Dragon Husband 971-972-973-974-975

Chapter 971

Wiliam said, placing the bag he was carrying in front of Mulan.

Then, in front of everyone, he stretched out his hand to untie Mulan’s rope.

And Mrs. He narrowed her eyes and did not stop.

With so many people, are you afraid that two people will fail?

The shackles on Mulan’s body were released, and when she became soft, she fell to the ground.

Wiliam stretched out his hand to take, and slowly put her on the ground.

Mulan reluctantly raised her head, glanced at Wiliam, and smiled slightly, “You are here.”

Wiliam pointed to all kinds of wine on the ground, and said: “Drink some bar, Qilin Shishi, everyone has wine tonight.”

Mulan stretched out her hand, grabbed a bottle of wine casually, opened it, and poured her head up.

She has not been in water for three days.

This drink was actually a bottle of stomach, and a full hiccup.


She wiped her mouth and laughed.

Wiliam also grabbed a bottle of wine and threw it to Li Nanfeng, who was silent.

Since Wiliam came to the present, Li Nanfeng has not spoken.

Now, he took Wiliam’s wine and opened it to drink.

The people at the scene just looked at the three juniors, drinking so unscrupulously.

Mrs. He’s eyes were gloomy, how arrogant all this is.

However, it is your final curtain call.

The three of them just sat opposite each other, drinking regardless.

It wasn’t until Wiliam let out a full hiccup that he looked at Granny He, “Now, the bonfire dinner can begin.”

Mrs. He stepped forward and laughed loudly, “Good boy, you really dare to come alone! Do you know what you are facing tonight?”

Wiliam coldly glanced at the group of people in front of him, and said with a smile: “Ho ho, it’s really a great honor, the three forces are one for me.”

Old lady He sneered: “I heard that before you came here, you disbanded the unicorn power.”

Wiliam didn’t react, but Mulan raised her head and looked at Wiliam in surprise.

Wiliam said lightly: “Your message is pretty good. I disbanded the unicorn power.”

Mulan couldn’t help asking: “Why?”

Wiliam smiled and said to Mulan: “There is no reason why the unicorn will survive or die. It is not up to me to decide. Let’s pass tonight.”

After tonight?

Mulan looked at Wiliam strangely.

Is there any possibility for tomorrow?

Mrs. He laughed directly, “It’s past tonight. It seems that you don’t know anything about the situation tonight! Do you think you can survive tonight?”

“As far as I know, in the past three days, you have not had any contact with the outside world. You disbanded the Qilin Power, and even because of the dissolution of the Qilin Power, your physical strength was completely overdrawn. Can I say that, come here tonight You have no calculations, no reliance, and no strength. Just like this, why fight with me!”

Mrs. He’s words were thorough and thoroughly analyzed the situation Wiliam was facing now.

The enemy is stronger.

And he himself is weak to the bottom.

It’s completely one-sided, and there is no suspense about the outcome.

Cheng Suyi, who was standing on the side of Li’s house in Nanjin, slammed his heart when he heard what Granny He said.

She became anxious.
She had originally thought that Master Wiliam had no wits, and since she agreed to come over, she must have her own plans.

That’s why Nanfeng protects Wiliam in this way.

Unexpectedly, in the end, not only did he have no plans, but he also weakened his strength to the lowest level.

It’s over.

Nan Feng is going to suffer with Wiliam.

“Ho ho, you are right, I am indeed in the weakest state, so I am here tonight, not for a battle, but for a drink. I won’t make a move.” Wiliam affirmed directly. Mrs. He’s words.

This made Mrs. He hesitate for a while.

This kid is giving up and giving up resistance?

He won’t make a move tonight?

Just wait and die?

Old lady He frowned when she thought of this!


It’s not like this kid’s character at all!

Mrs. He knows Wiliam too well.

What this kid is best at is Rebirth!

Now facing such a desperate situation, he didn’t want to resist at all, and even more bluntly wouldn’t make a move!

It’s totally wrong.

However, Mrs. He couldn’t figure out what she was relying on now.

Obviously, he has been weakened in all directions.

Mrs. He was confident enough that in these three days, this kid didn’t have any tricks.

