Dragon Husband 981

Chapter 981 Green Tiger King!

Everyone at the scene, including those from the Jackdaw family, turned pale!

In that direction, Li Chengfeng was wrong!

It is the home of the Jackdaw family!

And from that direction, came the earth-shaking beast roar!

This kind of beast roar is completely different from the roar of the mad people in Guhuo Valley!

That’s a real beast roar!

The Jackdaw family has always been well-known for tame animals.

Everyone knows that there are countless wild beasts hidden in the house of the Jackdaw family!

However, these wild beasts are all imprisoned in the Jackdaw family.

Just imagine, if the Jackdaw family allowed these wild beasts to come and go freely, then the entire Lingcheng would be trampled on by wild beast hoofs!

But now, the roar of the Jackdaw family has appeared!

Moreover, the earth is shaking!

It seems that the wild beast is out of its cage!

Everyone at the scene, just thinking about this scene, all swallowed!

It’s terrible!

At this moment, everyone suddenly looked at Wiliam together!

Even if you don’t understand how this happened, everyone knows it!

This matter definitely has nothing to do with Wiliam!

Even Guo Yulin grabbed Wiliam’s clothes and shouted anxiously: “You kid! What have you done! How can you wake up the beasts of our Jackdaw family! What have you done! You are trying to make everyone in the city be overwhelmed!”

Half of the beasts in the Jackdaw family have been domesticated.

But there is still half awaiting domestication.

In other words, this half of the wild beast is a real killing machine!

And it is even more suffocating!

The more powerful the beast, the harder it is to tame!

So this half of the untamed beast is much stronger than the tamed beast!

Guo Yulin’s whole person is not good!

He will become a sinner in the whole city!

However, Wiliam just looked at Guo Yulin and said faintly: “Didn’t you just say that, your Jackdaw family, you still don’t have any real strength. Now, you have it.”

Guo Yulin was taken aback for a moment, so angry that a mouthful of old blood would come out!

It turns out that this kid, just waiting for that remark here!

Nima, do you know the seriousness of the matter?

Although these are the full strength of the Jackdaw family, if they are taken out, it means that there is no way out!

At this moment, a beast roar resounding through the sky came again from the house of the Jackdaw family.

Even after a mile!

Just this beast roar can make the people on the scene creepy!



With endless anger!

Guo Yulin’s face was completely pale!

He didn’t even bother to blame Wiliam.

He just sat down on the ground, staring blankly at the direction of his home, muttering to himself.

“It’s over, now, it’s really over.”

“The Blue Tiger King, who had been sleeping for a long time, was also awakened!”

Green Tiger King!

When everyone heard these words, it was like a bolt from the blue!

Just as the treasure of the Nanban Li family’s town house is the thirty-six soul dreams.

The treasure of the Jackdaw family’s town, it is this blue tiger king!

No one knows how powerful the Blue Tiger King is!

No one knows how many years the Blue Tiger King has lived in the Jackdaw family.

Before the rumors, Guo Yulin joined other martial arts families to fight with others.

In that battle, Guo Yulin was attacked by the poison of his heart, and the Blue Tiger King was also seriously injured.

There are even more rumors that since the battle, the Blue Tiger King seemed to have lost control and was no longer under the command of the Jackdaw family.

Fortunately, the Blue Tiger King was seriously injured and fell into a deep sleep.

Now, the Azure Tiger King was awakened by Wiliam!

What a terrible disaster the uncontrolled Blue Tiger King can cause!

The people present were completely sluggish.

Wiliam, this is to burn the jade and the stone!

This is to let the whole city be buried with him!


This is really crazy!

Guo Xiliang is not well.

He smiled miserably, “It is true, it is true! I was wrong! This kid is really crazy!”

The roar of the Blue Tiger King completely covered the roar of the half-orcs on the scene!

Those half-orcs seemed to have completely regained their consciousness by the roar.

Some people went into a coma directly.

Some people, the exaggerated expansion on their bodies, like a deflated ball, instantly wilted.

Everyone looked in that direction with dismay.

Earth movement!

Mountain shake!

It’s getting clearer!

Beast roar!


Getting closer!

In everyone’s mind, an uncontrollable picture appeared!

A huge killing machine, followed by as many beasts as the sand of the Ganges!

He is rushing towards this side like a dash!

Wherever you go, no grass will grow!

Everyone once again turned their eyes to the unattainable iron thorns of the Li Family in Nanjin!

This place has become a killing paradise for wild beasts!

They who are in it will become the ants under the iron hoof of the wild beast!

No one is immune!

“Lady He! Why don’t you put this iron thorn away soon! If you don’t put it away, everyone will die together!” Some people suddenly shouted at Old Lady He.

Mrs. He finally recovered her mind.

She looked at Wiliam with difficulty, and her heart was about to jump out.

She totally underestimated Wiliam.

No, it cannot be said to be an underestimation.

She had never imagined that Wiliam would have such a trick to burn the stones!

It’s terrible!

How did he do it!


Awaken all the wild beasts of the Jackdaw family!

And broke through the cage and rushed!

At this time, her head was tingling!

Can’t help but remember one of Wiliam’s previous actions!

He rushed to the sky with the weird blue-green air on his body!

Originally, Mrs. He thought that his move was to suppress the people in Gu Huo Gu on the spot!

But it seems that it is not at all!

His hand is summoning the ancient behemoth of the Jackdaw family!

This really corresponds to what Wiliam said before.

What he summons is the real wild beast!

As for Mrs. He, she made a few things that were neither human nor beast. In front of Wiliam’s hand, it was almost like an axe!

It’s so ridiculous!

“You don’t want to go!” Old lady He was still hesitating, and someone yelled again.

When the old lady was agitated, she would go to the back hall to open the organ.

But this time!


South forbidden Li’s high wall iron thorns!

Suddenly there was a thunderous roar!

As if there is something huge, step on it!


There is another sound!

The iron thorns of the high wall of Li’s house in the south collapsed suddenly!

Mrs. He saw this scene and sat down on the ground.

The face is as earthy!

“It’s too late, it’s completely too late.”

Everyone looked at the huge gap in amazement!

A pair of red eyes the size of a lantern suddenly opened in the darkness!


Deafening roar!

Everyone, like an ice cellar!

Jackdaw tide!



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