Dragon Husband 1653 part 2

It’s been heard.

The members of the Medicine Knife Family have already suffered casualties.

Bai Fengxue’s heart is getting colder.

If it goes on like this, I am afraid that the whole army will be wiped out!

Seeing that there are fewer and fewer people guarding the sect outside, the arrogant laughter of the enemy is getting louder and louder.

Bai Fengxue knew that in less than a minute, they would rush in.

At that time, the location of the secret passage will be discovered!

Can’t stay here!

Bai Fengxue looked at Gu Xinyu and said firmly: “Xinyu, you heard it just now, the big reason for this is because of Wiliam, and their goals were very clear just now, I was their primary goal. You continue to organize retreats here, and I’ll go out and attract them to other places!”

Gu Xinyu’s eyes narrowed, and she said anxiously, “Don’t! You won’t be able to delay for long when you go out like this! Instead, you will let yourself die!”

However, Bai Fengxue had made up her mind.

She had already run out to the outside, and said as she ran, “If you can delay for a few seconds, you can buy a few more seconds for the people of the sect to retreat!”

“Xinyu, I hope we have a chance to meet again!”

After saying these words, Bai Fengxue’s figure has disappeared from Gu Xinyu’s sight.

Gu Xinyu’s eyes turned red all of a sudden!

This stupid woman!

In the same way, Gu Xinyu can also make such a decisive decision.

But in the current situation, she can no longer be impulsive!

Make sure to organize people out!

Blizzard, must survive!

Outside, Bai Fengxue took the initiative to run in the direction of the fighting sound.

In a few seconds, she saw a wave of enemies.

On the ground, there were many brothers lying all over the place.

Bai Fengxue’s face was indifferent, and the light in his eyes gradually disappeared.

She deliberately made a little noise, and then rushed in the opposite direction without looking back.

“That woman is there! Go after her!” Someone suddenly spotted Bai Fengxue and shouted loudly.

Suddenly, a few people separated and chased towards Bai Fengxue.

Bai Fengxue is very smart.

She knew that she couldn’t outrun the masters in front of her.

So the route she chose was a route with a lot of buildings.

Buildings effectively block the view of those enemies.

Also won more time for Bai Fengxue.

In addition, Bai Fengxue has lived here for a long time and is very clear about the situation here.

For a while, those people only knew that Bai Fengxue had escaped here, but they couldn’t find her!

Bai Fengxue, who was hiding in the dark with lingering fears, was trembling slightly.

No Wiliam, no friends.

It was almost the first time she faced such an irresistible enemy.

Are you scared?

Of course she was afraid.

But more than fear, it is a powerful responsibility!

Must be procrastinating!

She was thinking when the building behind her suddenly burst open!

Her eyes froze!

Bad shouting!

The group of people couldn’t find her at a glance, and they used brute force to directly destroy the building in front of them!

This time, I’m afraid I can’t delay it for long if I want to delay it!

She moved her footsteps to run further afield.

At this time, the building in front of him exploded again!

Her whole body was slammed into the rubble!

“Wow!” A mouthful of blood spit out directly from Bai Fengxue’s mouth!

“Hey, didn’t we find it! Little girls! You look so pretty, and you’re quite smart! However, in front of your strength, your little cleverness is probably not worth it at all!” A playful voice said from white The wind and snow came from the side.

It was almost too late for her to react, and her body was lifted up fiercely!



A loud slap sounded.

The man in front of her slapped Bai Fengxue fiercely!

“Stinky bitches! How dare you play hide-and-seek with us! You like to play games, don’t you? I’m going to play another more interesting game with you now!”


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