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Chapter 976: A Worthy Trip!

“You! You! At the beginning, the slander against Wiliam was a gimmick created by you and Wiliam!” Old lady He struggled to squeeze this sentence out of her mouth.

Only this one is possible.

Otherwise, it is completely impossible to explain the shocking change of Guo Yulin’s attitude before and after.

And why old lady He couldn’t see it before, but now she can see it at a glance.

Before, Mrs. He was blinded.

On the one hand, she killed Su Yuchun at the time and needed an imminent excuse and step to divert her attention.

So when Guo Yulin reported that Wiliam was wrongly treated, Mrs. He’s first reaction was not to doubt, but to hurriedly follow the flow and transfer the suspicion and anger of the Nanjin Li family.

On the other hand, it was after the fact.

Afterwards, with Guhugu’s support, coupled with the knowledge from Guhugu that the Jackdaw family was also Guhugu’s ministers, Mrs. He completely believed Guo Yulin’s previous move and was really slandering Lu. leaf.

She instinctively thought that the people from Guhuogu secretly instructed the Jackdaw family to help her.

For these two reasons, she has no doubt about Guo Yulin.

Until now!

See through at a glance!

But it was because Guo Yulin said that he had wanted to go back to Guhuu Valley, and he directly asked if Guhuugu had instigated all this?

Directly smashed the idea that Gu Huogu was behind the sword.

The rest is extremely unreasonable.

Why did Guo Yulin change his attitude overnight? There is only one possibility. He and Wiliam made this move together!

Thinking of this, Mrs. He suddenly pressed her heart fiercely!

She looked at Wiliam in amazement!

This kid, there is really no calculation in three days!

But myself, the defense against this kid is so stupid as to only have these three days!

I underestimated him!

All his layouts tonight were actually completed three days ago!

It’s as if he planted time bombs around him long ago!

Just wait for this opportunity tonight and detonate all the bombs one by one!

and this!

This is also the most fundamental reason why this kid dared to go to the meeting alone tonight.

He really does not need to do it!

Thinking of this, Mrs. He was almost crazy.

It’s hard to guard against!

How to prevent this!

She asked herself, she had deliberately deliberately calculated to the extreme of Wiliam, and had already dismantled all his influence.

I don’t know, I completely underestimated the layout ability of this kid.

It all started three days ago, let alone precautions, even thinking about it, I never thought that he would do it all three days ago.

At this time, Mrs. He suddenly beat her heart and wailed!

She thought of another terrible thing!


The Jackdaw family was personally invited by her tonight!

In other words, this enemy was established by herself!

Could it be that all of this is within this kid’s calculations?

Yes, it must be.

He made full use of his mentality of unscrupulous means to strengthen himself and weak enemy!

It’s not his own character to have a family of martial arts who work for free.


It’s a trap one step at a time, so wonderful!

At this point, Mrs. He fully understood that Guo Yulin was a chess piece laid by Wiliam earlier.

It’s just that she still has a few questions in her heart.

“Guo Yulin! Why do you want to do this! Why do you do this! Why! What is he worthy of your help! He even listened to his orders!” Mrs. He asked like crazy.

When Guo Yulin saw her looking mad, a fierce stern flashed in his eyes.

“Why! Because, he is my savior! I promised him to do him a favor, a manly man, there is nothing to believe.” Guo Yulin said in a conclusive!

He turned to look at Wiliam who was resting on the ground, and smiled helplessly.

It’s really helpless.

Everything must start from the moment before Wiliam left the Jackdaw family.

At that time, because of Wiliam’s life-saving grace, Guo Yulin politely said that if you have anything to do, just ask him.

At that time, Wiliam actually climbed up the pole and said one thing casually.

That’s what Wiliam said.

“If I and Nanjin Li’s family become enemies, I hope you can help me with the whole family when I need it.”

When Guo Yulin heard this, his first reaction was that Doctor Lu was crazy!

Wiliam is just a nasty kid, what’s up in front of Nanjin Li’s house?

Do you want the Jackdaw family to help him deal with the Li family?

Will things get so big?

Just because he is a kid?

