Dragon Husband 962

Chapter 962

The sky full of green bilin aura, like rain and dew, nourishes every disciple of the unicorn power.

Seeing Wiliam’s eyes fierce but compassionate, tears were already in their eyes.

Some people who were dying because of exhaustion of vitality, under the nourishment of the green bilin aura, unexpectedly slowly returned to life.

Mrs. He and the man in black regrouped and stood on the opposite side not far from Wiliam.

Her teeth are about to break!


What is the fate of this kid!

It’s not dead!

And now, looking at him with anger and anger, he seems to be many times stronger than I didn’t know just now!

Obviously, I still haven’t stepped into the realm of Huajin, but the eyes of stunned anger alone are enough to make people daunting!

What’s more terrifying is that under the nourishment of this strange atmosphere, he actually saved dozens of people who were about to die in one fell swoop!

Do we continue to fight today?

For a moment, Mrs. He suddenly felt unconscious.

She thought about it, and laughed loudly, “Boy, I underestimate you, but do you think you can reverse the situation if you still have these ants?”

Wiliam looked at his brother, dead and wounded, without speaking.

And Mrs. He’s face turned sullen, “I don’t see it, you’re still protecting this group of messy things. Then, have you ever thought about it, is there something missing among your men today?”

Wiliam sighed slowly, and said, “I should have thought of one less person.”

Old lady He laughed, and suddenly raised her hand!

A group of people walked out slowly from the door of Nanjin Li’s house.

This wave of people held a huge wooden cross together.

On the cross, a person was suddenly tied.

But seeing this person, the disciple of Qilin Power, his eyes became cold.

This person is not the sect master of the Eastern Kylin Gate who has always been there!


Don’t mention how embarrassed Mulan is now.

One of her face was stained with blood, and her head hung down.

It was only when the wooden cross was lowered that she slowly raised her head.

She saw the blood flowing in front of her, and her brothers and sisters were watching her.

Mulan’s eyes turned red all at once.

Her throat moved, she wanted to speak, but finally she didn’t speak.

Wiliam looked at such a dejected Mulan, not to mention how uncomfortable it was.

He was careless after all.

When I came here in the morning, I just received a text message from Mulan saying that she was not coming.

At that time, Wiliam thought that Mulan was angry with her.

I never thought that she would have an accident.

He didn’t feel uneasy until he inferred that Old Lady He was behind Gu Huo Valley.

Mrs. He has arranged a lot of back players, of which Mulan should be included.

When the unicorn power appeared just now, Wiliam saw the three sect masters, but still didn’t see Mulan.

At that moment, his anxiety was even worse.

Now, everything has come to the bottom.

Mulan, after all, had written what Granny He said, and was caught.

And when Old Lady He saw Wiliam frown, she suddenly laughed.

She swept away the depression that was crushed by Wiliam’s IQ before, and she became extremely excited!

Yes, Mrs. He has arranged a lot of back players.

Including the emergence of Guhuo Valley, including the capture of Mulan.

When she captured Mulan alive, she didn’t even think that a little girl who seemed to only be angry had reached the realm of Huajin!

At that time, Mrs. He still had lingering fears!

Fortunately, she was cautious and went out in person to capture this little girl alive.

Originally, she didn’t want to use them at all.

After all, one is in collusion with the evil faction, and the other is to kidnap others with despicable means.

Nothing spreads to her reputation.

Only now, she can’t manage that much.

Now Mrs. He couldn’t see Wiliam’s skills for a while, and she was totally unsure.

She doesn’t fight a fight with confidence.

I can only move out the tricks of this little girl.

“What do you want?” Wiliam took a deep breath and asked Granny Xiang He.

Mrs. He said coldly: “Today, I killed enough. Don’t you protect your men? Okay! I’ll give you a chance! Come and save her!”

“Three days later, in the evening, I will hold a grand bonfire dinner here! First, I will pick up the dust from the friends of Gu Huo Valley, and second, I will celebrate my official control of the Nanban Li family! If you want to save her, just Don’t bring a soldier! If I know that you dare to shout, ho ho, she will be a bonfire for the bonfire dinner three days later! And the same, if you are afraid and dare not come, she will also be buried in the flames Hahaha!”

Mrs. He seemed crazy, raising her hands and laughing wildly.

She came up with this idea temporarily.

But when she said it, she felt very happy and very interesting.

She knew that although Wiliam was amazing, he was still young after all. He was not the Li family in the south, nor was it Gu Huogu’s opponent!

This kid’s only support is endless helpers!

If he directly abolishes his call to helper, he is alone, dare to come over again?

Can he continue to pretend to be benevolent and righteous, speaking fair-sounding words?

Really look forward to it!

After a person who swears by his master and servant with deep affection, after he has protection, will he have such a false kindness?

It would allow him to expose the hypocritical nature before death, which makes Mrs. He feel even more happy than killing him!

But when the people of the unicorn status heard what Granny He said, their expressions changed!

This damn old woman!

Wiliam was asked to come to the banquet alone!

At that time, maybe there was something Longtan Tiger’s Lair waiting for Young Master!

Absolutely not!

Grandma Tong first shouted: “You dream!”

The other people stared at Mrs. He, with fire in their eyes.

This white-eyed wolf!

Young Master is her savior!

And now!

She will revenge the young master’s grace!

It’s fine to calculate the young master again and again.

Also killed people with unicorn power.

Now, make such an excessive request!

It’s not a thing!

Mrs. He looked at Wiliam with confidence and ignored Tong’s words.

She is waiting eagerly.

Seeing that Wiliam was so entangled now, he didn’t even dare to answer the words.

Forefoot, didn’t you say you want to avenge your brother?

Now, a living life is in front of you. If you continue to be righteous, then you will agree to it!

Is it uncomfortable to stand here? Slap face?

However, a laughter suddenly overwhelmed Granny He’s smile.

Everyone looked at the sound, they were shocked!

It turned out to be Mulan with his hands tied to the cross!

She lowered her head and couldn’t see her eyes at all.

However, the laughter was real, and it came from her mouth.

She smiled, and suddenly came out something that looked like crazy.

“Unstoppable, unstoppable!”

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