Dragon Husband 1641 part 2

The head of the three sects, just in line with Bai Jianxing’s expectations.

If the Dugu Hongshi ranks low, Bai Jianxing still has no face to see the children of the sect.

If it is too high, it will be criticized.

Wiliam’s decision was wonderful.

Neither the upper three cases nor the lower three cases.

And ranked first in the three cases.

Not only is the Dugu Hongshi small punishment and great admonishment, but also has the management ability to bury the Dugu Hongshi.

Is this really something a young man can think about?

Still so comprehensive?

Bai Jianxing respected Wiliam even more in his heart.

This young man has an incomparable identity and blood, and his strength is unfathomable.

Now, he has even figured it out so well.

Every arrangement is beyond criticism.

Even if Bai Jianxing hosted the ranking himself, he couldn’t be sure that he could be as convincing as Wiliam.

With the ranking of the six sects, the situation on the scene has become much clearer.

Only Han Xing Wangqing, Yushizhiren, and Can Jian were left.

These three sects are all three.

Wiliam first looked at Yushizhiren and said, “Yushizhiren ranks third.”

There was thunderous applause from Yushizhiren’s side.

Only their overlord old woman was still dozing off in her seat, which formed a strong contrast with the emotionally charged disciples of the imperial family.

But everyone is also numb and doesn’t care about it anymore.

Who knows if the old woman sitting here dozing off is the real person, or the rootless soul she created.

I dare not think about this kind of thing, the more I think about it, the more terrible it becomes.

Among them, Su Emei was almost held up to celebrate his success.

Yushizhi was able to be in the third place this time, and the biggest credit was Su Emei.

Su Emei could actually make a fierce like Wiliam admit defeat.

And it was the only one that Wiliam has lost so far.

Just put this result out, everyone is not convinced?

Among them, Su Emei’s face turned red. She wanted to pinch Wiliam. Whoever made this kid confess to lose gave her so much trouble.

But I felt that I should be grateful to Wiliam.

The mood is also very tangled.

She had thought about this problem before, and now it’s all right.

What are you afraid of?

From now on, it will be spread that Su Emei, the imperial ruler, is the only woman who makes Wiliam kneel. How should I meet people…

Forget it, forget it, don’t want it anymore.

What do you love?

Go back and give Lin Jiang a lesson.

Wu Shi’er and this kid had a gaping cooperation.

Isn’t peace of mind good?

“Okay, now I declare the second place.” Wiliam said loudly again.

The joyous atmosphere on the scene gradually subsided.

Everyone is looking forward to it.

It is said that the second place is announced, but in fact, the first place has already been announced together.

There are only two sects, Han Xing Wangqing and Can Jian Jiutian.

Can Jian was the third sect in the middle nine days ago, this time because of Xu Tongyin’s strong return, he was a blockbuster.

And Han Xing Wangqing, as the veteran Shang Sanzong, has been firmly in the second place.

Now that Dugu Hongshi is no longer in the first place, can Han Xing Wangqing be on top?

It depends on how Wiliam measured it.

Wiliam cleared his throat and looked at Can Jian Jiutian.

This look scared the people of Can Jian Jiutian.

They look at me, I look at you, their faces are covered with complicated words.

They were meditating one by one, don’t look at me, don’t look at me.

At this time, you should watch Han Xing forget feelings!

Will you turn your handsome and handsome person over?

We are courageous and can’t bear your sharp and masculine eyes.

However, Wiliam didn’t even turn his face. He stared at Xu Tongyin, his eyes were deep, and he said in a flat tone: “The second place is…”

Speaking of this, Wiliam’s voice suddenly stopped.


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