“Do you think I will believe you?” Mrs. He didn’t dare to act hastily, first tentatively asked.

Wiliam drank the wine casually and shook his head, “Do you think I’m here to sing the empty city plan with you? Don’t worry, now I, my head is blank, I don’t bother to think about any more tricks.”

After he finished speaking, he laughed instead, “It’s ridiculous to say it, obviously you asked me to come alone, and now I am here alone, why are you afraid of you? Hoho, that’s good, the three of us, Drink less interruption, so please watch it by the side.”

Wiliam’s words instantly embarrassed the audience.

Everyone looked at Mrs. He with stupid eyes.

Yes, she did everything possible to let this kid come alone.

Now that people are here, Mrs. He is afraid of wolves and tigers.

Facing a kid, I was a little too cautious.

And Mrs. He was laughed at by the people around her, her face changed instantly.

“Okay, this is what you said, then you guys, just die!”

She yelled, “The people from the Li family in the south are obedient! Bring that kid’s head to me.”

The people of the Li family in the south did not dare to disobey the orders of Mrs. He. Suddenly, there was a burst of breaking wind, and Qi Qi made a slight attack.

And the three of Wiliam didn’t even mean to resist.

They still sat there, and even opened another bottle of wine.

It wasn’t until the first elder of Li’s family in Nanban took the lead and was about to take Wiliam’s head with one claw.

Wiliam suddenly moved.

He flipped over his left hand, and something appeared in his hand.

He held the thing high, facing the claw of the elder!

The people at the scene actually laughed together.

When is it all, this kid doesn’t dodge or hide.

Still took out things to give to the elders?

What, is it a treasure or a time bomb?

Can the elders disobey the intentions of Mrs. He and be merciful?

But it’s strange!

That elder’s claws were so ferocious!

It was only half a meter away from the hand that Wiliam extended.

However, when the elder saw what Wiliam was holding, his whole body trembled!

The energy on the body spreads directly!

His body fell, standing opposite Wiliam, his hands claws!

It’s just this claw, but it can’t be grasped anymore.

Because he could clearly see what was in Wiliam’s hand.

A bead shining brightly!

The elder actually shouted blankly: “Bi Luo, Bi Luo’s heart and soul!”

Chapter 972 Traction!

The people at the scene still couldn’t see clearly until the elder yelled out a word.

The people who banned the Li family in the south, their eyes widened.


Biluo’s heart and soul!

How could Biluo’s heart and blood be in this kid’s hands!

Everyone looked at Wiliam’s hand raised in mid-air!

I saw a bright pearl, shining brightly under the light of fire!

Isn’t that what they saw three days ago, the Biluo bloodball belonging to the Li family of Nanban!

Everyone is incredible!

Faced with this bead of blue blood, it is no wonder that the elder’s claw, how dare not to catch it!

Wiliam’s voice rang lazily.

“So I said, tonight, I have no plans for three days and have no abilities when I come. But what can you do about me?”

There was deathly silence.

Wiliam’s lazy words are like thunder.


With so many people, why can’t he be a nasty kid?

It’s simply a big issue in the world!

Mrs. He suddenly sneered, “I don’t know where you got a fake bead, why? Do you like to pick up people’s teeth?”

What she was referring to was naturally Wiliam’s pretense of Biluo’s efforts before learning from Granny He.

Sure enough, the people of the Li family in the south were accustomed to it, and the anger came out!

“Bold! Dare to pretend to be Biluo’s blood! You are looking for death!”

But Wiliam said: “I don’t bother to do things with fakes.”

As he said, Wiliam slowly put down the wine and freed a hand.

Then, this hand turned over and ten beads appeared in the hand!

These ten beads were surprisingly the handed down beads that Wiliam had obtained from the Li family of Nanban.

Wiliam casually threw these ten beads into the sky, together with the Beads of Biluo’s blood!

Strange to say!

After these eleven beads were thrown into the air, they didn’t even fall to the ground!

It is centered on that blue heart and blood bead.

The other ten handed down beads have formed a strange pattern around Biluo’s heart and blood beads!

As soon as the pattern was formed, eleven beads burst into a sharp cold light!

