Dragon Husband 968

Chapter 968

The people at the scene looked at Wiliam in amazement!

What did they hear just now!

Didn’t the young master want them to charge together tonight and pay the price of life and tears?

Instead, let them rest?

No, the last sentence!

The young master removes the Qilin blood from every Qilinshi disciple!

Everyone thought of this sentence, and a huge wave appeared in their hearts!

Qilin blood, what does it mean to the unicorn power, does anyone know it?

Qilin blood is the key to Young Master being able to control everyone!

It is also the basis for all Qilinshi disciples to be able to twist into a rope!

Once the young master removes the Qilin blood, it not only means that everyone can be reborn, but also means that the unicorn will no longer exist!

All of them stared at Wiliam with wide eyes.

Grandma Tong shouted sharply: “Young Master! What are you going to do!”

For Wiliam now, the Qilin power is his last support for the dinner tonight.

Young Master now want to put away all this dependence?

It can even be said that he wants to give up the foundation his grandfather has laid hard for him?

Grandma Tong felt that the young master was still in a state of self-defeating and abandoning himself, completely unaware of what he was doing.

However, Wiliam smiled gently.

He knows what he is doing.

He said lightly: “This is a result of my three days of thinking. You should listen to me first.”

Everyone pricked their ears.

“It is true that the war three days ago caused me a great setback, but it is more of my guilt to you. Everyone is born and has his own family. There is no need to do it for me. No.”

“What’s more, it’s not for me, just for the awe of the unicorn blood in the body.”

“I also want to understand a lot. If you use unicorn blood to control you, it will be beneficial to me for a while. But in the long run, you wear shackles and shed blood for me. The kind of spirit burned out, and all that is left is fatigue and fear.”

“And for me, I need to grow, so I can’t completely rely on you. Therefore, the unicorn power that exists under the bondage of unicorn blood is a bondage for you and me, and there is no need for existence. You feel that I am Is that correct?”

Wiliam’s words actually silenced the audience.

Including the three masters of the Kylin Gate.

Although they respect Wiliam, the foundation is their respect for Qilin’s blood.

Putting aside the shackles of unicorn blood, they didn’t know whether they would have such a sense of respect for Wiliam.

Yes, it won’t.

After all, they are also arrogant people.

The reason that everyone couldn’t refute was that Wiliam was on his mind.

After this real battle, they also realized this.

They were not fighting for Wiliam, but fearing Qilin blood in their hearts.

Everyone now has mixed feelings.

At first, everyone thought that Wiliam summoned everyone to come here to instruct everyone to continue to work for him.

Unexpectedly, not at all.

And the young master directly does one thing to the end, and relieves the Qilin blood!
Now, everyone has got the most desired result, even the end that has been dreamed of in a lifetime.

However, unexpectedly, none of the people at the scene were really happy about it.

Even, many people have deep sadness in their eyes.

Some people feel as if they have been abandoned.

And some people are sympathizing with the young master.

With the huge strength of the Kylin Power, the Young Master will struggle here in the future.

“Young Master, think twice.” Tongma continued.

But she knew that the young master had decided.

Few people can change the decision he made.

Sure enough, Wiliam said faintly: “I have decided, and this is why I called everyone here. I know how to release Qilin blood. So, please organize the three of you. I will release them one by one. Before it gets dark, it should be able to be lifted clean.”

After speaking, Wiliam turned and sat in front of a table.

Then he took out a few ordinary silver needles from his pocket.

He looked at Tongmao and the three of them and said, “Let’s start with the three of you.”

Tongmao looked at each other.

Obviously I wanted to say that I didn’t want to say this, but when the words came to my lips, they all swallowed.

Young Master, this is a big problem for them.

The blood of a unicorn in his body means that he has to work his life for the young master for the whole life, and his life is not his own.

Who does not desire freedom?

Finally, the god of wealth is more rigid.

He acted as if he was a marketer, and said with a big grin: “Okay, let’s start with me as a money fan. Hey, there is no unicorn blood. All the money is my money. I don’t know in the future. How can I be happy?”

As he said, he sat down in front of Wiliam.

With his gag, the atmosphere on the scene gradually eased.

Many people began to imagine that after the unicorn blood was relieved, they regained their freedom. At that time, the sky was high and the ocean was wide.

Wiliam nodded to God of Wealth and began to give him the needle.

Three minutes later, Wiliam pulled out the last silver needle from the God of Wealth.

On the silver needle, there was a drop of mysterious red blood shining!

Wiliam put the drop of blood into a transparent glass bottle and said, “Tongma, it’s your turn.”

Grandma Tong looked at Wiliam deeply, and finally sat in front of Wiliam.

Freedom, and liberation…

The killing three days ago, I was scared.

In a blink of an eye, all three were relieved.

Then, under the organization of the three of them, the Qilin blood on everyone was relieved by Wiliam.

More than two hundred people came down, and the sky was already dark.

And the farther to the end, the more silent the crowd became.

Because the young master had already sweated profusely and his face was pale.

Every time he lifted a person, he had to gasp for breath.

Even his hands tremble a bit.

But the young master didn’t say a word, there was no rest for a while!

He was obviously overdrawn.

You know, in a while, he will go to fight against the Li family and the people from Guhuo Valley in the South!

Young Master, this is to give up the battle tonight, and plan to release everyone before the battle?

Thinking of this, everyone feels uncomfortable.

For a while, Wiliam’s image in everyone’s minds became taller again.

After releasing the last person, Wiliam braced himself and stood up.

He held the bottle that was already filled with monster red blood in one hand, and walked forward slowly.

Everyone, silence.

Everyone knows where the young master is going now…

“This should be the last time we met, if there is a chance…” Wiliam said as he walked.

There is no turning back.

However, a sad mood filled everyone’s hearts instantly.

Young Master, is this holding death?

“Young Master, do you really want to fight on your own? Without a single soldier?” Tongma shouted loudly behind him.

Wiliam still didn’t look back.

However, he dropped a sentence that shocked everyone’s mind!

“Well, I don’t have a soldier, but…”

“I still order thousands of troops!”

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