Dragon Husband 1645 part 2

But today there is an extra-blooded man.

Don’t treat me as a man…

“Well, people believe that Xiao Lu Lu is an upright gentleman, and he won’t look around casually, watching some Chunguang that shouldn’t be seen.” Su Hongxiu whispered in Wiliam’s ear again.

This enchantress.

Test me?

Test me?

If the person in front of her was Bai Fengxue, she would no longer be able to scream.

“Okay, let’s open the table.” Su Hongxiu joked, then ordered.

The wine and vegetables were already prepared, and while serving the dishes, Su Hongxiu began to introduce Wiliam to the people sitting at their table.

At this table are basically the deputy masters and hall masters of the red and thin tall buildings.

There are three deputy suzerains of the red and thin tall building, and the other two are kind-eyed old women.

They looked at Wiliam with kind eyes, as if they were looking at their grandson-in-law.

And Wiliam observed for a while, and saw that the eyes of the deputy sect master of these two flavors were a little drowsy because of his advanced age, but they were still clear.

Obviously an upright person.

As for the other deputy suzerain, how many people make people uncomfortable.

Sun Qinger was sitting on the other side of Wiliam, staring at Wiliam with envy and hatred.

Wiliam already knew Sun Qing’er’s unusual love feeling, and now his eyes were gradually numb.

Sometimes Wiliam wanted to tease Sun Qing’er, and put his arm around Su Hongxiu, would Sun Qing’er jump up directly.

But this is just thinking about it.

As for the other hall masters, they are not very old.

All of them are pretty and charming, which is amazing.

It seems that this red and thin tall building is a sect that captures all the beauties from all over the world.

Whoever looks good will be the head of the hall…

The expressions they looked at Wiliam were all full of incomparable curiosity, and some even had a little admiration.

After all, Wiliam’s performance in the Jiuzong Qualifying Tournament has now spread all over Xiaojianghu.

Who doesn’t know Wiliam now?

He has strength, he is clever and witty, and the key is to be handsome.

If this is ten years younger, he still won’t be fascinated by him.

Look, some of the young girls outside the chamber are already peeking at Wiliam with stars flashing in their eyes.

After looking at it briefly, Wiliam had some preliminary comments on this red and thin tall building in his heart.

Overall, this is a pretty good sect.

The women in the sect are basically cheerful and optimistic, and relatively simple.

Originally, Wiliam thought that all of them were women’s sects, and some intrigues were indispensable.

But Wiliam found that this problem was basically absent after observing it.

The main reason is that Su Hongxiu’s personality charm is too strong, these women are like little stars, gathering towards Su Hongxiu’s bright moon in this round.

Because they share the same beliefs, they radiate the same light.

And one more thing, Wiliam thought that their sect was named Red Thin Tall Building before, and there was always a miserable sense of resentment.

After all, people who are green, fat, red and thin, go up tall buildings alone, are full of a different kind of sadness.

Will the women here be like a bitter woman one by one.

But after the observation, there were none, all of them had positive energy.

After understanding, I realized that Su Hongxiu was really amazing.

She protects the entire red and thin tall building alone, so that they can live carefree.

The red and thin tall buildings are the ivory towers of women in the rivers and lakes.

After understanding this, Wiliam became more interested in the woman Su Hongxiu.

Mysterious woman, her personality charm is too strong.

After drinking three rounds, all that should be talked about, Wiliam picked up the wine glass, and for the first time began to respect Su Hongxiu seriously, “Sect Master Su, I toast you a glass.”

Su Hongxiu straddled the chair, one long leg was unobstructed, as if it would glow, making it hard to remove his eyes.

She looked at Wiliam with a blurred look, and lifted her glass, “Xiao Lulu, let’s talk, is there anything I can do for you?”

Wiliam also seemed to have known this woman was extremely smart.

He did not refuse, but said straightforwardly: “I want your sect to help me take in someone.”


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