This scene caused the people of the Li family in the south to scream!

“Traction! It’s traction!”

“Ten beads, led by Biluo’s heart and blood, have automatically formed an array!”

“That means!”

All the people from the Li family in the south took a breath for a while!

In other words, the bead of heart and blood in Wiliam’s hand is true!

When Mrs. He saw this scene, her eyes were completely split, and she shouted: “Impossible! Impossible!”

She also saw that the only one who can draw other handed down beads is the genuine Biluo’s heart and soul!

Before, she worked so hard to create a fake blue heart blood bead, but at the last moment, it was destroyed by Wiliam and asked to prove the authenticity of the bead.

Now, this kid took the initiative to show his blood, and he also took the initiative to prove this.

For a while, Mrs. He couldn’t accept it at all!

And she finally understood that the words that the kid had said about Biluo’s heart and blood were completely random!

There is only one reason why he knows that Mrs. He’s blue heart is fake!
That is really Biluo’s blood drops in Wiliam’s hands!

When I think of this, Mrs. He is about to explode!


By this kid, I didn’t even know it!

It’s just that Mrs. He has been wondering why Bi Luo’s heart and soul would appear in this kid’s hands!

And since it was in his hands, why didn’t he take it out before!

Wiliam took a sip of wine amidst the exclamation of Nanjin Li’s family, his eyes became a little blurred.

He looked up at the pattern formed by the eleven beads above his head, and said slightly: “It’s really beautiful, it’s a worthwhile trip.”

This is like saying to myself, but also like saying to some people on the scene.

Why didn’t Wiliam put out a real blue heart when fighting against the fake old lady He?

Because at that time Wiliam still didn’t know where the old lady He was.

But when he knew everything, the heart demon was born.

So this time I came here to show a real blue heart, but just let it go.

And he is also increasing his own bargaining chip by taking advantage of the present life of this blue heart and blood.

One person in the field saw the appearance of Bi Luo’s heart and blood, his eyes became extremely deep and strange.

Wiliam casually moved, and the eleven beads returned to his hands.

The scene became silent!

She couldn’t even think of how old lady He was killed. The Biluo blood drop she had been pursuing was actually in Wiliam’s hands!

So forbearing kid!

“When did you get Biluo’s heart and soul! Why didn’t you tell me!” He asked harshly.

At this point, no one has ever questioned the true or false of this Biluo heart.

The people who banned the Li family in the south became faintly excited.

The treasure of the southern ban Li family’s town has finally appeared again!

Although it was obtained by a young man with a different surname.

And Wiliam looked at Mrs. He, and said, “It’s very early, probably when Li Banshan is separated from me.”

At that time, Wiliam went to see Granny He, originally wanting to tell Granny He about this.

But when Wiliam proposed to go south to ban Li’s family, Mrs. He’s expression became a little weird.

It seemed to be a little wary of Wiliam.

Wiliam, who had always been cautious, didn’t tell the situation of Bi Luo’s blood.

Facts have proved that if Wiliam had said that Biluo’s blood was in his hands.

Then he would definitely be killed by Mrs. He on the spot!

Now, it’s time.

And Wiliam also understood why Li Banshan had to entrust such an important bead to him before he died.

Even repeatedly confessed not to give it to Li Nanfeng.

Because Li Banshan knows Li Nanfeng’s character.

Li Nanfeng has great courage but not great wisdom.

Can only charge, not in power.

If Li Nanfeng gets the beads, he will definitely give them to Mrs. He.

Therefore, Wiliam now understands that what Li Banshan really defends is not his son, but his mother!

It’s a pity Li Banshan, if that’s the case, why bother to look for their grandchildren?

Is it just for a family relationship?

Wiliam once again looked at the members of the Li family in the south.

They all looked excitedly at the beads in Wiliam’s hand.

Many people have thought of a terrible fact!

That was the thirty-six Soul Dream Kuizhu all of the Li Family of Nanban Li, all of them fell into the hands of this kid at the time of the accident.

Only Mrs. He looked at Wiliam gloomily.

Is all this a coincidence?

I’m afraid not at all!

This kid was completely deliberate, and got all the blue blood and blood of the Li Family.

