Dragon Husband 1655 part 2

Coupled with Bai Fengxue’s face, it is simply unforgettable.

So Huang Lingqing noticed Bai Fengxue.

Huang Lingqing saw that the faces of the people at the scene changed greatly and showed a playful smile.

This feeling of controlling the audience, he likes it so much.

He picked up Bai Fengxue on the ground, stuck her neck with one hand, and his face suddenly became fierce!

“Do you really think I’m a womanizer? I’m just teasing you! I already know your identity. In my eyes, you are already a dead person!”

“Your family, Wiliam, and Liu Lang, two people caused us to lose the position of the nine sects with the sword covering the sky. This hatred is unbearable! I am under the order of the sect master today, and I will kill you all!”

“People who are about to die have some use value!” Huang Lingqing continued to enjoy his own sense of superiority, “Do you think I don’t know?”

“Why did you only catch you just now, and the others disappeared? You must have appeared on purpose to attract our attention, right? It’s only my idiots who fell for you!”

“It seems that you know where the other family members fled to, don’t you?”

“Speak! Where are they!” Huang Lingqing asked fiercely with his hands!

Bai Fengxue’s face suddenly turned red!

The veins on her forehead popped out.

Several women at the scene saw this scene, and their eyes were red!

Unexpectedly, in the end, Huang Lingqing’s attention was still on Bai Fengxue!

And Bai Fengxue is the only woman among them who has no fighting power!

How could she endure the devastation of a Hua Jin martial artist!

“Huang Lingqing! Let go of the snow!” He Tiantian couldn’t help shouting violently.

However, the more they cared about Bai Fengxue, the more they inspired Huang Lingqing’s morbid abuse!

He sneered, not paying any attention to He Tiantian and the others.

But the strength in the hand is heavier!

This time, Bai Fengxue’s face turned blue!

Her hands and feet struggled desperately, but how could she break free from the iron palms of the enlightened martial artist!

He Tiantian and their tears fell directly!


This woman who has always been very kind-hearted, even among He Tiantian and the others, is deeply loved by everyone.

She is soft on the outside and tough on the inside, and she will never look back as long as she recognizes one thing.

Now Huang Lingqing is forcing Bai Fengxue to tell the whereabouts of other family members, how could she tell!

In the end, Bai Fengxue would be strangled to death in front of them!

He Tiantian’s tears kept falling.

At this moment, she suddenly hated Wiliam and Liu Lang.

There is nothing wrong with a man fighting the four wilds for the king!

However, why let the women in the family bear these unknown pains!

Blizzard is the most innocent!

Just when Bai Fengxue almost died, Huang Lingqing’s hand loosened.

Bai Fengxue’s body fell violently to the ground.

She curled up on the ground, coughing violently.

Even because the cough was too hard, he coughed out a few bloodshots.

“Blizzard!” He Tiantian and the others were stunned. Although their body was being held down, they still shouted suddenly.

They really couldn’t bear to see Bai Fengxue like this!

Even if Bai Fengxue confesses the whereabouts of others, they will not blame Fengxue!

Bai Fengxue was really embarrassed at the moment.

This beautiful flower in this world can wither at any time like it has encountered a storm.

And Huang Lingqing smiled again, “Isn’t it true? Are you still stubborn? I am most interested in conquering such a woman.”

He picked up Bai Fengxue again, and looked at her without smiling, “Little girls, do you know that there is a kind of torture in this world called…”

“Bliss Extraction…”


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