Dragon Husband 1652 part 1

Chapter 1652 Medicine Knife Crisis

When the members of the Medicine Knife Family heard this, their expressions all changed.

These scumbags!

He also claims to be the guardian of humanitarian order!

God is blind!

Entrust this group of people to preside over the order of this continent!

Dao Xiaofeng’s cane slammed on the ground with a pestle!

She knew that things had gone in the worst direction.

It’s not something that can be solved by language at all!

I just don’t know why these people came to the Medicine Knife Family?

However, Dao Xiaofeng has a strong personality that is comparable to that of a man in this life.

She doesn’t think about it, and doesn’t want to think about it.

As the crutches slammed on the ground, a wave of air swept out from between the two sides!

“I’d rather be Jade Broken! Not Waquan!” Eight words were spat out from Dao Xiaofeng’s mouth.

And Feng Xue and the others behind her also had a resolute look on their faces, and they could not see the slightest fear.

There is only endless disgust and hatred!

This inexplicable battle, come if you want!

The Medicine Knife Family has never been afraid of any treacherous evil!

“Hoho, it’s really a bunch of people who don’t know how to live or die. Just you martial artists who want to resist our group of innate secret realm warriors? A joke!” Huang Lingqing laughed playfully.

He waved his hand casually, and the wave of air that attacked him seemed to be strangled by his throat, and disappeared in an instant.

“It’s very strange to think about you. There are so many sects in this world, why did we find your Medicine Knife family?” Huang Lingqing looked at the people of the Medicine Knife family mockingly.

They didn’t answer, and what they left to Huang Lingqing was endless indifference.

But Huang Lingqing was asking and answering himself, “If you want to blame, you can blame Liu Lang and Wiliam.”

Hearing these two names, the expressions of the members of the Medicine Knife Family moved in unison.

Liu Lang and Wiliam!

Did they provoke someone they shouldn’t provoke in the other world?

However, Bai Fengxue and Sister Tian Tian stood up together.

They looked at each other, and Sister Tian Tian motioned for Bai Fengxue to speak.

Bai Fengxue said indifferently: “Liu Lang and Wiliam are righteous and kind in their bones, they offended you? I’m afraid that you have done something shameful, and our family Liu Lang and Wiliam will do it for the sky, right? !”

Bai Fengxue’s words are strong enough!

Obviously the current situation is extremely unfavorable for the Medicine Knife Family, but she has not flinched at all.

Bai Fengxue’s words made the opposite Huang Lingqing’s face stiff!

It seems to be touched by some weakness!


Bai Fengxue was right.

Just after the nine sect qualifying matches ended yesterday, Huang Lingqing received a personal instruction from the sect master!

Today, at all costs, the families of Wiliam and Liu Lang will be executed!

To vent your anger!

Hu Yixiao was severely humiliated by Wiliam and Liu Lang in the Nine Sects Qualifying Tournament, how could he swallow it!

However, they cannot directly take revenge on the two of them.

So Hu Yixiao thought that everyone in this chain just came to the land of the common people this year.

Their home is Cang Python Continent.

And Cang Mang Continent, isn’t it the world that Hu Yixiao belongs to!

Liu Lang and Wiliam are amazing, but what about their families!


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