Dragon Husband 1642 part 1

Chapter 1642 a group of licking dogs

The people at the scene, especially the people of Can Jian Jiu Tian, ​​were so scared that they were breathing quickly.

This handsome dog can speak without panting!


Even Xu Tongyin’s face was unnatural.

He also wanted to choke Wiliam to death.

Wiliam finally spoke again, “The second place is Han Xing Wangqing.”

Han Xing forgets feelings!

After a brief astonishment, the people at the scene suddenly burst out loud shouts!

On the contrary, it was the people of Nine Heavens of Remnant Sword, all of them were just like fools, dumbfounded, and they didn’t even react to what was going on!

Han Xing forgotten love, look at me, I look at you, complexion.

However, they are also very calm.

After all, they are too accustomed to these two-year-olds.

Suddenly let them sit on the throne of the head of the nine sects, but they are a little uncomfortable.

On the contrary, the people on Canjian Jiutian’s side, after reacting, suddenly boiled!

The first of the nine sects!

Can Jian Jiutian actually took the position of the head of the nine sects!

For thousands of years, has there ever been such a miracle!

Everything is due to Xu Tongyin!

Xu Tongyin returned from the dead and returned in glory, bringing Can Jian Jiutian unprecedented opportunity and honor!

And behind Xu Tongyin is Zhan Luye!

If there is no Wiliam, then there is no Xu Tongyin, and there is no today’s Can Sword Nine Heavens!

Xu Benliu trembled all over.

As the Sovereign, Rao thought in his heart again and again to be calm and calm, just small scenes.

But the body has betrayed him deeply.

He bowed deeply to Wiliam.

Had it not been for too many people at the scene, he would have wanted to kneel down for Wiliam.

The chance Wiliam brought to Can Jian Jiutian was so great that he couldn’t be overstated.

Others followed Xu Benliu and bowed deeply to Wiliam.

Wiliam hurriedly returned a gift, and then asked the people in the Quartet, “So nine cases, such nine cases, do you have any objections? You can raise them on the spot. If it is reasonable, I will definitely adopt it.”

The people present are still immersed in the atmosphere of the nine rulings.

Moreover, what other opinion can they have?

Every time I felt that this was unscientific, but after thinking about it carefully, there was no more scientific ruling than Wiliam’s ruling.

The suzerains of several sects expressed that they had no opinions.

Seeing that none of the parties have any opinions, the audience at the scene will not have any opinions.

“Well, since everyone doesn’t have any opinions, let’s make it so. The next thing is left to Can Jian Jiutian, the newly appointed head of the nine sects.” Wiliam put the rest of the burden very neatly. Throw it to Can Jian for nine days.

What are you polite?

Not at all.

Xu Benliu’s enthusiasm came up all at once, and he promised, his mouth was about to crack behind his ears.

And Wiliam winked with his elder brother, and the two quietly came to a corner.

Liu Lang handed out a cigarette to Wiliam.

Wiliam was very skilled and refused.

“Brother, why are you here this time?” Wiliam asked.

Liu Lang took a deep breath and said: “There is no way, this kind of hard work, of course, must be handed over to my newcomer.


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