Dragon Husband 1651 part 2

A strong longing spewed out as the destination got closer and closer.

Wiliam couldn’t wait to see Feng Xue.

“Boom!” Wiliam’s body shook violently, knowing that Ling Yu Jinniang had already landed.

Above their heads, a ray of light appeared.

Wiliam and Su Emei smiled at each other and jumped up together.

That was Ling Yu Jin Niang’s mouth.

The two jumped out of Ling Yu Jinniang’s mouth, and the strong sunlight made them unable to open their eyes.

After getting used to it, the two opened their eyes and looked at this familiar land.

Behind them, Ling Yujin’s body slowly shrank.

Finally, the buttocks sat on the ground.

She looked lethargic, as if she was overexerting.

“Su Emei, carry me.” Ling Yu Jinniang murmured, and jumped up on Su Emei’s back.

“I’m going to sleep, you guys can play by yourself.” Ling Yu Jinniang said, her eyes closed, and the slight snoring had already come out.

Falling asleep is so fast.

Wiliam and Su Emei looked at each other before looking at the surrounding environment.

It’s an empty land with no people around.

Fortunately, Wiliam was well prepared, took out the mobile phone he had used here before, and turned on the navigation mode.

He glanced at the navigation, and he already knew it.

This is not far from the Medicine Knife Family where Feng Xue and the others are now.

If the two of them do their best, they will be there in no time.

Wiliam was not going to call Bai Fengxue.

He wanted to give Feng Xue a big surprise.

And then in exchange for a big hug!

Su Emei obviously had the same thoughts as Wiliam, and did not contact anyone.

The two people spread out and ran with all their strength.

Both carry the joy and joy of seeing loved ones, friends, and relatives.

I also fantasize about the surprise when friends and relatives see them.

But no one would have thought that there was a massacre happening at the door of the Medicine Knife family.

At this moment, the family of Medicine Knife is full of anger.

Dao Xiaofeng, the head of the Medicine Knife Family, leaned on crutches and looked angrily at the large group of people in front of her.

Behind Dao Xiaofeng, stood a bunch of peerless beauties.

Snow White is naturally inside.

There are also Sister Qing, Sister Tian Tian, ​​Gu Xinyu and others.

They even showed their weapons.

Just to deal with this wave of uninvited guests in front of me.

Standing directly opposite this group of people is a middle-aged man.

If Wiliam was there, he would definitely know him.

This person is the spokesperson of Qijian Zhetian in the mundane world.

It was also Huang Lingqing who was scared off by the three Wiliam brothers.

Behind Huang Lingqing were all the disciples stationed here by Qijian Zhetian.

In this world, if there is a sect that is more powerful than the Medicine Knife family, it is the group of people who have a sword that covers the sky.

People who usually have a sword that covers the sky are not allowed to shoot at will here.

Because they are not from here at all.

They are called the guardians of the humane order by the people here.

Now, this group of guardians of the humanitarian order has openly violated the rules that have existed for many years, and even took the initiative to show up!

He also came to the Medicine Knife Family, and kept saying that he wanted to represent the strange swords far away to cover the sky and punish the Medicine Knife Family.

We have to exterminate all the people here as an example!

With such an arrogant behavior, how could Dao Xiaofeng not be angry!

How can those women who are in good spirits not be angry?

“Guardian of the humane order! You can think about it! Do you know that the current behavior is a provocation to the whole humane!” Dao Xiaofeng shouted righteously.

However, Huang Lingqing had already taken the lead, and it was a sure thing to kill the Medicine Knife family.

He paid no attention to Dao Xiaofeng at all, but put his eyes on the women who were like flowers and jade behind Dao Xiaofeng.

He showed a wretched smile, “I don’t think it’s necessary to kill them all now. These women are really watery, I think, these women are left for our brothers to play with, and the rest are all destroyed. Bar.”


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