What is he going to do!

But in the next second, everyone knew what Wiliam was going to do.

Wiliam looked at the members of Nanjin Li’s family and said lightly: “Nanjin Li’s family who can’t change their lives, since you are thinking about the Patriarch with your blood, then I have to ask you.”

“Now my palm is blue and my heart is falling. Do you want to recognize me as the Patriarch of the Li Family of Nanban?”


Chapter 973 Patriarch Tonight!

With this question, all the faces of the Li family in Nanban changed.

The excitement they had just swept away in an instant.

One by one became out of anger.

Although this kid got the heart and soul of Bi Luo, he should admit his identity as the Patriarch!

However, his surname is not Li!

How could the head of the Li family in Nanban let a foreigner be the one!

The atmosphere at the scene became even more weird.

Only Li Nanfeng laughed suddenly.

He turned his head, although he couldn’t see, he still laughed in the direction of Nanjin Li’s house.

“Finally understand, finally understand, the first thing that Master Wiliam had to collect in the past was the entire Nanban Li family!”

Everyone’s thoughts were returned three days ago by Li Nanfeng’s words.

Three days ago, Wiliam said he would come to collect something!

Now, it’s true!

He really came prepared!

It’s just that everyone is shocked!

Collect something!

The collection is the entire Nanban Li family!

This thing is gone!

The faces of Li’s family in the south were extremely ugly.

He wanted to kill Wiliam on the spot, but he hesitated again and again because Wiliam was holding the Beads of Heart Blood.

And if they surrendered to Wiliam, they were not reconciled in every possible way.

Even some people’s faces are hot!

Before, in front of the entire Lingcheng people, they showed their incomparable devotion to Bi Luo.

As Wiliam said, if they don’t recognize it now, wouldn’t it be that they slapped their faces and become the laughing stock of the entire martial arts world!

What can I do now!

Mrs. He suddenly laughed gloomily.

“It turns out that you made this idea! It’s really a good calculation! I still underestimate you!”

Mrs. He is confident that this kid has no plans or calculations in these three days.

But how could she have thought that Wiliam’s calculations and layouts were no longer limited to these three days.

Even at the moment when Wiliam got Biluo’s heart and soul, he probably thought of coming to Li’s house with great fanfare to accept Li’s house!

Mrs. He suddenly turned around and shouted sternly: “You guys! Don’t you still see it! He got this bead from my son Li Banshan! He must have used some method to kill Li Banshan! , I got this Biluo’s heart and blood, he is the unworldly enemy of the Li family in Nanban!”

Everyone’s hearts shuddered.

Is it really?

I am afraid……

Everyone was thinking, Wiliam suddenly laughed.

“Comparing calculations, you are not as good as me, let me say something blunt, you are not as good as me than despicable! Okay, even if I admit that I killed Li Banshan, so what! The beads are in my hands, if you are not Since, just don’t follow the ancestral instructions. Hoho, now, what choice do you have to make? Kill me? Are you charged with deceiving the master and destroying the ancestor?” Wiliam said without fear.

The members of the Li family in the south were stunned.

Burning in anger!

This brat has taken the weakness of Nanban Li’s family to the core!

The stupid and loyal weakness of the Nanjin Li family had been used secretly by Mrs. He.

Now, being held by Wiliam’s grandeur again, don’t be too much!

Mrs. He is so angry that she jumps!

This kid is really playing a rogue!

Clutching the wounds of Nanjin Li’s family and hitting it all, is that the people who fixed Nanjin Li’s family dare not attack him!


The people from the Li family in the South banned from taking action, but there are other forces on my side!

“Come on, kill this kid for me!” He shouted angrily.

But at this time, a person suddenly stood up.

He stood directly opposite the old lady.

Mrs. He was taken aback.

The person who stood up was actually Li Chengfeng.

Li Chengfeng’s expression was uncharacteristically indifferent.

He looked at Mrs. He coldly, and suddenly said: “Although this kid admits that Li Banshan was killed by him, do we believe it? Li Banshan’s character, we can’t be more clear, if he does not have any initiative With the Biluo’s heart and blood, there is really no one who can get the complete bead from his hands. And this little bead is intact, indicating that Li Banshan solemnly entrusted him.”

