Dragon Husband 963

Chapter 963: Host!

Mulan said, the audience was dull.

What is she talking about?

What can’t stop it?


However, Mrs. He understood.

She laughed loudly, “Of course I can’t stop him! How can I fight with him alone! Little girl, you can see clearly. But what should he do? Abandon the life of his companion and plant. A deeper sin demon? Or go to the meeting alone and leave his head on the land of my Southern Forbidden Li family? Hahaha!”

Wiliam’s eyes stared at Mulan closely.

When Tongma heard what Mulan said, she naturally knew what Mulan was thinking.

Mulan was persuading Wiliam to leave her alone.

Can the Li family be banned in the south, and the people from Gu Huo Valley, can Wiliam alone resist?

Even if the people of the unicorn power add up, they are not the opponents of this group of people.

Just like now, forcing it to be an enemy, in the end can only shed blood and sacrifice the life of the partner in vain.

There is no use at all.

“Young Master, let’s go.” Tongma said to Wiliam politely.

The Qilinshi disciples behind him also dropped to the lowest point in an instant.

Lu Yezhe spoke, but he folded and walked towards the door.

His action has already represented what he meant.

When Mrs. He saw this scene, the corner of her mouth twitched and she laughed wildly again.

This kid finally bowed his head.

He can do nothing!

This is the price the weak must bear!

The unicorn-like people also followed Wiliam.

However, he was silent, picked up the many brothers who had already lost their lives on the ground, and slowly left.

The souls of brothers must not stay on this land where people hate ghosts!

At the scene, only Mulan was left on the cross.

So far, Mrs. He has won a big victory!

She was about to greet the people from Guhuogu to go back to celebrate the achievement, and suddenly felt a burst of energy breaking the wind!

She frowned, and she flashed aside!

But it was a red light, densely attacking Mulan behind Old Lady He!

Mrs. He was taken aback and clearly felt that these red lights were not coming to her.

It’s Mulan!

Mulan didn’t even have a reaction, bursts of blood mist burst out of her body!

The corner of the mouth also overflowed with blood.

And Mrs. He reacted immediately.

The red light just now was the weird red needle of Wiliam!

These red needles instantly entered Mulan’s body.

The corner of the old lady’s mouth twitched, and she couldn’t help saying: “Hahaha, what a cruel boy! I can’t tell! If you don’t save this little girl’s life, forget it, and now you kill her directly! Vicious, even I am ashamed!”

The people of unicorn power stand still together.

Half of their gazes were looking at Wiliam.

Half of it was looking at Mulan.

They also didn’t expect that Wiliam would do such a thing when he was leaving.

However, Tongmao gave a bitter smile after a brief consternation, and slowly said: “I am a unicorn, if you want to die, it is better to die in our hands than to be humiliated in your hands!”

The people of Qilinshi also instantly reacted to Tongmao’s words

It turned out that the young master couldn’t bear Mulan falling into their hands and being humiliated.

So choose to kill Mulan by himself.

This move, although the most sensible choice.

However, it is like a big rock, pressing in everyone’s heart.

Reasonable, but also ruthless.

However, Wiliam looked at Mulan with his head down, and slowly said, “Mulan, my one hundred long live red lotus, keep it on you!”

“Three days later, I came to collect more than a hundred long live red lotus.”

With that said, he strode forward, no longer staying!

The people at the scene were shocked again.

Stored in Mulan’s body?


Isn’t this kid killing Mulan?

How did it become hosted?

And, in three days, he will come to pick it up!

In other words, Wiliam agreed to the conditions of Granny He just now!

I am going to the meeting alone in three days!

For a while, everyone was stunned.

However, people on both sides think differently.

Guhuugu and the people from Nanban Li’s family are thinking about what tricks this kid is playing!

So many silver needles, pierced into a person’s body, how can they not die?

What do you say about hosting?

It’s ridiculous!

Only Mrs. He stared deeply at Wiliam’s leaving figure, her eyes becoming more sinister.

She knows this kid’s medical skills!

He said to deposit, that Mulan would definitely not die!

He is so kind!

Still underestimate him!

As for those with unicorn power, after Wiliam’s words, the sluggish momentum just now swept away!

On their faces, Qi Qi showed incomparable excitement!

Young Master Kylin, Long live Honglian!

The two are inseparable in the hearts of Qilinshi disciples!

They understand better than anyone the importance of Long Live Red Lotus to the Kylin Young Master.

It is not too much to say that it is another life of the young master!

However, the young master now has such a precious Long live Honglian into Mulan’s body.

Not killing Mulan!

It’s hosting!

The young master said it was storage, and that 100% was storage!

The young master, with this hand, is sending a signal to every disciple of the unicorn power!

He will not give up any brother or sister!

In his heart, the lives of brothers and sisters are as important as his long live Honglian!

Three days later, the young master will definitely return to the South Ban Li family!

Come and fetch his Long Live Red Lotus!

Even, come and fetch more things!

Everyone feels guilty!

Feel guilty for misunderstanding the young master just now.

Grandma Tong was shocked when he saw Wiliam’s hand.

If it wasn’t for the situation to be wrong, she would applaud Wiliam!

The people with the unicorn power have been frustrated to the extreme.

The Young Master’s hand not only sent a signal of revival and brotherhood to his men, but also boosted everyone’s morale.

Also declared war strongly against the people who banned the Li Family and Gu Huo Valley in the south!

This is Young Master Kylin!

The blood burns until death!

After hearing Wiliam’s words, Mulan shook her body.

No one noticed that her tears, mixed with blood, fell drop by drop.

When Long Live Hong Lian entered the body, she, like everyone else, felt that Wiliam was going to kill herself.

Even when she thought of this, there was an incomparable sense of relief in her heart.

She was in vain as a unicorn, not only could not help everyone, she could only watch the brothers born into the battlefield.

It has become a unicorn trend, becoming the biggest burden of the young master!

If the young master died because of her, she would feel uneasy in this life!

Once she died, it was the greatest kindness to her.

However, she felt something was wrong in the next second.

Long live Honglian entering the body, she didn’t feel any pain!


She still faintly felt it!

Every long live Honglian carried a gentle and cool breath on the body.

Quickly nourishing and repairing her serious internal injuries!

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