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The voices of these people are filled with endless resentment.

They had nothing to hesitate to protect the young master in the previous battle, and they had no regrets.

After all, everyone is a unicorn, with Qilin blood flowing through them.

Sacrificing life for the young master is a matter of course.

It’s just that everyone is beginning to be dissatisfied with the young master’s behavior of avoiding people.

It is too cowardly.

When he left from Nanban Li’s house before, didn’t the young master still speak up?

Why did you come back like this?

Everyone needs an explanation!

After hearing the news, the three sons and grandmothers who came here changed their faces.

Things, after all, have reached this point.

The internal contradictions of Qilinshi began to burst out.

Grandma Tong said loudly: “Don’t worry, everyone, the young master was seriously injured in this battle, and he needs time to heal.”

However, someone shouted: “He is injured, don’t we have any injuries? All we need is an explanation! Even an order!”

“Yes, if the young master we enter the war again, as long as he gives an order, we will not hesitate! Who will let us have the blood of the unicorn!”

“It’s the third day! Tonight, we are going to play again, let us have some preparations!”

“Yeah, at least, we can write a suicide note! We can also tell our family that we are planning a great cause and giving up life for the unicorn!”

These people’s words, the more they say, the more sad.

At the end, Tongmao’s heart was squeezed.

She is about to reassure everyone again.

But at this time, a person suddenly walked out of the gate slowly.

When everyone saw this person, they were silent.

Little Lord!

The young master finally came out.

Originally, there were 11 million dissatisfactions in everyone’s hearts to tell the young master.

But seeing the appearance of the young master coming out, the words in his heart were actually held back.

Wiliam is now neatly dressed.

But his face was extremely pale.

Even, it gives everyone a strange feeling.

In these three days, the young master was much older.

Seeing the young master like this, the unhappiness in everyone’s heart disappeared instantly.

The pressure on the young master is definitely the greatest.

After Wiliam walked out, looking at these people in front of him, he suddenly sighed.

He raised his eyes and saw how peaceful this world is.

Wiliam stayed in the room for three days, but only did one thing.

The first thing he did when he returned to the room was to take out the Yanhuang Heart he had placed for a long time.

Swallow directly.

Although, he knew, now is not the best time to swallow the heart of Yanhuang.

Even, the heart of Yanhuang should not be swallowed at all.

Because Wiliam’s body is very mottled.

Before, his demons appeared in these kinds of vigorous competitions.

Although he recovered his mind during the sacrifice of the unicorn power, he also restored the calmness of his body.

But the symptoms are not the root cause.

He used external force to forcibly suppress several other energies.

Instead of fusion.

So these vigor is like a bomb buried in his body, and it is uncertain when it will explode again.
Wiliam swallowed Yan Huang’s heart, maybe it would cause Qi Jin’s backlash again.

However, Wiliam still swallowed Yanhuang Heart without hesitation.

Because he has no choice.

Fortunately, the effect of Yan Huang Zhi’s heart is relatively soft, and there is no backlash of Qi in his body.

During these three days, Wiliam was thinking about something while refining Yanhuang’s heart.

Grandma Tong thought wrongly, this time it was indeed the biggest frustration Wiliam has suffered since entering the martial arts school.

Not only was he seriously injured, but also his men suffered heavy casualties.

Especially because of the heavy casualties of his men, Wiliam still couldn’t let go of it for a long time.

However, Wiliam didn’t seem to be as depressed as Tong Grandma thought.

Because Wiliam is rational.

There is not much time left for him to be depressed.

And he knew that the fiasco this time was not because he miscalculated.

But because of the unknown.

Even if Wiliam was close to the demon, after all, there was a lot of information he didn’t know, which affected his judgment and decision-making.

Just like this time, he didn’t even know that Mrs. He would collude with the people of Guhuugu.

I don’t even know that Guhuu Valley is completely different from the Guhuu Valley I know.

The unknown of this information directly caused the casualties of the unicorn.

He is not an omniscient and omnipotent person, let alone a god.

He only felt unable to let go of one thing.

That is his own strength.

Mrs. He said something wrong before.

The weakness of one’s own strength is the original sin.

If you have the ability to ride a thousand, no matter whether he is from the Southern Forbidden Li Family or Gu Huo Valley, you can kill him in one fell swoop.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have it.

Therefore, Wiliam was eagerly looking forward to the improvement of his strength.

Instead of relying on external forces to help each time.

This is the reason for breaking through thousands of tricks.

No matter how much I can calculate, it is sometimes useless in the face of strength.

But Wiliam also knew that the desire was urgent, but the reality could not be achieved overnight.

Especially with his current physical condition, he can no longer take shortcuts.

Swallowing the heart of Yanhuang is also a next choice.

Now, he stood up.

He also felt the hesitation and helplessness of Qilinshi’s disciples.

He said lightly: “You go back first, in half an hour, gather everyone, I have something to tell you.”

Wiliam’s voice was a little hoarse.

Those Qilinshi disciples no longer bear to criticize Wiliam.

They nodded together and retired.

After half an hour, the young master should give everyone an explanation.

After these people left, Wiliam looked at Tongmao and the three of them, and said, “You, follow me in.”

The three of them glanced at each other, and quickly followed Wiliam in.

The four of them sat around a table.

Lu Yezhen spoke, but the three of them dared not speak.

Finally, Wiliam spoke first.

However, it was asked an inexplicable question.

“Now it’s time to tell me the true identities of the three of you? I’m really a little scared of the unknown.” Wiliam smiled bitterly.

After he woke up before, he naturally saw the abnormal changes in Tongma and the three of them.

It is completely different from the usual state.

The God of Wealth was angry.

Angry horse wood bone gold blood.

Especially Tongmao was so strange that her body swelled to an extremely exaggerated level.

Wiliam didn’t believe that they were ordinary Qilinwei.

Therefore, Wiliam believes that the identities of the three of them are definitely different.

It’s just, why didn’t I say it before.

After hearing Wiliam’s words, the three suddenly showed a bitter smile.

As if thinking of some unbearable memory.

Grandma Tong suddenly said to Wiliam seriously: “Young Master, do you really want to know our true identity?”

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