Dragon Husband 964

Chapter 964

For a moment, she fully understood.

After hearing Wiliam’s words before leaving, she suddenly burst into tears.

He De, how can his subordinates make the young master treat him like himself!

Three days later.

Three days later, what kind of killing will happen.

Mulan’s body was bleeding, and her heart was bleeding.

After Wiliam left, the people at the scene were still in a daze.

They were also shocked by Wiliam’s last incomparable hand and couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Even, they have a weird feeling.

Wiliam’s last words, like a Buddha seal, were deeply imprinted in everyone’s mind.


This kid is crazy!

Only Mrs. He fell into deep contemplation.

She knows Wiliam better than others.

Therefore, she thinks more than others.

That kid, but I said, take the silver needle three days later.

What is this?

The key is the second half of his sentence.

“I am here to collect more than just a hundred long live red lotus.”

Besides the silver needles, what else would he come to collect?


No, saving Mulan is the meaning of the question.

Besides Mulan, what else can he collect? What else can he collect?

And Mrs. He knew that when Wiliam spoke, he would always do what he said, not to mention nothing.

So, if he said so, he would definitely do it.

For a while, Mrs. He was deeply confused.

Someone couldn’t help asking for instructions: “My lord, what are we going to do now?”

Mrs. He returned to her senses, her eyes became gloomy again.

“Ho ho, so many of us masters, I’m afraid he won’t succeed all by himself! Playing mystery!”

“Clean up the scene and prepare for the bonfire feast three days later!”

“Also, keep an eye on that kid’s whereabouts, especially at night after three days!”

“If he dares to bring people over, or set up an ambush, give me the first time to kill this little girl!”

Mrs. He ordered the arrangement one by one, and she felt a little settled in her heart.

However, these words of her are after all to reassure the people of Li Family and Gu Huo Gu in the south.

Deep down in her heart, as long as the kid does not die, she dare not take it lightly for a moment!

She even thought about it and watched this kid all the time, especially to see if this kid asked for help from other families or others.

The people at the scene nodded after hearing Granny He’s order.

However, someone asked again: “Then, what about this woman?”

The man was talking about Mulan who was tied to a cross.

Old lady He twitched her mouth and said fiercely: “Just stand here for me! Three days and three nights!”

The people who banned the Li family in the south have got goose bumps all over.

Hanging here for three days and three nights is ruthless.

This is simply humiliating Wiliam by Chi Guoguo, making him feel uneasy at all times?

“If someone comes to rescue her…” the person hesitated for a moment, then said again.

But at this time, a voice rang behind Granny He.

“Then, let me guard her.”

Everyone turned their heads, but saw that two people were already standing behind Mrs. He.

It’s Li Nanfeng and Cheng Suyi.

Li Nanfeng didn’t leave with Wiliam just now.
But at the moment his face was calm.

As if blind, unable to see the killing in front of him, he was indifferent.

However, the people who banned the Li family in the south were clamoring!

“Our Li family traitor, what do you have the face to say!”

“Ho ho, who doesn’t know that you are that kid’s person, you guard this woman, are you trying to guard yourself and steal?”

“Do you think we will be fooled by you? Are you stupid or we are stupid?”

Mrs. He looked at her grandson deeply without speaking.

At this time, Li Nanfeng suddenly squeezed Cheng Suyi’s hand gently.

As if he knew Li Nanfeng’s mind, Cheng Su took a step forward.

Although she was extremely frightened, she still said in a deep voice: “Nan Feng said that he would guard her, and she would never let her go. So, let me be your hostage. Although I am an unknown soldier, in Nan Feng’s heart, My life is beyond the sky!”

Speaking of this, she even had a hint of shame on her face.

She was always shy, but it was the first time she said such emotional words in front of so many people.

Granny He looked at the two people in front of her, and she was very angry!

However, as soon as she swept her sleeves, she walked towards the inner hall!

“Take Cheng Su away!”

This meant that Mrs. He had agreed to Li Nanfeng’s condition.

The people at the scene can only do so.

What Cheng Suyi said also makes sense.

In the past few days, everyone has seen that between Cheng Suyi and Li Nanfeng, the feelings are very deep, and Li Nanfeng has a lot of affection and righteousness.

He absolutely couldn’t do the kind of thing that would give up Cheng Shu and save Mulan.

Not because of which one is heavier, but because he is Li Nanfeng.

Born to learn such sensible and ruthless transactions and methods.

In his heart, either live with Cheng Su or die together!

Never live alone.

And Li Nanfeng was carefree, and suddenly sat cross-legged in front of Mulan.

He planned to sit for three days.

And Mrs. He turned around and saw this scene.

For a moment, she seemed to have hallucinations before her eyes!

I saw a similar scene many months ago.

At that time, Old Lady He was in the middle of Yimu Liuqi.

At that time, she and her grandson depended on each other.

At that time, although it was bitter, the grandson was deeply affectionate.

For their only tile place.

This is how his grandson stays on the desolate land at the door of his house night and night.

He sits like this too.

It seemed that he was the only one sitting alone in the world.

And now, things are different!

My grandson still sits cross-legged like this.

However, it is no longer her grandmother who is guarding her.

It was the other force, a force that was in conflict with her.

The friendship between nurses and grandsons has disappeared so far!

Old lady He seemed crazy, and rushed towards Li Nanfeng!

The people at the scene were dumbfounded, what is this old woman going crazy!

Mrs. He was already standing in front of Li Nanfeng.

She was even more excited than before.

She waved her hand and sternly shouted to Li Nanfeng: “Li Nanfeng! Why did you do this! Why!”

She roared hysterically, and at the moment she didn’t look like a gloomy person, but like an ordinary old woman.

And Li Nanfeng, silent, still sat cross-legged proudly.

Mrs. He felt as if she had been stabbed by a needle, and her tone instantly softened, “Nanfeng! Nanfeng! Are you going with your grandma? Grandma did this for you! You and grandma went in, we still look like Is it as good as before? Grandma is willing to give you anything!”

However, Li Nanfeng was like a stubborn stone, and never heard any more words.

Mrs. He’s eyes were red instantly.

She babbled a lot, talking about the things about the two grandchildren when they were young, about their dependence on each other, and talking about the only tender memories they had.

But Li Nanfeng was still not impressed.

Speaking of the last, Mrs. He’s tears fell tentatively.

She looked at the stubborn stone Ai-sun in front of her, as if something was completely broken in her heart.

Heartache, but helpless!

She suddenly laughed.

“Good! Good! This world, leave me as an old lady! Good!”

She stumbled towards the inner hall, like a lonely old man at this moment.

All the people who banned the Li family in the south were actually infected by this scene.

The solitary loneliness of Old Lady He was magnified infinitely in front of Li Nanfeng’s silence.

At the moment when Old Lady He was about to step into the inner hall, Li Nanfeng’s voice finally came from behind.

Not to complete, but to answer.

“Grandma, this is the last time I call your grandma, and it’s the last time I answer your questions.”

“You want to know, what am I saying to stay here? Then listen carefully, why I did this.”

“I stay here, although my eyes are blind, but I only witness three things.”

“One, testify that Wiliam is coming, and what will he take away?”

“Second, to witness how the rotten family behind him can never recover!”

“Three, witness that this world belongs to only one king!”

“Great immortality!”

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