Dragon Husband 970

Chapter 970 Something Is Wine!

Guo Yulin looked at Mulan who was tied to the wooden cross, suddenly sighed, and walked in front of Mulan.

Everyone just looked at Guo Yulin and acted like this.

Guo Yulin walked up to Mulan and called out, “Can you still hear me?”

Mulan raised her head and looked at Guo Yulin.

At this moment, Mulan’s wounds were all crusted.

His face was smeared with dried blood, and it looked extremely bleak.

Her lips were extremely chapped because of the lack of drinking water.

When Mulan saw Guo Yulin, she suddenly sneered.

At this point, she could thoroughly see the face of this hypocritical villain.

What kind of family relationship does not exist at all.

This worldly person is ruthlessly disgusting.

Guo Yulin smiled slightly and said, “Now I know who I should follow, right? Follow that kid, you can’t even save this life, let alone you, that kid is still dead.”

“Do you want me to follow you?” Mulan said slowly, her voice hoarse.

Guo Yulin shook his head, and said, “Whether you follow me or not is your heart. I have no way to control you. But listen carefully, follow that kid, it’s not right, he will only bring you down. Disaster! Hope that through this time, you can understand my good intentions.”

Mulan sneered, and suddenly took a bit of a bad breath, but couldn’t spit out the stars.

“Forget it, keep watching. When the kid comes, you will know what I’m talking about.” Guo Yulin shook his head and continued to walk forward.

And Mrs. He was suspicious when she saw Guo Yulin actually talking to Mulan.

She was relieved until she heard Guo Yulin’s words.

Although I can’t see how these two people met.

But from Guo Yulin’s words, he can still hear that he hates that kid.

That’s enough.

With a common enemy, there is eternal cooperation.

Guo Yulin stepped forward and bowed respectfully to the leader of Guhougu.

People in the Jackdaw family frowned slightly when they saw this scene.

Only the elders of the Jackdaw family understood what Guo Yulin’s bow meant.

“Today, Master Lao Guo personally led troops to come to help out.” Old lady He said with a smile.

Ho ho, Hedong for thirty years, Hexi for thirty years.

When Old Lady He went to the Jackdaw family, she was humiliated by the Jackdaw family in every possible way.

It’s better now, standing on the same front.

Even Mrs. He is confident that after tonight, her identity will leap above Guo Yulin.

“The Master He is polite, Ho Ho, I thought, to deal with a small kid, but to dispatch the Jackdaw family, the Southern Forbidden Li family, and the adults of Guhu Valley, it is really eye-opening.” Guo Yulin said lightly. .

In the tone, there was a hint of sarcasm.

The people at the scene were also in a trance for a while.

Yes, the battle is too big, I have completely forgotten who I am going to deal with.

Just looking at the scene, people from the Jackdaw family moved all over the place, the people from the Li family in the south were waiting, and there were 100 adults from Guhuo Valley.
The Jackdaw family has more than a dozen powerful fighters, and there are also more than a dozen powerful fighters in Guhugu.

Although the Southern Forbidden Li’s family is weak, there are only seven or eight Huajin fighters, but they are the host tonight.

This battle, even if it was to deal with a super martial arts family, would have the power to fight.

I didn’t think it was just to deal with a kid.

And this kid is still a warrior who doesn’t have enough energy.

When it was even more suffocating, I heard that this kid was coming alone.

There were hundreds of people on the scene, just to deal with such a kid, it would really make people laugh out loud.

However, Mrs. He smiled sorrowfully, “Ho ho, I don’t think you know how scheming that kid is! As long as he doesn’t die, no matter how much battle, I don’t think it is enough.”

Mrs. He was really afraid of the kid’s wisdom in her heart, so she weakened his combat power in every possible way on the one hand, and on the other hand, she tried her best to strengthen her bargaining chip.

Looking at the situation now, as long as this kid stepped into the door of the Southern Forbidden Li’s house, no matter how many helpers were called, it would be difficult to fly.

This time, it was stable.

Guo Yulin couldn’t help but sneered, “You really value that kid, then I’ll take a look at it in a while, how the kid turned the clouds and rain, made you panic.”

This is very strange.

Mrs. He heard Guo Yulin’s sarcasm, but did not quarrel with him.

There is only one thing she wants to do now.

When the kid came over, twist his head off.

Then throw it in front of her grandson, let her grandson think about it!

After all, who should follow!

Thinking of this, Mrs. He couldn’t help being dumb.

Isn’t this what Guo Yulin said to the Mulan doll?

It’s really interesting.

Hundreds of people at the scene just waited in full battle.

A huge bonfire has gradually risen in the square of Li’s house in the south.

The bonfire dinner officially began.

However, before the boy came, the scene was not half relaxed.

I could only hear the bonfire burning.

The fire illuminates everyone’s faces on the scene very strange.

Suddenly, the person watching the wind at the door suddenly yelled, “Come! Here! That kid is here!”

The hearts of everyone suddenly raised.

Mrs. He is looking up!

However, it was too dark to see the world outside.

With such pretentious actions of Mrs. He, everyone even dare not breathe.

come yet?

After a while, as expected, a person slowly appeared at the door.

A young man in white clothes with a pale face.

Not Wiliam, who else?

At this time, several subordinates, Qi Qi rushed over to Granny He and reported together.

It turned out that they were all stalking Wiliam along the way.

They told Mrs. He that Wiliam really didn’t have any helpers with him on this trip.

Be regarded as keeping the promise.

However, they reported something a little weird.

Wiliam visited the supermarket on the way here?

This move made Mrs. He a little confused for a while.

What operation?

Wiliam stepped into the door of Nanjin Li’s house and saw that the heavy door was directly locked from the outside.

Then a very tall diamond and iron thorn rose on the wall of the Li family’s courtyard!

The iron thorns shone in the cold, straight into the sky, and at a glance, they couldn’t see the side.

Even a chemist can’t climb such a high iron thorn, right?

The people who banned the Li family in the south were planning to seal the scene, making it difficult for Wiliam to fly his wings.

Wiliam looked around and couldn’t help laughing. “Oh, so many people waiting for me, it’s an honor.”

“Then let me do something before the bonfire dinner starts.” Wiliam said as he walked towards Mulan.

The people from the South Ban Li family were about to stop, but they were drunk by Mrs. He, “It’s nothing, let him go, he is already hard to fly.”

Holding a large bag of things in his hand, Wiliam stood in front of Mulan.

His voice suddenly became gentle.

“Little drunkard, I’m here to save you, ho ho, I don’t know what flavor of wine you like, so I bought some, do you think it suits your appetite?”

“Tonight, there is wine!”

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