However, seeing Wiliam’s serious attitude, Guo Yulin can only say to help him within the scope of his power.

This is Guo Yulin’s euphemism.

Unexpectedly, it was completely penetrated by Wiliam.

Within the scope of his power, this sentence has two meanings.

One, there are people above him, and he can’t help many things.

Second, even if there are no people on it, these words are ambiguous. After all, the two families are fighting with great fanfare, and the matter is big.

Guo Yulin wanted to leave some leeway for himself. When the time comes, seeing things stalemate, he can use these words to prevaricate Wiliam.

As for Wiliam asking him to help spread the quack doctor, even though Guo Yulin didn’t know why he wanted to ruin his reputation, he did it with a little effort.

Then, things moved in a direction that Guo Yulin could not imagine, and it was out of control!

He heard that Wiliam, a boy, was so brilliant in the Youth Martial Arts Test Competition, and he had forged an endless feud with Nanjin Li’s family, his eyes were about to fall!

It really made Wiliam right!

The previous request was not nonsense at all, but a move that Wiliam had already thought of!

Guo Yulin was completely overwhelmed.

And when he heard that Mulan was arrested, he went crazy.

At first he thought that this was what Wiliam did deliberately, forcing him to take action.

But when he calmed down, he wanted to understand that Wiliam was not the kind of unscrupulous person.

Therefore, Guo Yulin was like this, driven by multiple factors, he had to appear here tonight.

Even when he came just now, he was still not sure whether to help Wiliam.

After all, he learned that Gu Huo Valley was also here, and it was not a hairy boy who could counterattack.

He also made up his mind that if the Jackdaw family were to pay a heavy price for tonight’s affairs, he would have done nothing and would not help Wiliam.

Therefore, when he stood in front of Mulan, he said that weird thing to make Mulan talk to the right person.

On the one hand, Qi Mulan and Wiliam are suffering now.

On the other hand, Wiliam was even more angry and let his daughter suffer for nothing.

Then, Wiliam’s first method made Guo Yulin completely cruel!

Wiliam saw through Guo Yulin’s uncertainty.

Therefore, he showed his heart and soul and conquered the entire Nanban Li family!

In an instant, Wiliam’s own chips were infinitely high.

Wiliam said a word when he sacrificed the Biluo Heart Blood Bead and ten handed down beads.

“It’s really beautiful, it’s a worthwhile trip.”

This is a worthwhile trip, just for Guo Yulin.

At this point, Guo Yulin was full of pride and suddenly uttered a sentence.

It’s an answer!

“Mr. Lu, as expected, this trip is worthwhile!”

Chapter 977: Flesh and Blood!

A worthwhile trip!

Guo Yulin’s words have already indicated the true purpose of his trip!

Mrs. He’s face is ugly!

This damn Guo Yulin!


“Guo Yulin! I ask myself that I have no grievances and no grudges against your Jackdaw family. Even if you have an enmity, you won’t get to the point of killing the two families! Have you ever imagined that our two families will go to war, we will definitely die!” He still thought. Advise Guo Yulin.

But the speaker is not interested, the listener is interested.

Guo Yulin sneered directly, and the aura on his body spewed out like an uncontrollable!

He almost gritted his teeth and sternly shouted: “No enmity, no enmity! What a no enmity and no enmity! Then you can listen to me! Our enmity is not in Wiliam, but in her!”

Guo Yulin stretched out his hand and pointed to Mulan who was dazed on the ground.

All the people at the scene were taken aback, Wan Wanzhen thought that the reason why Guo Yulin was so angry tonight was because of a little girl.

Mrs. He was even more confused.

She knew that this little girl named Mulan was just an entourage of Wiliam.

And Wiliam didn’t care about it, let alone one of Wiliam’s small entourage?

“She, what’s wrong with her?” He couldn’t help asking.

Guo Yulin looked around, as if suffocating a breath, completely released at this time!

“Damn old dog! Then just prick your ears! This little girl who was imprisoned by you for three days and humiliated for three days is Lao Tzu! Guo Yulin’s biological girl!” Guo Yulin shouted out loud.

A word from him at the scene made the collective dumbfounded.

