Dragon Husband 1652 part 2

Therefore, taking advantage of the fact that Qijian Zhetian has not been deprived of his status as the guardian of the humane order, he wants to vent his anger as soon as possible!

So today they are here.

And the unexpected surprise came when he found out that this family of medicine knives has collected so many beauties!

He had actually seen these women before.

That was when Wiliam and his grandfather were dueling.

But at that time, Huang Lingqing’s mind was not on these women.

The situation was too dire.

Looking at it this way today, he was astonished.

These women, if you just take out one of them, can make this side of the world overshadowed.

If only these women could be taken away.

The second half of my life, oh no, and the lower body is just so much fun.

After all, these women can drive every man crazy.

And the members of the Medicine Knife Family didn’t feel any nervousness because of Bai Fengxue’s words going up against the current.

Instead, they nodded in unison and stood on Bai Fengxue’s side.

They already knew the conduct of Wiliam and Liu Lang.

On the contrary, these self-proclaimed righteous guardians of the humanitarian order are engaged in despicable and indecent deeds.

Do we still need to distinguish between right and wrong?

What Dao Xiaofeng said was right.

Rather than jade broken!

Not for Watts!

There are only magnanimous people who die standing up in the Medicine Knife Family!

There is no humble dog born on its knees!

“Come here! Kill me! Keep the beautiful woman for Lao Tzu! How dare you talk to Lao Tzu! The woman who spoke just now, Lao Tzu will keep you today, and ruthlessly spoil you in front of so many people! Let you Cry and call me dad!” Huang Lingqing’s face turned ruthless, and he waved his hand!

The Medicine Knife Family has long been prepared.

Sister Tian Tian, ​​Sister Qing, and several other people with the highest realm rushed out and stood in front of everyone.

And the people behind them fell into the sect of the Medicine Knife Family for the first time!

Then the next second!

A corrugated barrier visible to the naked eye appeared above the sect of the Medicine Knife Family!

This is the Shouzong Great Formation of the Medicine Knife Family!

The Shouzong Great Array of the Medicine Knife Family is also famous in this world!

But everyone now knows in their hearts that facing the people who have the strange sword covering the sky on this side, they have no advantage at all.

It’s only a matter of time before it’s broken.

Sister Qing and the others stood at the front, only a barrier away from the enemy.

They watched each other frantically attack the barrier, and their hearts were also very uneasy.

Could it be that today is really the end of the Medicine Knife family?

They are not afraid of death.

They were just unhappy.

If it weren’t for Liu Lang, Lin Jiang and Wiliam not here!

How dare they be so arrogant!

I hope the family can take advantage of this short opportunity to transfer out smoothly.

“Boom!” While they were still thinking, they suddenly felt a suffocating shock!

They looked forward and suddenly became nervous.

I saw Huang Lingqing shot!

He raised his hand!

An incomparably gigantic palm phantom slammed onto their Shouzong Great Array!

A fine crack appeared in the Shouzong Great Array!

And behind Huang Lingqing, many people also made this move!

Immediately, this piece of heaven and earth seemed to be raining palms!

Countless huge palms slammed on the barrier of the Shouzong Great Array!

This is the famous stunt of the sword that covers the sky, the palm of the sky!

There are more and more cracks on the Shouzong Great Array.

Sister Tian Tian and the others frowned.

I never imagined that the destructive power of this group of people was so strong.

In their hands, Shouzong’s great formation could last less than a minute!

In this way, the people from the sect will not be able to run far if they are transferred.

For a time, Sister Tian Tian’s heart was filled with a desire to die.

They were the only ones who could delay the time.

In the blink of an eye, a dull cracking sound resounded through the world!

Shouzong’s great formation collapsed suddenly!


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