With a few words, the Nanjin Li family at the scene nodded together.

Indeed, Li Banshan is this kind of character who prefers to be jade rather than complete.

“Li Chengfeng! Are you upside down! What do you want to do!” Old lady He felt a little bit in her heart, with a vague premonition.

“What do I want to do? Hahaha!” Li Chengfeng laughed.

He suddenly looked at Wiliam with extremely complicated eyes.

“It is really uncomfortable to be scolded by a boy with a hairy head at his nose and cursing Shi Gubuhua! But since he believes that our Nanjin Li family’s food is not changeable, then I really want to fulfill his wish, and that it will not be turned into the end! Since he bears the spirit of Biluo, It also proved the true and false of the beads. Then, according to the ancestral instruction, I would like to follow this kid as the head of the South Ban Li Family, the Patriarch tonight!” Li Chengfeng finished laughing, and his words suddenly became sharp.

Everyone’s breathing is stagnant!


Li Chengfeng is crazy!

He was the first to recognize a person with a different surname as the head of the Li family in Nanjin!

Mrs. He yelled instantly, “Li Chengfeng! Are you looking for death! You recognize that someone with a different surname is the head of the house, isn’t this deceiving the master and destroying the ancestor!”

Li Chengfeng seemed to have made up his mind, and said: “In the family law, it is said that the person who holds Biluo’s heart and blood is the head of the family, but it is not said whether this person is surnamed Li! For me, the law can do nothing! And I said If you’re welcome, why is your surname Li? Why are you in charge of the Li family in Nanban?”

His last words made Old Lady He almost vomiting blood!

I never knew that Li Chengfeng was so sharp-mouthed!

Li Chengfeng looked at the thunderous old lady He, and suddenly laughed happily.

For him, Mrs. He is his real enemy!

It was Granny He who killed his mother. How could he forget this mother-killing hatred!

What he lacks is just an opportunity!

Now, Li Chengfeng vaguely felt that the opportunity was here!

This kid, who came without a soldier, was still drunk without fear.

But the first shot shocked everyone!

Li Chengfeng had enough reasons to believe that this was definitely not Wiliam’s last killer move.

So, take a bet!

Bet you kid, turn your hands on it! Cover your hands as rain!

Gamble on the lives of all the members of the Li family in the South!

And dignity!

Li Chengfeng’s body suddenly flew backwards!

It fell directly in front of Wiliam.

He looked at the Nanjin Li family at the scene and said loudly: “People of the Nanjin Li family, think about it from the beginning, who is the real enemy of our Nanjin Li family!”

“This kid, who was humiliated and framed by our Nanjin Li family in every possible way, but still helped our Nanjin Li family see through the conspiracy and tricks of Mrs. He three days ago! Great kindness to our Nanjin Li family!”

“On the other hand, Mrs. He, a horrible heart, didn’t kill my mother, but still recognized the thief as the father! Now it is a strong suppression of you, forcing her to become a courtier! So, who is the enemy of the Li family in Nanban! Think about it!”

“If I, Li Chengfeng, are the last arrogant member of the Li family in South Ban, I am tonight!”

“Death is not a pity!”

After finishing his impassioned words, he turned around, but knelt down on one knee to Wiliam!

“Li Chengfeng is forbidden to the South!”

“May Feng Wiliam, Patriarch tonight!”

Chapter 974 Burning!

Li Chengfeng’s words made the faces of the people who banned the Li family from the south turned red.

South forbidden Li’s family, is the last proud bone?

The first arrogant person everyone identified before was Li Nanfeng.

Now, Li Nanfeng stood firmly behind Wiliam.

Now, it is Li Chengfeng who is once again a minister.

Moreover, Li Chengfeng’s remarks aroused strong psychological resonance among everyone.

Think about it seriously, the people who banned the Li family in the south had no deep hatred with Wiliam.

On the contrary, it has always been the people from the South Ban Li family who are provoking him.

However, Wiliam retaliated with virtue, and he did not retaliate against the Li family in the south.

Each of the thirty-six soul dream quizzes in his hand can be called a good way.