Everyone looked at Mulan on the ground in horror.

Even the jackdaw family’s eyes widened.


This little girl turned out to be Guo Yulin’s biological daughter!


how can that be!

When did Guo Yulin have such a daughter?

This woman named Mulan is so distinctive that others will never forget it once they have seen it.

The people at the scene have no impression at all.

Not to mention the people at the scene, even the Jackdaw family did not know about this.

“She, she… You said she was…” For a while, Mrs. He was a bit uncomfortable speaking, and she was completely at a loss.

“Damn old dog! Now you still have the face to tell me that we have no grievances and no grudges! I can’t wait to smash you into pieces! I don’t have time to take good care of her. I’ve been tortured by you! This hatred, you don’t have to die!” Guo Yulin’s entire face flushed!

His anger reached its peak at this moment!

Yes, Mulan is his most precious flesh and blood!

She is the crystallization of Guo Yulin and her most beloved woman!

Guo Yulin had no time to reunite with his daughter and say some warm words between father and daughter.

Then I met Wiliam and asked him to help.

Although Mulan also went to Guo Yulin about Wiliam.

But at that time, because of Wiliam’s request, Guo Yulin resisted Mulan’s reluctance.

Even in order to hide from the Jackdaw family, he taunted Mulan by three points.

For this reason, his guilt for Mulan is extremely profound.

He was waiting for an opportunity to explain all the misunderstandings to his daughter.

However, what is waiting is a message.

His own daughter was caught by Mrs. He from the Li family in the south!

In addition, his hands and feet were tied to wood and thrown into the courtyard of Li’s house in Nanjin.

Let the wind blow!

Ren Sunshine!

When he heard this message, Guo Yulin’s first thought was to come forward with soldiers and severely slash Granny He!

However, he finally endured it.

Because he has also noticed that something is wrong.

The South Ban Li Family is no longer a simple South Ban Li Family.

Behind Mrs. He, Gu Huogu was supporting her.

So, he was waiting for an opportunity.

Time for revenge!

Now, the time has come!

The person who gave him this opportunity was Wiliam!

At this point, Guo Yulin completely vented his anger.

The Jackdaw family behind him, although they couldn’t accept this fact, saw the Patriarch’s anger, and their spirits surged, and their fighting spirit burned.

Guo Yulin walked to Mulan’s body and squatted down slowly.

Haven’t spoken yet, burst into tears!

A man in his 50s couldn’t cry in front of his daughter.

In his heart, there was so much debt that he felt that even if all his tenderness and love were exhausted in this life, it would not be enough to make up for the wound in Mulan’s heart.

Mulan’s face was very embarrassed and angry.

She finally saw what was going on.

She turned her head in annoyance, grabbed Wiliam’s ear with one hand, and asked angrily, “Bad boy! What the hell are you doing!”

Wiliam’s ears hurt, and she patted her hand with one hand, and lazily said, “I said a long time ago that Guo Yulin is not a bad person. Well, everything was instructed by me. I will recite the sin this time. Guo Yulin is innocent.”

Mulan looked like this kid was still lingering, so she stopped getting angry.

However, in front of the tearful Guo Yulin, Mulan couldn’t help but say something cruel to him again.

In the end, she just threw a bottle of wine to Guo Yulin angrily.

Guo Yulin took the wine and was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t know what Mulan’s hand meant.

Mulan felt even more depressed when she saw that Guo Yulin was also dumb.

Men are all millennium elm bumps.

Finally, she couldn’t help but whispered a word.

“My mother, don’t like me to drink, but I don’t know who inherited my problem…”

After speaking, her face suddenly turned red, and she quickly turned her head, afraid to look at Guo Yulin.

No matter how stupid Guo Yulin was, he could understand the meaning of Mulan’s words.

His tears came out again!

But this time, it was tears of ecstasy!

He is the patriarch of the Jackdaw family, no one has seen him in the world.

But at this moment, it is like a little furry boy who is in a hurry. He went to drink awkwardly, and laughed loudly: “Of course it’s my inherited me, my inherited me! I’m not good enough to drink!”

After speaking, he unscrewed the lid and drank a bottle of wine in one breath.

