Dragon Husband 1648 part 1

Chapter 1648 You have lost me!

Wiliam’s head was suddenly stunned.

What kind of dragon gate formation is this riding on a horse!

Why are so many people coming up!

During the nine qualifying competitions, all the members of Dugu Hongshi entered, and Wiliam didn’t feel any fear.

However, now dozens of people stood up and walked towards him, and at this moment Wiliam admitted that he was cowardly.

He looked left and right, thinking to see if anyone could help him.

The people of Dugu Hongshi and Canjian Jiutian were obviously unable to count on them.

They can’t wait to drink themselves down.

Not even Xu Tongyin.

At this time, he saw Qin Shengzhong who was a little lonely not far away.

Qin Shengzhong, the jade-faced Asura, was tall and big, and he was quite imposing when he sat alone.

Should be quite drinkable, right?

If he thinks of owing himself a favor, he should be able to come out and help him stop drinking, right?

Wiliam was thinking, it was a coincidence at this time.

Qin Shengzhong just raised his head.


Just because I saw you one more time in the crowd…

Just this one.

The eyes of the two met.

Wiliam’s eyes were full of incomparable distress signals, hoping that Qin Shengzhong could read them.

However, the upright Qin Sheng was heavy, and after his eyes met Wiliam’s, he seemed a little cramped.

Qin Sheng lowered his head again for the first time.

Obviously, on the one hand, he is not adapted to the current environment, and is a bit isolated.

On the other hand, he obviously doesn’t like to meet people’s eyes either, which makes him a little embarrassed.

Wiliam was not reconciled and continued to stare at Qin Shengzhong.

As if having telepathy, Qin Shengzhong finally raised his head, as if he mustered up the courage of this life.

The eyes of the two met again.

Wiliam nodded slightly this time, motioning for this girl to come and help.

Qin Shengzhong didn’t know if it was after a battle between heaven and man, and finally he slapped the table heavily and stood up!

Wiliam’s heart immediately rejoiced.

The reinforcements are coming!

But the next second, he was stupid!

After Qin Shengzhong stood up, he walked towards the place where the wine was placed.

Then, then…

He’s not holding a glass of wine.

Not with a jug of wine.

Not even holding a jar of wine.

Instead, ride a horse!

Carry a bottle of wine!

For today’s banquet, Can Jian Jiutian piled up a lot of wine beside him.

The biggest weight of their wine was the wine jar that Qin Shengzhong was carrying.

This wine jar is half as tall as Qin Shengzhong, and as thick as a big tree!

The people on the scene were dumbfounded!

This F*cking!

And so much drinking!

This momentum is fierce enough!

Qin Shengzhong was originally wearing a tinkling armor, but now he is carrying the wine jar, and he feels that his footsteps are much heavier.

The footsteps of dong dong dong covered the sound of calling friends and companions at the scene, and everyone looked at Qin Shengzhong stupidly.

I don’t know if this man is a Dionysian or what!

Qin Shengzhong walked straight to Wiliam, and put the wine jar on the ground!

His eyes were still a little unnatural, but he still mustered up his courage and said to Wiliam, “Wiliam, I respect you!”

Look, look!


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