And Mrs. He’s methods are despicable, and she uses everything to cheat and deceive.

To whom is the Li family surrendered in the South?

The answer is obvious.


If we say that the Li family in South Ban…

To offer a kid as the master of tonight, then…

Not bad!

Suddenly, an elder stood tall and fell in front of Wiliam.

Kneel down on one knee without speaking.

Action wins but a thousand words.

Immediately afterwards, many Nanban Li family members came out.

He actually walked towards Wiliam.

In less than five minutes!

All the people who had banned the Li family from the south actually knelt in front of Wiliam.

This scene, even Li Chengfeng himself could not think of.

He raised his head and looked at Wiliam, who was sitting on the ground still doing nothing and drinking, with mixed feelings.

It was this kid who relied on his charisma and unknowingly affected all Nanjin Li’s family.

Or maybe it is the pride of Nanjin Li’s family who have completely awakened tonight and do not want to be controlled by a despicable person?

But regardless of the reason, Li Chengfeng is proud of it!

The Li family of Nanban has done what we should do.

We have sacrificed everything in the Li family to you tonight.

Next, everything is up to you.

The Li family is forbidden to the south, Patriarch Wiliam!

At the scene, only heavy breathing can be heard!

Every member of Nanban Li’s family only realized after they knelt down, how crazy this scene was!

A long-established martial arts family, collectively surrendered to a nasty kid.

It must be stinking for thousands of years!

But so what!

If it’s a stinking stinking for thousands of years, what’s not to do in exchange for blood boiling!

And if the Nanjin Li family is to be a tiger in the hands of a traitor, and stay in the dark for a lifetime, then that is the end of the Nanjin Li family!

A burst of enthusiasm slowly boiled in the hearts of Nanjin Li’s family.

Wiliam watched the Nanban Li family kneel before him, and smiled, “Okay, okay, good foolish loyalty! Good foolish loyalty!”

Old lady He was trembling with anger!

A group of weak boneless bastards!

She turned back in front of her and turned to others!

And there was a hint of jealousy deep in the angry heart of Mrs. He!

She has been looking forward to this scene for a long time!

She lit a bonfire tonight, isn’t she just waiting for this scene!

The people waiting for Nanban Li’s family bowed their heads to her!

Now, let this kid get on board first.

Moreover, she could see that everyone who banned the Li family in the south was convinced!

This makes Mrs. He extremely uncomfortable!

If she comes to be the head of the Li family in Nanban, can everyone be willing to bow their heads and claim the court?

It’s just wishful thinking.

Now, isn’t it because this kid has completely compared it!


Stinky boy, and you guys, let me die!

Mrs. He suddenly laughed grimly, “Okay! A group of unkind dogs! Who is the real father of the thief! Do you think that if you take refuge in this kid, you can feel at ease! You are too happy too early? Open your eyes and see where you are tonight! Who are you facing!”

Mrs. He suddenly opened her hands and said with great emotion: “You are facing the Jackdaw family and the adults of Guhuo Valley! Any strength is enough to make you people dead! Give you a chance. If you call me a courtier, I can forget the blame! If I can kill this kid right away, I can still admit your sins and meritorious service!”

The people who had banned Li’s family from the south were pale.

They asked themselves, to face so many masters in front of them, even if there are two people from the Li family in the south, they are not enough to fight.

With the blood just now, when you really fight, what can you do?

Li Chengfeng’s teeth are about to be crushed.

Now that this thing has been done, you can only go to the dark one by one.

There is definitely no possibility of going back!

According to Mrs. He’s character that he must repay, after he turns around, can he live!

Don’t even think about it!

Now, all his hopes are pinned on Wiliam!

“Lord Lu, look, what should I do now?” Li Chengfeng turned to ask Wiliam for instructions.

But in front of Wiliam, there was already a pile of wine bottles on the ground.

Mulan has a bad amount of alcohol, and has long been hiccups on the side.

Wiliam’s face also had a three-point drink.

His eyes have also become misty.

He raised his head and looked ahead, the front was densely packed with people.

As for who it was, he couldn’t see clearly.

He seemed to be drunk, and smiled lazily: “I said, I just came here to drink tonight, I won’t do it, and I don’t have the strength to do it.”