Mulan turned her back to Guo Yulin, and Guo Yulin couldn’t see her expression at the moment.

However, Mulan’s body was trembling slightly, and her ears were completely red.

Between the father and the daughter, it seems that there is something extra because of a bottle of wine.

Guo Yulin looked at Wiliam gratefully.

The credit for the relaxation of the father-daughter relationship is entirely Wiliam’s credit.

If this big misunderstanding hadn’t been clarified, I guess Mulan still had a knot in her heart.

Guo Yulin was full of pride for a while, stood up, just about to let the Jackdaw family cheer with him.

But as soon as he stood up, he suddenly staggered and almost fell to the ground.

“Emma, ​​why is this drink so powerful? It’s too high.”

Chapter 978 Sleepy Beast!

Wiliam looked at Guo Yulin with a black line, and was completely speechless.

Now he finally believes that these two guys are father and daughter.

The staying power of wool!

Just now, Guo Yulin drank a bottle of beer that was ashamed of ordinary.

A bottle of beer has a stamina, what’s in it!

This father and daughter are really passed down in the same line.

Guo Yulin stood still, not knowing whether it was because of his excitement or his drinking spirit, his face flushed.

However, he is still full of pride.

Guo Yulin looked ahead, “He Lao Dog! Today, Lao Tzu will give my daughter to seek justice!”


The Jackdaw family behind him roared together.

In the voice, it was like a beast roaring.

And at this time, there was another roar!

This time, it was from the South Ban Li family!

The Nanban Li family headed by Li Chengfeng raised their arms and shouted, and their expressions became extremely excited!

The world has really changed!

Li Chengfeng’s heart beats wildly because of excitement!

Just now, he chose to stand on Wiliam’s side completely with his blood and final arrogance.

At that time, for a moment, he felt that he was really crazy, maybe the Li family in Nanjin would be destroyed because of himself.

After all, there were only two people in front of Wiliam at that time.

One is a weak woman, the other is a black blind man.

Only the ghosts and hearts would choose to stand on Wiliam’s side.

But now!

Look in front of Wiliam!

Not only people from the Li family forbidden in the south, but also from the Jackdaw family!

When these two forces add up, they are no weaker than those in Guhuo Valley!

From hell to heaven!

Just because of a name!


This kid is amazing!

Obviously came here alone, but instantly possessed thousands of troops!

The situation was immediately pulled back by Wiliam!

How did he do it!

Until now, Li Chengfeng felt a little bit dreaming.

Have a ridiculous but beautiful dream.

It seems tonight that the Southern Forbidden Li family will not only not perish, but will be reborn from the ashes through the burning campfire!

Therefore, Li Chengfeng was excited, and the people who banned the Li family in the south were excited!

Also screamed!

Mrs. He was completely speechless.

She stared at Wiliam, a trace of regret suddenly appeared in her eyes.

Why is it like this!

This kid, why can he set up such a terrible game from the beginning!

It’s like, Mrs. He is self-righteous, set up a seamless game, and hooked Wiliam.

But he didn’t know that his game was arranged under Wiliam’s single-handed arrangement.

It’s Wiliam, leading her away!

It’s not that she is restraining Wiliam!

In her heart, she was unwilling!

“You kid, when did you start and set this game, obviously at that time, our relationship still didn’t exist…” He shouted sharply.

Wiliam took a sip of wine and shook his head, as if mumbling to himself.

“When? It should be when I know you are wary of me. Well, before I come to Li’s house in the south, right?” Wiliam said.

“Before I came to South Ban Li’s house!” Old lady He’s eyes widened!

how can that be!

When he came to South Ban Li’s family, he set up a net to deal with South Ban Li’s family!

In the world, there are really people, is one step counted as a hundred steps!

Wiliam faintly felt a sense of sorrow.

Tonight, he still can’t get the energy up.

Yes, before coming to South Ban Li’s house.

Ever since Mrs. He became wary of Wiliam, Wiliam knew that she couldn’t keep it from her body and blood.

So between him and Mrs. He, there must be only one ending, and that is life and death.

