

From now on, Jin Yu volleyed to see Song Hanyu’s face.

And there is another reason.

If Jinyu Volley ranks in the top three for the first time in the nine sects, will the people inside the sect be arrogant and domineering one by one?

But do they really have the strength to be arrogant and domineering?

I’m afraid I don’t know how I will die in the future.

Wiliam’s decision was very correct.

Unfortunately, few can understand him.

After a brief period of noise, the situation gradually settled down.

Song Hanyu stood up and said in a deep voice: “I am Jinyu volleyed, accepting such a ruling, and I feel honored and understood for this ruling. Wiliam, thank you.”

As she said, she bowed deeply to Wiliam.

She didn’t even care about the old Sect Master’s face at all!

Master, I’m sorry.

It started when Wiliam said this sentence!

from now on!

I’m Song Hanyu!

Will officially bear the fate of Jin Yu volley!


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