Dragon Husband 969

Chapter 969

The crowd stood together like sculptures.

The sunset, dyed half of the sky red.

He also rendered Wiliam’s leaving figure extremely tragic.

Everyone couldn’t help but think of a sentence.

The wind is slack and the water is cold, and the strong men never return.

What a perfect match with Wiliam now.

It’s just that everyone still can’t figure out the words left.

No one soldier or one soldier.

Still order thousands of troops?

What is the logic?

Although very consistent with the arrogant temperament of the young master.

But thinking about it, it’s incredibly absurd.

Young Master, are you comforting everyone, don’t worry about him?

Tong’s heart seemed to be touched by something!

She watched the young master’s figure disappear, and suddenly shouted at the young master: “Okay! Then, before our unicorn power disbands, let’s have a thorough verification!”

Everyone, look at Tongma together!

Tong’s eyes were red, and she shouted like crazy: “Tonight! We’re here to put wine!”

“The master Mulan likes to drink, and I agree with what the master Mulan said before.”

“When the wine is full, you know what to ask for!”

“We are here for wine, waiting for you!”

“If you want to understand, you can laugh up to the sky and leave on your own! We sincerely wish them a new life!”

“If the heart is unwilling to give up, we will move this wine shop one mile!”

“Until you move this winery to your battlefield!”

“Let’s do a thorough verification! It’s the Qilin blood or you Wiliam that we surrender!”

Grandma Tong’s last words were actually called out hysterically.

This sentence shocked everyone!

At the last moment, everyone’s mind is complicated, no one can figure it out.

Thinking about it now, is it surrender to Qilin’s blood or respect for Wiliam?

Everyone’s eyes were red.

“Put the wine!” At the scene, there was a burst of shouts.

The voice was absolutely powerful, and he went up through the clouds, and Wiliam, who was going away, naturally heard it.

Everyone saw Wiliam who was going away, and suddenly raised a hand slowly.


In an instant, all of them clenched fists with one hand, all in full swing!

It seemed to be responding to the punch that Young Master left!

They are excited!

Grandma Tong is right, they desperately need a drink!

Verify once!

If you leave hastily, you will definitely feel uneasy.

If you are still determined after drinking, you have a clear conscience over there!

give a feast!

No one noticed that Wiliam’s eyes turned red for an instant.

These fools.

Then, set up the bar.

wait for me!

Come back and drink 300 cups with you!

Pay homage to the dead brother!

Celebrate the new birth of Kylin!

Such a unicorn power can be regarded as a real unicorn power!

Without shackles, all sincerity is spirit, invincible!

And an hour ago.

Mrs. He has already inquired about Wiliam’s whereabouts in the past few days at Nanjin Li’s house.

When she heard that Wiliam kept shutting herself in the room and couldn’t get out, she laughed.

“This tortoise! ​​I should have thought about it. This kid is so arrogant and domineering after a smooth journey. Now a little setback can make him irresistible!”
And when she heard that Wiliam disbanded the unicorn, she applauded again.

“Oh! Deserve it! I should have thought of the ending. How can those people who were forced to throw their heads and blood on him willingly continue to work for him, and that he is considered a man before his death.”

From then on, Mrs. He knew that if Wiliam came tonight, he should not be able to call alone.

When the subordinates asked them what they needed to prepare, Mrs. He became more cautious again.

Although she despised this kid at the moment, she was still a little uneasy in her heart.

As long as this kid doesn’t die, there might be some moths out there.

After all, no one could know what he was thinking in his head.

However, by now, this kid shouldn’t do any calculations.

That’s great.

Mrs. He showed a trace of dark prey in her eyes.

She looked through the window to the land outside.

A figure, sitting cross-legged arrogantly.

In these three days, did Mrs. He experience a kind of heartache.

Until the end, she wanted to understand.

Why did Li Nanfeng and her go to where they are today?

It’s all because of Wiliam!

It’s that kid, I don’t know what kind of soup was poured into Li Nanfeng!

Therefore, Mrs. He hated Wiliam even more.

She pondered for a while, and said: “We can’t despise that kid, I want tonight, without any accident, set that kid down!”

“Immediately notify the members of the Jackdaw family, let them come out and ban the Li family from the south, and achieve great cause together!”

The people from the Southern Forbidden Li family were stunned when they heard that Old Lady He was about to call the Jackdaw family over.

“My lord, that’s the Li Family of Southern Forbidden City, how can we call them? Besides, we had grievances with them three days ago. It would be nice if they just came to us for trouble.”

However, Mrs. He showed a sullen smile, “That was three days ago, and now, the situation is very different.”

Mrs. He also talked to the leader of Guhuo Valley two days ago and learned that the Jackdaw family had long secretly surrendered under Guhuo Valley.

It’s just that this matter is big and indecent.

So many people don’t even know this secret.

It’s all right now, it turned out to be a family.

Since the Jackdaw family surrendered to Guhuo Valley, there is no reason why they won’t make any effort tonight.

“You just go and inform as I say, they dare not come.” He said lightly.

Although the people who banned the Li family in the south did not understand, they could only do so.

Li Chengfeng went to do this.

At the beginning, he didn’t dare to go directly to the Jackdaw family, for fear of being picked up by the Jackdaw family.

So he made a call first.

He directly called Guo Yulin.

Unexpectedly, when Guo Yulin heard Li Chengfeng’s words, he hesitated for less than three seconds, and finally gritted his teeth and said: “Since it was the person above, I will do it immediately.”

This made Li Chengfeng look dumbfounded.

Listening to Guo Yulin’s tone, it seemed that he was unwilling, but he could only do so.

Sure enough, less than half an hour later, the Southern Forbidden Li family welcomed the Jackdaw family.

The Jackdaw family is not far from the Southern Forbidden Li’s house, about one kilometer away, and they are all on the outskirts of the city.

Guo Yulin walked in the forefront, behind him was the mighty tribe.

Add up to more than a hundred people.

Among them, there are more than 20 strong martial artists.

These are all elite soldiers of the Jackdaw family.

Li Chengfeng was so scared that his scalp was numb. He had never seen such a battle.

He quickly opened the door to welcome the Jackdaw family to help out.

Guo Yulin’s face was full of displeasure, but when he saw the people from Guhugu Valley, his face quickly changed, becoming extremely respectful and flattering.

However, when he passed Mulan, his footsteps stopped slightly.

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