At that time, Wiliam was alone, and Qilin’s power was far from the opponent of the Li family in the South.

What can we do?

Had to find other helpers.

By coincidence, the Jackdaw family appeared in front of him.

Guo Yulin said to accept his favor.

Wiliam followed the tide and said the request.

At that time, Wiliam’s game was still not fully formed, but he told Guo Yulin a general direction, and asked Guo Yulin to help when he had an antagonism with the Nanjin Li family.

The real plan took shape on the night Su Yuchun was killed by Mrs. He.

Wiliam expected that Mrs. He was about to do it, so it was better to do it first.

Instead of letting Mrs. He think about how to frame Wiliam, Wiliam should take the initiative to guide Mrs. He’s thinking and let her move forward step by step according to Wiliam’s plan.

So Wiliam asked Guo Yulin to spread the rumors that he was a quack doctor, and he followed Granny He’s wishes, which was tantamount to giving her charcoal in the snow.

But how would Mrs. He know that this charcoal can warm her and burn her without any bones left!

At this point, Mrs. He has thoroughly understood the horror of Wiliam!

Not his strength, nor his medical skills!

It’s his unique calculation!

In the game!

Outer ring!

He didn’t know it at all, and she went very happily all the way.

By the time she reacted, it was completely too late!

Wiliam now seems to be fighting a landlord!

Play directly with Mrs. He without fear!

Because Wiliam already knew all the cards in Mrs. He’s hand.

Mrs. He also knew the cards in Wiliam’s hand now, but she couldn’t do anything about it.

This feeling is really too awkward.

“Okay! Wiliam, if you don’t die, you must be a personal disaster! Do you think you can deal with our Guhuo Valley if you gather people from the Southern Forbidden Li family and the Jackdaw family! Gu!” Mrs. He yelled loudly without the horror in her heart.

She pointed to the people in black who were silent behind her, and continued: “You don’t know the horror of Guhuo Valley! Do you think these people are all Guhuo Valley! It’s so naive! Let me tell you, these people are just a mouthpiece of Gu Huo Valley! There are no real masters yet!”

Mrs. He said this, but both Li Chengfeng and Guo Yulin frowned.

After all, they don’t know Guhou Valley very well.

Even if Guo Yulin surrendered to Guhuo Valley, it was only because of the circumstances that forced him to truly integrate into Guhuo Valley.

Now listening to Mrs. He said that, Guo Yulin’s heart shook!

I am not afraid of killing these people tonight, but I am afraid that endless revenge will be incurred in the future!

“And let me say something unkind! Even now, do you two families think you can beat people like them? Funny! You don’t even know what Guhuogu’s assassin is! I’ll say something unkind! , These people, it is more than enough to kill everyone on the scene, hahaha!” Mrs. He suddenly laughed wildly.

Her fingers were half empty, and the cold iron thorns still towered!

“This tonight is a cage of trapped beasts! And you are just beasts waiting to be slaughtered in the cage!”

Chapter 979 Madness!

The words of Mr. Ho’s madness made the people around him chill!

This damn old woman, what is there to do!

Everyone looked at the gleaming iron thorns, and for a moment, they felt completely unsure.

Guo Yulin couldn’t help but whispered to Li Chengfeng, “What the hell is this iron thorn! Is it good?”

Li Chengfeng’s face was also hard to see the extreme, and there was no longer the joy before.

He said embarrassedly: “It’s so very. This iron thorn is the guardian wall of our Li family in the south. Even the Huajin masters can’t climb it. And don’t want to destroy it, it can’t be destroyed.”

Guo Yulin was so angry that he wanted to beat Li Chengfeng, “Where is the mechanism! Just turn it off.”

“The agency is in the house behind the old dog.” Li Chengfeng said depressed.

Guo Yulin was speechless.

If you want to turn off the mechanism, you have to break through the opponent’s person.

And listening to what Old Lady He said just now, it seems that these people in Guhuuguo have other ways.

Judging from the situation on the scene, Wiliam has the advantage.

They have more than 20 Huajin warriors, but there are only a dozen on the other side of Guhuugu.

However, Mrs. He’s words still disturbed everyone.

