Dragon Husband 982

Chapter 982

In the darkness, the fire shines!

A behemoth slowly appeared in front of everyone!

That is an extremely huge cyan tiger!

He is seven or eight meters tall!

The extremities swelled and the muscles became more explosive!

Especially its binoculars are red like a lamp, and it looks very crippled!

It’s just such a step!

Stepped on the gap of the collapse!


Come in!

This huge green tiger is the treasure of the Jackdaw family!

Green Tiger King!

The body of the Blue Tiger King was filled with blue smoke, and it was even more magical under the firelight.

Behind the Azure Tiger King, there are countless beasts!

Jackal Tiger Leopard!


Seeing these wild beasts coming in, everyone’s hearts were instantly refreshed.

Especially the Blue Tiger King, it makes people feel desperate and cold.

Guo Yulin was in chaos at the moment.

The world is really messed up!

He couldn’t care about anything anymore, and rushed over with a vigorous step, siding in front of the Azure Tiger King!

The momentum on him is violent!

A black bell suddenly appeared in his hand!

While shaking the bell, he sternly shouted: “Cyan Tiger King! Don’t leave quickly! Those Xiaoxiao behind him, leave together!”

Everyone knew that what Guo Yulin held in his hand was the black Ming bell used by their Jackdaw family to train the beast.

There were a few beasts that were obviously tamed. After hearing the bell shaking, their bodies shook slightly and their steps stopped instantly.

But at this time, the Azure Tiger King suddenly raised his head, looked up at the sky and the moon, and roared!

Voice, piercing the cloud and breaking the moon!

Everyone on the scene was shocked, and the eardrums hurt!

The few beasts who wanted to shrink, under this roar, they roared together!

Never see the gentleness just now!

When Guo Yulin saw this scene, his eyes were cracked!

The bell in his hand shook frantically!

The cold sweat on his body was also capped off.

Everyone could tell that Guo Yulin used all his strength to control the awakened Blue Tiger King!

No one knew the horror of the Blue Tiger King better than him.

Green Tiger King!

Before he fell asleep, he had the strength comparable to the late Huajin!

Now waking up from the deep sleep, all the injuries he suffered before are obviously healed.

The strength is even higher than before!

In the scene, no one can subdue such a beast!

Not to mention the scene, looking at the entire Lingcheng, no one is the opponent of the Blue Tiger King!

Although Guo Xiliang turned pale, he stood behind Guo Yulin in an instant.

“You guys, what are you waiting for!” Guo Xiliang yelled and took out a black bell from his pocket.

All the Jackdaw family members woke up together.

One after another took out Black Ming bells.

this is!

Let the Jackdaw family and the whole family work together!

Control the beast together!

For a while, a rhythmic bell rang!

The sound of this bell sounds to normal people, it has a breathtaking magic.

The wild beasts roared and roared as if they were struggling after listening to the bell.

Everyone’s heart mentioned the throat.

Guo Yulin, or the Jackdaw family, will survive tonight if they succeed!

If you lose, Lingcheng will die!

Everyone’s hopes are pinned on Guo Yulin.

Even Mrs. He and the people in Guhougu felt a tremendous pressure at this moment.

I didn’t dare to appear rashly to disturb the Jackdaw family at this time.

In the scene, it is estimated that the most leisurely people are the three people sitting and drinking in the court.

The three of them, as if completely unable to see the mad beast in front of them, drank alcohol to themselves.

However, the wine is almost finished.

Although everyone had seen Wiliam’s behavior, they didn’t have time to scold him.

After a long time!

Everyone in the Jackdaw family turned pale, obviously using all their power!

The Blue Tiger King also stopped roaring.

It seems to be affected a little.

The beasts behind it also squatted down.

Seeing this scene, everyone showed relief expressions.

The members of the Jackdaw family are really unique.

With this hand-controlled beast, he can stand alone in the world.

Seeing that the situation in front of him gradually eased, Guo Yulin staggered, and the bell in his hand gradually stopped.

The Jackdaw family behind him also gradually stopped ringing.

But when everyone was relieved, everyone suddenly saw it, and the Azure Tiger King groaned.

Then, a very strange picture appeared in front of everyone.

The Blue Tiger King had a joke in his eyes.

Don’t talk about how everyone can tell.

Anyway, it is very weird and can be understood!

Then the Blue Tiger King suddenly roared again!

The wild beasts behind him all got up and roared to the sky!

Guo Yulin yelled, “Not good!”

The bell in his hand is shaking again!

However, the Green Tiger King suddenly raised his front paw!

Hit hard!

Under this blow, Guo Yulin even flew upside down, vomiting blood on the ground!

Everyone suddenly rang out in exclamation!

That’s it!

The Blue Tiger King was not under control at all!

It seems to be teasing Guo Yulin!

Is this a beast?

It’s almost perfect!

Guo Yulin was on the ground, suddenly showing a look of mourning.

He knew that things were completely out of control.

The catastrophe of Lingcheng is here!

After this blow, the Green Tiger King roared more than ever!

It’s like venting!

This is the king of tigers, not forever!

But let people drive half a lifetime at will!

Now, the tiger returns to the forest!

The wild beast behind it also seemed to be released, with burrs standing upright!

Everyone, there is only one thought now.

That’s how to escape from under the eyes of this blue tiger king!

At this time, Mrs. He suddenly yelled, “That kid did all of this! He wants us to bury him together! It’s heinous!”

Everyone looked at Wiliam, and suddenly became weird.

And Mrs. He suddenly stretched her body and appeared in front of the Guhuogu leader.

Those who hadn’t been able to live in the valley are now fully awake.

It’s just that, after their potential was overdrawn just now, they obviously haven’t fully recovered.

Several people were unconscious on the ground.

Mrs. He whispered to the leader, “Sorry! Everything is urgent! I will explain to you later!”

As she said, she suddenly lifted from the ground and directly mentioned two unconscious people.

Then more and more from the sky!

Everyone has no idea what Granny He is going to do!

At this time, Mrs. He suddenly got angry with one hand!

The one in his hand has no time to even whine!

I was pinched to death!

She suddenly bowed left and right!

Just tear these two people to pieces!

Blood, spilled from the air!

Mrs. He keeps walking!

Throwing a person’s body in front of Wiliam in midair.

And all the way, suddenly another corpse was thrown at the green tiger king!


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