When Li Chengfeng heard this, his heart was very cold!

Damn it!

Laozi worked so hard to surrender, you are so drinking!

From the beginning, I said that I would not make a move, and thought you were joking.

How can I know it is true!

You play our Nanban Li family!

If we get all of us, and we don’t make a move, what shall we do?

To a person from the Li family in the south to oppose Guhu Valley and the Jackdaw family?

Li Chengfeng almost turned around and continued to turn back.

Fortunately, he just resisted the urge to make this kid tender to death.

His face showed an incomparable determination.

Li’s family in the south, finally bloody.

Can’t let this blood burn in vain!

Well, just before the blood of Nanban Li’s family burned out!

Have a good fight!

It’s time for everyone to see that it belongs to the Nanban Li family’s temperament!

Although it is dead!

Thinking of this, Li Chengfeng suddenly felt a little tragic!

He stood up and sternly shouted: “The people from the Li family in South Ban! All follow the order, give it to me!”

However, when the words were not finished, Wiliam interrupted.

“Didn’t you serve me as the head of the house? Listen to what order? Squat aside.” Wiliam said with a burp.

Li Chengfeng almost couldn’t hold his hands and was going to tender this kid!

But Wiliam suddenly threw an empty wine bottle in his hand to the other side.

Accompanied by his still calm, but extremely sullen voice.

“Although I don’t make a move, it doesn’t mean that I can be bullied, right?”

“You, is the anger still there?”

“Now it can burn.”

The opposite of Wiliam, the other side of Granny He.

One person caught the bottle with one hand and crushed it!

Chapter 975 Shocking!

Wiliam’s wine bottle was thrown at the opposite person.

And what he said was naturally addressed to that person.

It’s just that everyone didn’t know what Wiliam meant.

Until, the wine bottle “pop”!

Broken into glass slag!

It seems that from this catch, everyone can feel the suppressed anger in that person’s heart!

Everyone, look at the person who grabbed the bottle!

At this look, the scalp is numb!

The person who grabbed the bottle and crushed it was no ordinary person!

He is the head of the Jackdaw family!

Guo Yulin!

Guo Yulin’s face had always been calm as water, without any waves.

Until Wiliam said these words, he seemed to be unable to suppress the anger in his heart anymore, and he came overwhelmingly!

Everyone looked at Guo Yulin in disbelief!

Even Mrs. He looked at Guo Yulin with wide eyes.

She wanted to confirm once again, did Wiliam speak to Guo Yulin just now!

Guo Yulin, after crushing the wine bottle, suddenly took one step!

Walk slowly towards Wiliam!

The Jackdaw family behind him, although they don’t know what the main family does.

But how can they live in peace when the head of the family is out!

Immediately all the Jackdaw family members walked towards Wiliam!

All of them burst into violent arrogance!

For a while, Li’s family in Nanban, who didn’t know what was happening, looked a little ugly on the opposite side.

Wiliam’s words offend Guo Yulin!

However, in the next second, everyone heard Guo Yulin’s extremely happy and hateful laugh!

“You kid! I can’t wait to kill you myself! Because you deserve it! You deserve it!”

Everyone was stunned again.

what’s the situation?

Is Guo Yulin really going to kill Wiliam!

Li Chengfeng suddenly shouted, “Protect Master Lu!”

Suddenly, all of the Li family members who had been banned from the South surrounded Lu Yetuan in the center, preventing Guo Yulin’s people from coming.

However, Wiliam shook his head suddenly, and said to Li Chengfeng, “What are you doing blindly? Didn’t you let you squat aside?”

Li Chengfeng has a black line.

What is going on all the way?

Lu Nima’s Patriarch, you opened my dog’s eyes to see clearly!

Lao Tzu is the one on your side!

Your mouth is so cheap that you are facing the opposite side!

What are you doing all the time!

Wiliam continued to shake his head, as if muttering to himself, “You can’t fight, you can’t fight tonight.”

At this time, Guo Yulin suddenly stretched out his hand and slowly moved away the person in front of him.

He doesn’t have any internal energy.

People who banned Li’s family in the south naturally felt it too.