Because these people in Guhugu Valley are not ordinary people at first glance.

Are ordinary people’s arms as thick as elephant legs?

And Gu Huo Gu has always been a crooked way.

People with crooked ways have more tricks.

It’s hard to guard against.

“Wiliam, what should I do now?” Guo Yulin couldn’t help asking Wiliam.

After all, in Guo Yulin’s mind, this kid is synonymous with magic.

He must have a way.

But after all, Wiliam seemed to be drunk, his eyes closed slightly, like he was dozing off.

Guo Yulin couldn’t help but pushed Wiliam down before pushing Wiliam to wake up.

Wiliam mumbled, “What’s the matter?”

“What’s the matter? You want to piss me off! What should I do now!” Guo Yulin stamped his feet with anger.

Wiliam slowly looked at the opposite side, and said lightly: “The old lady is right, we really can’t escape.”

Guo Yulin’s heart is cold!

At this time, Guo Yulin’s eyes drenched.

He saw Mrs. He talking with the leader of Guhuo Valley.

Mrs. He said to the leader: “You guys, don’t you show your skills! Do you really want to die here tonight?”

It can be seen that the leader hesitated.

There was even a slight dissatisfaction with Mrs. He.

However, Mrs. He said directly: “Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking? Now we are all grasshoppers on the same rope. You have also seen it. How many people are there tonight? Maybe you will be completely wiped out by the other party! Don’t forget, you killed more than 200 people of that kid’s men before! I know that kid too well, and you will be rewarded! So you don’t want to live alone! The only way now is to fight with them. Now! Maybe we still have a way out.”

Mrs. He’s words made the chief’s eyes gloomy.

He said angrily: “Lady He, you are so calculating! Actually, we are also counted. I have to go back and talk to the person above.”

What he said was naturally that Mrs. He just mentioned that the people of Guhuugu killed Wiliam’s subordinates.

At that time, Mrs. He instructed the group of people from Guhuo Valley to kill, and the people from the Li family in the south were basically not involved in the massacre.

It turned out that Mrs. He had left behind after all, but she was calculating with her own people.

But Mrs. He said: “Tell the people above, it depends on whether we can go back tonight! If we don’t die tonight, I will do whatever you want, OK!”

The leader, a tangled eye flashed in his eyes, and finally shouted, “That’s it! Since it’s hard to escape tonight, then go all out!”

With that said, he actually pulled the black robe on his body!

With this, there were bursts of exclamation on the scene!

It turned out that the person under the black robe had everything exposed on his arms, but it was not a normal skin color at all!

Dark as ink!

It looks like a crippled man!

And the disciples of Guhuogu behind the leader also tore off the black robe.

One by one, all in darkness!

“What’s so special, what kind of monster is it!” Li Chengfeng gasped!

But the next second, even he exclaimed!

I saw the people on the opposite side, and they all took out something from their pockets!

That thing is surprisingly silver needles shining with cold light!

They almost did not hesitate, and the silver needle pierced their foreheads!

“What are they doing! Suicide?” Li Chengfeng asked blankly.

However, Wiliam’s confused eyes came clear for an instant.

Where they plunged.

Shenting Point!

Wiliam was too impressed with this position!

Shenting acupoints can stimulate the body’s potential, which is equivalent to saying that this group of people is going to overdraw their potential to stimulate combat power.

Sure enough, in the next second, all those people wailed together.

The wailing sounded in one piece, and the scene was like hell descending, terrifying.

Their bodies were shaking violently, and some even started to foam at the mouth.

However, a weird scene appeared!

Suddenly someone roared, and the whole hand suddenly burst into bleeding fog!

But it turned out that it was that hand that doubled in an instant!

Other people, too!

Some people are soaring!

Some people have prominent facial features like ghosts!

Guo Yulin yelled badly when he saw this scene!

No matter how stupid he is, he can see that these people are forcibly raising their realm!

This improvement is not bad!

There are more than 100 people on the opposite side, at least more than 50 more Huajin masters!

For Wiliam, that was an overwhelming advantage!

“It’s over, it’s over! Wiliam, you must think of a solution! Are you wise! If this continues, we will all die!” Guo Yulin couldn’t help pushing Wiliam down.

