Dragon Husband 967

Chapter 967

Wiliam nodded.

All information, in the eyes of ordinary people, is just a kind of information.

But in Wiliam’s view, they are all strategic resources.

Tongmao’s expression became extremely serious, and said: “It seems that the young master has noticed it, so it is time to make the promise.”


Wiliam was taken aback.

The God of Wealth took Tongmao’s words and said, “The masters of our four Kylin Gates are your grandfather, who personally collected them. Oh, Mulan is not, her mother Mu Xiaolou is.”

“Our status is naturally unusual, but it is also a shame to speak of it, so at that time your grandfather made a promise to us.”

The angry horse said at this time: “Until your strength, Young Master, has not reached the energization, we will not say, because it will not benefit you at all. But when your strength has reached the energization, we I can tell you one to five to ten. After all, this is our original purpose for joining the unicorn power.”

Wiliam looked distressed.

After talking a lot, I didn’t say anything.

However, since it was Grandpa’s account, there must be his reason.

Wiliam nodded, and didn’t force the three of them.

Seeing that the atmosphere was a bit stalemate, Tong Grandma couldn’t help but change the subject: “Young Master, what have you done in these three days? Or in other words, how do you plan to arrange the battle tonight?”

Wiliam rubbed his temples, and said, “For three days, I didn’t do anything. Tonight’s battle, I will make it clear with everyone in a while.”

Grandma Tong also became depressed, so what a tooth for a tooth.

I didn’t say anything.

As for?

At this time, the God of Wealth suddenly said weakly: “Young Master, I heard you say that the Mulan Sect Master has a very close relationship with the Jackdaw family members. This time the Mulan Sect Master was captured, can we unite the Jackdaw family… …”

“Shut up!” Tongma suddenly shouted.

The angry horse got angry immediately, “What do you mean, Grandma Tong, God of Wealth is making suggestions for the young master…”

“What a ghost! You two pigs, don’t you see the situation clearly!” Tongma scolded angrily.

“The situation? What situation?” the two asked together.

Wiliam was on the sidelines, indifferent.

Grandma Tong glanced at Wiliam, and explained for Wiliam: “Hoho, the one who slandered our young master’s poor medical skills and harmed others was originally from the Jackdaw family! What does this show, from the Jackdaw family. There are also a group of white-eyed wolves who cross the river and demolish the bridge, wanting to kill the young master!”

“Also, on the Li family’s side in South Ban, the Jackdaw family sent the scum to want to humiliate the young master, so the Jackdaw family simply wants to suppress the young master!”

Angry Horse’s head stiffened, and said stupidly, “It seems, that’s right.”

But the God of Wealth was a little more sober than the angry horse, and he immediately retorted: “However, that was the grievance between the Jackdaw family and the young master. If Mulan has a relationship with the Jackdaw family, they might really be able to do it…”

“Ho ho ho! Are you a pig too! Mulan is really related to the Jackdaw family. We don’t know whether this is true or not, but in the past three days, have you seen anything? The Jackdaw family is in these three. In the sky, wouldn’t you know that Mulan was caught by the Li family in the South? If the Jackdaw family really cares about the Mulan sect master, they would have taken action to save Mulan! But as for them, there is no way at all!” Tongmao The more you speak and the louder, the more excited your expression becomes.
God of Wealth and Numa completely confessed.

This seems to be the reason.

The Jackdaw family would never save Mulan.

“Young Master, do you think my analysis is correct?” Tongma asked Wiliam.

Wiliam didn’t comment, but said, “This is just appearance.”


Grandma Tong remembered it seriously, and suddenly cried out again: “No! Young Master, you told us something before, could it be…”

Wiliam had been in the Jackdaw family before, he had told Tongma.

It was also that time that Wiliam let Tongmao and the others move to Lingcheng.

“At the time, you said that Guo Yulin from the Jackdaw family said that he was within the scope of his duties…”

“This shows that there are also people at the top of the Jackdaw family! Could it be that the top of the Jackdaw family is also the Guhuo Valley!” Tongma almost roared.

The angry horse and the God of Wealth were stunned.

Wiliam gave a wry smile, “I’m afraid that’s the case.”

“So, what do you mean is that the Jackdaw family can’t fight the people of Guhuo Valley?” Tongma said, suddenly a huge sense of despair emerged in his heart.

Gu Huo Valley is really terrifying.

How many martial arts families did they control?

In this way, this battle tonight is afraid of the worst.

In Lingcheng, who else can help Young Master?

The scene fell into silence again.

After a while, Wiliam slowly said, “You go and gather the men and horses first, and I will go out for a while. Remember, be sure to let every disciple of the unicorn power attend the meeting.”

Grandma Tong was taken aback, and finally nodded, “Yes!”

While Furuma and God of Wealth, they saw more helplessness from each other’s eyes.

Let everyone participate, before the war.

Doesn’t it seem to be gathering the last power…

Tonight, it seems that the war is inevitable.

This one is definitely more tragic than the battle three days ago.

The three of them, immediately summon the troops.

as predicted.

When everyone heard that every unicorn is going to participate in the meeting, an unknown premonition emerged in everyone’s hearts.

As long as you don’t die, you need to fight again tonight.

A deep helplessness struck everyone’s heart.

Every one of them is tired.

But it looks like an old donkey with shackles.

As long as the whip is flicked, he must continue to grind it.

This shackle…

Tongma and the others don’t know the despair and helplessness in everyone’s hearts.

It’s just that this is the Young Master’s order, what can they say?

Do it all at once, second time tired, third time exhausted.

The morale of everyone is low tonight, and the past was nothing more than giving people away.

Thinking like this makes it even more sad.

When everyone gathered in the open space at the door, the scene was surprisingly quiet.

No one speaks.

Too lazy to speak.

Wiliam walked out slowly.

He looked at the Qilinshi disciples whose morale was extremely low on the scene, suddenly bent over and bowed deeply.

“I’m sorry, it was my sin before. Here, I will say sorry to everyone, whether you live or die.” Wiliam’s voice spread through everyone’s ears.

However, these words did not provide any comfort.

Because everyone knows that this is just a leader’s right to speak.

It’s not about letting everyone continue to take the lead tonight.

“So, from now on, all of you can be relieved and you can rest.”

“I will remove the Qilin blood from the Qilinshi disciples.”


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