Guo Yulin, who pushed the Li family away from the south, stood opposite Wiliam.

The scene was quiet, and neither side knew whether Guo Yulin was an enemy or a friend.


Guo Yulin stood in front of Wiliam and said helplessly to Wiliam: “You kid, although I hate you, but I really swear to you, I’m completely convinced, that’s a favor, I helped.”

What is busy?

The people at the scene still looked blank.

“Guo Yulin, what are you doing! The enemy is right in front of you, why don’t you kill him!” Standing opposite, He shouted sharply

However, Guo Yulin smiled directly when he heard this.

“The enemy, who is the enemy? Wiliam? I think, you are completely wrong! What old dog!” Guo Yulin said at the end, it was a bit gritted teeth.

Granny He’s heart twitched, and there was a hint of bad premonition!


There is something wrong with Guo Yulin!

He is like this, is he going to turn back!

its not right!

Before Guo Yulin, didn’t he hate this kid!

Mrs. He is assured of a million people!

After all, the previous slander of Wiliam as a quack doctor started from Guo Yulin’s side.

In other words, the battle three days ago, and even the confrontation and fuse here today, were all on Guo Yulin’s body!

It stands to reason that Guo Yulin should regard Wiliam as an unshakable enemy.

What’s going on now!

And Wiliam, still sitting on the ground, said lazily: “Then, it’s time to work.”

“After this, I will ask you to settle the account again!” Guo Yulin said to Wiliam angrily, and then his eyes floated to Wiliam’s side.

The people next to Wiliam also raised their heads, staring at Guo Yulin in a daze.

It’s Mulan.

Mulan’s eyes were even more dazed.

Why did Guo Yulin suddenly stand on Wiliam’s side?

Isn’t this horrible thing always deliberately trying to deal with Wiliam?


Listening to the conversation between him and Wiliam, as if there is a deal between them?

Mulan looked at Wiliam blankly, “Hey, you can tell me clearly, what’s the matter?”

Wiliam stretched out a hand and tapped Mulan on the head. “You can’t see through this when you drink alcohol. Now that you drink alcohol, you are even more confused. Don’t ask, just remember a little bit. Now, Guo Yulin, he is not a bad person, let alone the kind of low-hearted person you think.”

Mulan looked at Guo Yulin in disbelief.

And Guo Yulin, swept away the indifference and ridicule towards Mulan before, became extremely gentle.

His eyes were full of distress and guilt.

He was about to explain something to Mulan, and the opposite old lady He shouted again: “Okay you Guo Yulin! Are you wrong! You are looking for death! You have long surrendered to Guhuo Valley! Don’t you dare to fight Guhuo Valley? !”

Guo Yulin turned back in an instant, staring at Granny He, with anger in his eyes!

“Guhuo Valley! Ho-ho, I was surrendering to Guhuo Valley, but at that time, I was forced to be helpless! I had long been thinking about it! You really thought that before I slandered Wiliam as a quack, I was helping you, even Do you think that Gu Huo Gu was secretly contributing to the flames?” Guo Yulin said suddenly gloomily.

With these words, Mrs. He fought a cold war instantly!


The anxiety in her heart suddenly magnified ten million times!

In an instant, she thought of a very terrible key!

Everything that happened now originated from Guo Yulin’s slander on Wiliam.

Then Old Lady He was the one who pushed the boat along the river, and lit a fire on this slander.

But if, from the beginning, Mrs. He had thought the wrong direction.

Isn’t it all in the wrong direction?

In other words, the first pawn made a mistake, and there was only one waiting for her.

Lose all the game!

She also instantly thought of how ridiculous and bizarre this move was at the beginning!

It is so strange that she can see through it at a glance!

Wiliam had always been Guo Yulin’s lifesaver before!

But it was just overnight, when the Li family in Nanjin urgently needed an opportunity to slander Wiliam, it just so happened that the Jackdaw family appeared.

The Jackdaw family took the first step to slander Wiliam, which is equivalent to setting up a step for the Southern Forbidden Li family!

This is extremely unreasonable!

Why is Guo Yulin’s attitude towards Wiliam from great respect to great hatred overnight!

There is only one possibility!


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