Wiliam looked at Guo Yulin suspiciously, and suddenly asked, “Are all our combat power alive?”

Guo Yulin directly replied, “That’s not nonsense! They are all standing here and standing again!”

Wiliam shook his head, “No, Lao Guo, it’s not me who said you, you don’t have to do your best.”

Guo Yulin was utterly straightforward and cursed directly: “Open your dog’s eyes and see clearly! All the strength of the Jackdaw family of Lao Tzu has been pulled over, and even those in the early stage of the inner strength are not let go! You dare to say that Lao Tzu has done his best!”

“Really? I won’t tell you anymore.” Wiliam said a few words and fell silent.

Guo Yulin almost spit out old blood.

This yarn is a conversation!

Don’t tell me what it means!

If you don’t tell me you are thinking of a way!

But at this time, a roar like a landslide and a tsunami suddenly came from the opposite side!

Everyone in Guhuo Valley has fallen into a weird madness!

The eyes are completely red, and the body does not swell like a human!

The sound from their mouth makes them look more like half-orcs!

Seeing this scene, Mrs. He couldn’t help laughing, “Hahaha! See it! This is the real strength of Guhuo Valley! You guys, now wait to be torn apart by these beasts alive! “

She waved her hands in ecstasy!

Just now, I felt aggrieved and swept away!

The situation was suddenly pulled back by her!

At the same time, she was very fortunate in her heart!

Fortunately for the killing three days ago, she kept her eyes on her mind and did not allow the people of the Li family to participate too much.

Only now have these lunatics beasted one by one!

Now, on Wiliam’s side, is there anyone who can increase!


Now, what awaits them is the claws of wild beasts!

This trapped beast cage is worthy of the name!

But Wiliam suddenly followed Granny He and laughed.

Old lady He was angry on the spot with a smile, “You are dying, so why are you laughing!”

Wiliam shook his head and said in a sigh.

“Are you sure, you want to compare with me to summon a beast?”

Chapter 980 The beast wakes up!

Mrs. He was taken aback.

What is more than summoning beasts?

She couldn’t help but looked at Wiliam and also looked at the surrounding environment.

This is the Li family in Nanban.

The iron thorn of Li’s family protection in the south has been put down.

Why can’t people outside come in?

The people inside are even less likely to go out.

What is Wiliam’s so-called summoning beast?

Could it be!

At this time, her pupils shrank!

Suddenly remembered the identity of Wiliam!

Wiliam is also a healer!

Could it be that he, like these people in Guhugu Valley, has the ability to stimulate potential and can transform everyone behind him into half-orcs!

Thinking of this, her goose bumps all rose.

She stared at Wiliam viciously, “Good boy! You are so cruel! People from the Southern Forbidden Li family and the Jackdaw family are following you, you want to attack them! Transform them into this pair of people, ghosts and ghosts. Look like!”

These words were blatantly provoking the relationship between Wiliam and the group of people behind him.

Sure enough, when those people heard what Old Lady He said, they suddenly became restless.

In front, there is a group of wild beasts who are irrational.

Is there another unscrupulous evil doctor around?

For a while, everyone froze.

However, Wiliam smiled faintly, “It’s ridiculous, just like that, you can still call it a beast? You don’t know what a beast is.”

At this time, a member of the Jackdaw family felt as if thinking of something, his scalp numb in surprise!

“Damn! You kid! Don’t you think! Are you crazy! How is this possible!”

Everyone looked at the speaker.

The person who spoke this was surprisingly the scum of the Jackdaw family that was defeated by Wiliam before, Guo Xiliang!

Guo Xiliang, more than anyone present, understood what Wiliam meant.

Because he knows better than anyone, what can be called a real beast!

It’s just that this thing is really crazy, completely beyond the limit of Guo Xiliang’s imagination!

Wiliam smiled slightly, “Heaven and earth are not benevolent, and everything is a dog. Since the sky has its way, and you walk in the sky, why not?”

As he said, he looked at Granny He who was surprised, “Then let you see what is real, wild beast!”

