Dragon Husband 1655 part 1

Chapter 1655 Pain

Huang Lingqing frowned and stared deeply at Fan Bingxue, as if thinking about whether what she said was a lie or the truth.

Fan Bingxue sighed again and said, “This aristocratic family is Liu Lang’s family, and his family is naturally the top priority. We are just poor victims.”

Huang Lingqing did not speak, and continued to stare at Fan Bingxue.

He felt that what Fan Bingxue said had some truth.

And it’s kind of in line with his original idea.

To say that Liu Lang and Wiliam’s family members are all masters, Huang Lingqing would never believe it.

So it is most likely that these people are masters invited by the family to sit in town.

Huang Lingqing stared at Fan Bingxue and asked, “Then what is your relationship with them?”

The faces of the people at the scene changed slightly.

Fan Bingxue hesitated and said with a bit of helplessness, “You said you couldn’t kill me.”

Huang Lingqing nodded, “I mean what I say, but if you let me know that you lied to me, ho ho ho…”

“I’m Liu Lang’s wife…” Fan Bingxue said weakly with a frightened expression.

When the people of the Medicine Knife Family heard this, their pupils shrank!

They finally knew what Fan Bingxue was going to do!

This stupid woman!

It turned out to be taking the initiative to self-destruct, and then let Huang Lingqing vent all his grievances on her!

Fan Bingxue first made clear the relationship between others and Wiliam and Liu Lang, and then brought out his own identity.

In this way, Huang Lingqing’s heart is even more angry, and naturally he regards Fan Bingxue as his most hated enemy!

Even Bai Fengxue frowned.

Never thought that Fan Bingxue would be so brave!


Bai Fengxue felt a little uneasy in her heart.

She looked at Huang Lingqing and thought to herself that the problem should be with this man.

Those who can be appointed as guardians of the humanitarian order are not only powerful.

At least your head should be a little more awake, right?

There are actually many loopholes in Fan Bingxue’s remarks.

Sure enough, Huang Lingqing sneered in the next second, “So why are you waiting for me here?”

Fan Bingxue’s face was calm, she looked at Huang Lingqing and asked, “What do you mean? Do you want to go back on it?”

Huang Lingqing shook his head and said, “Maybe 80% of what you said is true, but ah, you overlooked a point.”

Fan Bingxue frowned slightly, not knowing where Huang Lingqing saw through.

Huang Lingqing pointed to Bai Fengxue who couldn’t move on the ground and said, “I may not recognize other people, so I believe your words. But this woman, I do.”

The uneasy premonition in Bai Fengxue’s heart was even stronger.


Huang Lingqing said with a smile: “I have seen this woman, she should be Wiliam’s woman. She was standing beside Wiliam when she was in the bitter cold land.”

The expressions of the members of the Medicine Knife Family changed drastically.

They even forgot about this!

At the beginning, Wiliam and his grandfather had a decisive battle in the bitter cold land, and finally attracted Huang Lingqing to come forward, and even attracted the three disasters to gather!

At that time, when everyone else was standing behind, Huang Lingqing didn’t notice it.

But only Bai Fengxue stood by Wiliam’s side and stayed with him all the time.


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