Dragon Husband 961

Chapter 961: Choice!

The bursting red light, at the speed of electric light flint, struck towards Granny He!

If Mrs. He doesn’t care, she can kill Tongma!

However, she has no confidence in whether she can present this terrifying red light!

So for the first time, Mrs. He hid her body backwards, avoiding the red light dangerously and dangerously!

And Tong Grandma, as if sensing something, suddenly looked in Wiliam’s direction!

A pair of red eyes are slowly opening!

Grandma Tong’s tears burst out in no time.

Kylin, eyes are reopened!

The red light that burned the sky suddenly dimmed suddenly!

And the scene that made everyone get goose bumps suddenly appeared.

The red light just dimmed, and the vigor suddenly changed its color!

From red, it slowly turned into a green color!

In the blink of an eye, above the sky, it seemed to be graced by this blue color.

The faces of everyone underneath were blue, and they looked extremely crippled.

Wiliam, who was in the center of the cyclone, suddenly opened his hands after opening his eyes!

The air of a hundred people around him instantly turned into the air of blue and green, flying in all directions!

After the Qilinshi disciples, the azure air turns into grace and rain, moisturizing everyone’s wounds.

After passing by the man in black, the qi of green and green instantly turned crimson!

That’s a slaughter blade!

This scene directly shocked everyone!

How did this happen!

Qi Jin, can automatically distinguish the person in front of him is an enemy or a friend?

It’s a friend, the spring weather turns rain!

It is the enemy, kill without mercy!

It’s so weird!

For a while, only one focus remained on the scene.

The whole body’s energy slowly dispersed, revealing the real Wiliam!

Wiliam still had blood on his body.

He opened his eyes, but looked around.

Tears flowed down instantly.

All Qilinshi disciples saw the young master’s compassion and tears, and infinite desolation suddenly grew in their hearts.

In today’s battle, Qilin lost too much.

Those who fell on the ground around were all brothers who used to drink meat and blood and tears…

Hard work pays off.

Finally, the young master opened his eyes again…

All men, tears flowed.

Wiliam casually pointed, the sky full of azure air poured into the Qilinshi disciple instantly.

It is like a compassionate hand, soothing the sadness in everyone.

But everyone felt it deeply from the green and blue aura.

The heart of Young Master Qilin is more grief than anyone else!

What is Wiliam’s body now, only Wiliam knows…

He knew today that there were hidden dangers in his body, but because of his guilt in his heart, he seduced his demons, causing several kinds of qi violent in his body.

At that time, he had really fallen into a severe coma, unable to do anything, and could only allow several kinds of energies to compete for control of his body.

What awaits him is death.

However, in the dark, he felt a surging and familiar breath.

This breath is helping him.

Wiliam barely regained a sense of sanity at the same time when he was gaining strength.

He knew that it was a person with unicorn power, who was lending him all his strength and helping him.

How could Wiliam live up to the pains and tears of his men!

He can’t die yet!

So he barely supported it, and was competing with the body’s aura.

Soon, he discovered that although his body was mottled, the most important ones were the three forces.

One is internal force, the other is scarlet aura, and the other is green bilin.

Among these three forces, the inner strength is the strongest, the Qingbi Lin Qi is the softest, and the Scarlet Lin Qi is the least, but the most violent.

And these two kinds of Lin Qi were born from the blood of Wiliam Qilin.

As for others such as the Chiyan bloodline and the Frost bloodline, they are rootless things after all.

Wiliam knew that if he wanted to survive, he had to help one of the forces and control the others.

Therefore, Wiliam now faces a choice.

Which force should he choose to help!

Just as Wiliam hesitated, he suddenly felt that someone wanted to attack him.

Wiliam didn’t have time to react, the most violent red Lin Qi in his body, feeling like being provoked by someone, came out instantly!

Until all the aura of a hundred people is transformed into a crimson aura!

In one blow, pierced a dozen men in black!

After that, Crimson Lin Qi returned to Wiliam’s body and competed again.

In the stalemate, Wiliam suddenly felt that an even more vast energy surged.

He also felt that this vigor was completely different from the previous one.

There are too many emotions in it.

As the master of unicorns, Wiliam can naturally perceive the breath of these unicorn bloodlines.

Sad and desolate.

He wanted to open his eyes to see what happened to his brothers and why he was so sad.

However, he can’t do it yet.

However, he already felt that the brothers were at stake.

“Burn my remains!”

“Burn my remains!”

“Burn my remains!”

A resolute call suddenly reached Wiliam’s ears.

His heart trembled, as if he understood something.

Eyes cannot be opened.

But I can already see it with my heart.

My brother is burning his life for himself!

At the scene, blood must flow into a river.

Two lines of tears flowed down Wiliam’s closed eyes.

At this moment, Wiliam knew what choice he had to make.

Internal force, although the strongest, but also the most common.

The choice is between the violent red Lin Qi and the soft green Bi Lin Qi.

Choosing Crimson Lin Qi, Wiliam has the confidence, has the power of a hundred people, and with the bloody killing of Crimson Lin Qi, he will be able to slash his enemies and avenge his brothers!

But what is the use?

After all, he is too weak!

If you are strong enough, you can ride a thousand!

Why use the power of Crimson Lin to avenge your brothers!

My brothers burned blood and lives, not for me to do something for a while!

Therefore, Wiliam immediately understood the way to go.

If Qing Bilin Qi can save his brothers, then there is one, it is one!

As for revenge!

I, Wiliam, come alone!

After making the decision, Wiliam didn’t hesitate anymore, and turned all the aura of the hundred people into a green bilin aura!

With the help of this powerful force, Qing Bilin Qi quickly took the initiative in his body.

He quickly seized control of his body.

At the last moment, he drove out all the violent red Lin Qi inside!

Qing Bilin’s Qi completely reigned, and the other types of Qi Jin surrender instantly.

So, Wiliam, open your eyes!

He looked at his brother with dead bodies everywhere, tears streaming down.

There was only one sentence left in his mouth.

“I am sorry……”

“Your blood, I will let them!”

“Double repayment!”

After he said this sentence, he took a step forward!

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