Speaking of this, Wiliam suddenly burst into a violent aura!

This momentum rose to the sky!

Like a green firework blooming in the dark night!

In the midair, this azure air suddenly exploded!

It was scattered in all directions!

And everyone at the scene felt it instantly!

As if the breath of a prehistoric beast, slowly invading in all directions!

This breath, cold, bloodthirsty!

What’s even more frightening is that this breath has an aura that makes it impossible to raise your head!

Is it to crush everyone, lower their heads, and surrender to this breath!

In the scene, there is nothing normal for normal people.

However, the people in Guhuo Valley who were just half-beastized, even screamed at this moment!

More like a howl of pain!

They seem to be more sensitive to this kind of breath!There are a few people with relatively low skill, after they became beasts, they have already lost their reason.

They were always ready to move just now, trying to tear everyone up on the scene.

However, under the attack of Wiliam’s breath, these people actually plopped and knelt directly on the ground, yelling.

In this scene, the old lady’s eyes were cracked!

How similar!

How similar!

Three days ago, it was in this place too!

Wiliam faced Guo Xiliang from the Jackdaw family.

At that time, Guo Xiliang was a united man and tiger, but Wiliam also showed this kind of domineering aura.

Then, the fierce Green Tiger directly surrendered to Wiliam.

Now, the attitude of these people is exactly the attitude of Qinghu three days ago!

Mrs. He suddenly felt a strong anxiety!

She finally saw it!

The mysterious aura of Wiliam actually suppressed the beast by surprise!

After the people in Guhuo Valley were half-beastized, the instincts of beasts flowed in their bodies.

Therefore, Wiliam’s vigor is also useful to the people of Guhuugu!

Thinking of this, Mrs. He suddenly understood Wiliam’s strategy!

Since he is not afraid of the people in Guhuugu!

Mrs. He secretly screamed that it was not good. If Wiliam alone suppressed these people who were finally beasts, then she would really have no escape tonight.

He is so bitter!

If it’s normal, maybe she still has a little chance here.

Now, it happened that after the Guhuogu people became frenzied, their combat power soared!

But Wiliam made a mistake by mistake!

She finally realized the pain Guo Xiliang felt three days ago.

Can’t let this kid go on like this!

Thinking of this, Mrs. He suddenly jumped up!

She was in midair, violently angry!

A tornado of anger was formed in midair!

This tornado swept the audience in an instant!

All the green energy that Wiliam had just scattered on the Li family in Nanjin was completely empty!

In this emptiness, the half-orcs who were so crushed that they couldn’t lift their heads suddenly seemed to be released, and they screamed from the sky.

Only then did Granny He land slowly.

She looked at Wiliam and suddenly laughed, “Good boy! It’s really easy to calculate! Even these people’s madness will be calculated by you! If it weren’t for my emergency, I would really be ruined by your mouse shit tonight. A pot of porridge! Now, I see what you can do!”

When she spoke, she was still panting.

Obviously, she made a crazy move just now, completely disregarding the passing of internal strength. For her age, it was a big burden.

She naturally thought that Wiliam had already thought about targeting Guhuogu with this move.

Now, she personally cut off Wiliam’s delusion!

How happy!

However, Wiliam still shook his head, without speaking.

However, Guo Xiliang behind Wiliam still looked very ugly.

“No, no!”

He muttered to himself.

“What’s wrong?” Guo Yulin grabbed Guo Xiliang’s shoulder.

“The beast that the kid said is not as simple as making these people bow their heads! The beast he was talking about is a real beast!”

Guo Yulin’s head was dumbfounded, and he vaguely thought of a terrible guess.

At this moment, it seemed to respond to the roar of the violent orcs on the scene!

Not far away, suddenly there was a roar of wild beasts!

Moreover, everyone only felt a slight tremor on the ground!

There seems to be something terrible, from below!

Slowly wake up!

Everyone on the scene looked in disbelief in the direction where the roar of the wild beast appeared just now.

Li Chengfeng looked in that direction, completely sluggish!

“That direction, that place, is…”

“The house of the Jackdaw family!”

“The wild beast of the Jackdaw family, wake up!”


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